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Trophy: Abby Normal
Collect every telepathopus brain Gold

Telepathopi are minibosses in Ratchet & Clank, fought in the Telepathopus Fields in the Blarg Research Outpost on Gaspar, and in the Jowai Resort on Pokitaru. They are large, octopus-like creatures with enormous brains providing them with telepathic abilities. Telepathopi are valuable for their telepathopus brains, as a live individual telepathopus contains three brains, while an egg sack contains one. There are ninety telepathopus brains in total throughout Gaspar's Telepathopus Fields, which can be obtained for bolts.

Collecting all telepathopus brains unlocks the gold trophy Abby Normal.

The telepathopus replace the psy-tcopus enemies from the original 2002 Ratchet & Clank, and that they are both large, purple octopus creatures that fire energy blasts. However, telepathopus enemies are much larger, with greater health, and appear as minibosses.


While searching the Blarg Research Outpost for an XK-81 Jetpack, after finding a pair of Grindboots in the Blarg Depot, the two encountered the Brain Scientist, who was studying telepathopus brains in order to raise an army. He gave them the mission "Trade 10 brains for a jetpack", after which he would reward them with an XK-81 Jetpack. The two obtained ten, and the Brain Scientist assigned them the mission "Trade 20 brains for an infobot", as their new jetpack allowed them to find more telepathopus brains throughout the field. After this, the Brain Scientist provided them an infobot with coordinates to Gaspar, and offered to trade brains for bolts. After providing the Scientist will all sixty remaining brains, the Scientist gave the two a Box Breaker, satisfied with the number as he could raise an army.

On Pokitaru, Ratchet and Clank encountered telepathopi during "Find the technician", as a few attacked while escorting Felton Razz to find Al.


Telepathopus concept art.

Telepathopi are large, purple creatures with three green eyes, a few tentacles, and enormous brains, capable of flight. They are also capable of surviving in lava, and will hover around in a lava field or in water until approached, at which point they will raise and fire energy blasts at an opponent.


Telepathopi can be deadly enemies due to their high health, and their energy blasts, while easy enough to dodge, can deal heavy damage. With the XK-81 Jetpack, it is easy enough to kite around them and avoid their attacks, though this may use up fuel if not done economically. The best weapons against them are the Plasma Striker (particularly when aimed at their eyes), the Predator Launcher, the Warmonger, or the Pixelizer, as these weapons can target them from the air. When using the Groovitron against them, it is important to throw it close to a surface near them in order to catch them.

Brain locations

The 1st brain is located just to the north of the brain scientist, inside an egg sack. Ratchet can swing his wrench to break it open. The 2nd one is on an island northeast where sandsharks pop out. He must cross over a circular platform to reach it.

He then needs to cross two more circular platforms to reach the large island northwest of the previous one, where four brains are located. The 3rd brain is right in-front of him guarded by enemies. Running along the right edge of the island is the 4th brain located on the metal platform with a refueling station ahead. Ratchet then must turn back and jump onto the next ledge to collect the 5th brain. He then needs to touch three pressure pads, two on the ledge and one further down, to deactivate the force field. On the highest ledge is where the 6th brain is located.

Ratchet then needs to cross a long pit of lava using the swingshot to reach the last island, where four more brains are located along with enemies. Behind where the 7th brain is found is a lava pit which he must traverse around. Ratchet then has to jump over a rocky ledge and move onto a metal platform embedded on the edge of the island to pick up the 8th brain. He then runs up the hill and onto another rocky ledge where more enemies are found. Ahead of that is the 9th brain and a refuel station. Immediately east of the location of the 9th brain is the 10th brain, where there are more enemies ahead of it and a lava pit to the left. Ratchet can then return to the scientist using the swingshot and complete his third mission.

After Ratchet fills up his Jetpack with fuel, east of this area is an island protected by a Sandshark nest followed by a giant Telepathopus. The 11th-13th brains are found after defeating this monster. Once done, Ratchet can fly north to a platform with a tower. At the top of this tower is the 14th brain and at the bottom is a refuel station. He then flies North-east towards a small rocky island guarded by Toxic Crabs where the 15th brain can be found.

East of the small island and the tower is a large island (Shown as two islands on the map) with a river of lava running across. The 16th and 17th brains are found south of the river guarded by sandsharks and toxic crabs. Also in the same area is a pad surrounded by fire geysers. Once Ratchet touches this pad, he must fly north where the other two pads are located to release the second giant Telepathopus. Defeating it grants the 18th-20th brains. Afterwards, he must fly onto the rocky pillar surrounded by nettle-like palm trees. The 21st brain is up there surrounded by Darters.

East of the island is another rocky overhang. The 22nd brain is there surrounded by toxic crabs. North of this area is a larger island littered with enemies and lava pits. The 23rd and 24th brains are located there and at the northernmost edge of this island is a refuel station. Ratchet then must fly upwards on top of the metal structure, where the 25th brain can be picked up.

As soon as Ratchet lands back onto the refuel station, to the north-east is a circular platform where the 26th brain is found, and to the north is a larger square platform with a hole and a volcano in the middle where the 27th and 28th brains can be seen. There is also a refuel station. Both areas are guarded by a giant Telepathopus, which once defeated, gives Ratchet the 29th-31st brains. Once refueled, Ratchet can fly back to the scientist to complete the last important mission of this planet, or carry on and collect all the brains.

Carrying on for where he last left off, Ratchet can fly west to the next metal structure, which has a hole and a volcano in the middle and another refuel station. This is heavily protected by the Blarg. Ratchet must touch all three pads - two on the structure and one of top of the rocky overhang north-east of the area not marked by the map - to unlock the next giant Telepathopus. Defeating this monster grants Ratchet the 32nd-34th brains.

