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Trophy: Abby Normal
Collect every telepathopus brain Gold

Telepathopi are minibosses in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game), fought in the Telepathopus Fields in the Blarg Research Outpost on Gaspar, and in the Jowai Resort on Pokitaru. They are large, octopus-like creatures with enormous brains providing them with telepathic abilities. Telepathopi are valuable for their telepathopus brains, as a live individual telepathopus contains three brains, while an egg sack contains one. There are ninety telepathopus brains in total throughout Gaspar's Telepathopus Fields, which can be obtained for bolts.

Collecting all telepathopus brains unlocks the gold trophy Abby Normal.

The telepathopus replace the psy-tcopus enemies from the original 2002 Ratchet & Clank, and that they are both large, purple octopus creatures that fire energy blasts. However, telepathopus enemies are much larger, with greater health, and appear as minibosses.


While searching the Blarg Research Outpost for an XK-81 Jetpack, after finding a pair of Grindboots in the Blarg Depot, the two encountered the Brain Scientist, who was studying telepathopus brains in order to raise an army. He gave them the mission "Trade 10 brains for a jetpack", after which he would reward them with an XK-81 Jetpack. The two obtained ten, and the Brain Scientist assigned them the mission "Trade 20 brains for an infobot", as their new jetpack allowed them to find more telepathopus brains throughout the field. After this, the Brain Scientist provided them an infobot with coordinates to Gaspar, and offered to trade brains for bolts. After providing the Scientist will all sixty remaining brains, the Scientist gave the two a Box Breaker, satisfied with the number as he could raise an army.

On Pokitau, Ratchet and Clank encountered telepathopi during "Find the technician", as a few attacked while escorting Felton Razz to find Al.


Telepathopus concept art

Telepathopus concept art

Telepathopi are large, purple creatures with three green eyes, a few tentacles, and enormous brains, capable of flight. They are also capable of surviving in lava, and will hover around in a lava field or in water until approached, at which point they will raise and fire energy blasts at an opponent.


Telepathopi can be deadly enemies due to their high health, and their energy blasts, while easy enough to dodge, can deal heavy damage. With the XK-81 Jetpack, it is easy enough to kite around them and avoid their attacks, though this may use up fuel if not done economically. The best weapons against them are the Plasma Striker (particularly when aimed at their eyes), the Predator Launcher, the Warmonger, or the Pixelizer, as these weapons can target them from the air. When using the Groovitron against them, it is important to throw it close to a surface near them in order to catch them.

Behind the scenes

The telepathopi replace the psy-tcopus enemies from the original game on