Ratchet must then advance northwest to the next metal platform which is much lower down, guarded by more Blarg. At the front of this island is a bolt crank which he must turn to extinguish the large erupting fire in the middle of this platform. Watch out for the turrets on both side. On the back right side of this platform is the location of the 35th brain.

After Ratchet turns the bolt crank fully, he must descend through the hole under-ground. Sandsharks will pop out as soon as he lands. There is also a refuel station. Inside the tunnel, the 36th-38th brains can be found sticking out of the sides, two on the right and one on the left. He must shoot at each egg sack to collect them. He then must travel across the lava towards the first landing point. On there is the 39th brain guarded by a Toxic crab. Ratchet must then continue onwards until he reaches the next landing point. This area has three lava rivers, with the first two being sandwiched by two sets of boxes.

At the end of this tunnel is a group of enemies and where the 40th and 41st brains can be collected. Between the two brains is a refuel station. Above this area is a force field. Ratchet must touch all three pads - each one located on different metal pillars - to de-activate it. He can then ascend upwards. To the northwest is a landing area where there are several boxes, and where Ratchet must fight a Telepathopus, for the 42nd-44th brains.

After defeating it, Ratchet must travel southwest towards the next metal platform with a tower guarded by Warbots, where the next refuel station can be found. Behind this tower is the location of the 45th brain. There is also a Telepathopus that he must defeat to give him the 46th-48th brains.

After defeating it, Ratchet must descend southeast where another Telepathopus inside a force field can be found. To the left of this island is an area guarded by Horny toads, and the discovery of the 49th brain. He then must run eastwards towards the end of the road and collect the 50th brain.

Ratchet must then do a U-turn, turn left and jump onto a narrow road where there is a pad just to the right edge of it. He then must follow the wire towards the second pad - where there is the 51st brain next to it - and follow the road to the third pad guarded by lava geysers. The Telepathopus will emerge and fight Ratchet. Defeat it to collect the 52nd-54th brains. Immediately north of the location of the third pad is the 55th brain, guarded by an enemy and in between two palm trees.

West of this island are three circular platforms that Ratchet must cross over to collect the 56th brain, guarded by Alien spitters. Close by to the south-west is another Telepathopus. He needs to touch all three pads found on circular platforms, one on the edge of the island and two on circular platforms, to unlock it. Ratchet must defeat it to be granted the 57th-59th brains. South of the Telepathopus' spot are some boxes and a refuel station. He must then fly up and east of the island to reach the small rocky overhang and the 60th brain, guarded by enemies.

Afterwards, Ratchet must fly between the two rocky walls towards the next overhang, where the 61st and 62nd brains can be collected. It is however protected by a Sandshark nest. He must then fly onwards and turn right where there is a large metal platform with a tower. The 63rd brain is positioned at the front left side of this platform. On the other side is a refuel station, and another Telepathopus that Ratchet must defeat to get the 64th-66th brains. After refuelling, Ratchet must fly up to the top of this tower where the 67th brain, a card, and some boxes can be found.

Ratchet must then fly a long way south towards the Transport Docks where two more metal platforms with towers can be spotted: A higher one to the left, and a lower one to the right. At the center of the left platform is where the 68th brain is located. There is also a refuel station around the other end of this tower. Immediately next to it is a pad. The second pad is on the rotating tower on the other metal platform, (and where the 69th brain can be discovered) and the third pad is at the bottom of this platform, right beside the 70th brain. As soon as Ratchet touches all three pads, another Telepathopus will emerge. Like all the others, Ratchet must fight this one to gather the 71st-73rd brains.

Ratchet can then fly all the way back to the big island north of the scientist. After refueling at the refuel station, Ratchet must fly north of here towards the next island, where there are two sandshark nests guarding the 74th and 75th brains. To the west are two rocky overhangs. Ratchet must fly up to the top to collect the 76th brain, surrounded by Darters. To the north, Ratchet must descend down to the next overhang - guarded by alien spitters, and pick up the 77th brain. To the northeast is another island containing the 78th brain - guarded by Sandsharks - and a refuel station to the right of it.

After refueling, Ratchet can take a short trip to the small island east of it and collect the 79th brain, protected by Toxic Crabs. To the north of this island is another island with a rocky overhang. Two brains are located there and are both guarded by enemies. The 80th brain is on this island, while the 81st is at the top of the overhang.

To the northwest is another Telepathopus and three pads. Each one located on three different platforms. Ratchet must take the highest pad first. He should see the second one on a small overhang below the first. The last one is simply on the large metal platform around the other side of the force field. The monster will then emerge and take on Ratchet. Defeat it to gather the 82nd-84th brains.

Ratchet might want to head south and refuel his Jetpack again. Fly east past one of the already opened egg sacks to land onto the next large island. This island is littered with several groups of enemies and lava pits. The 85th, 86th and 87th brains can be found on the same area of land. East of this island is a tall rocky overhang that Ratchet must fly up to collect the 88th brain. This overhang is protected by Darters. Ratchet must fly southwest towards the next overhang not quite as high, and also protected by Darters. The 89th brain is in the middle of it. The island to the southwest of this one has two overhangs and has a refuel station and some Raritanium next to the wall. The 90th and last brain is on the first overhang, while the one at the top is a lava pit instead.

Behind the scenes

The telepathopi replace the psy-tcopus enemies from the original game on Pokitaru. However, a miniboss was planned to appear in the original game, known as the "Three-headed hydra", fought on the boat.[1]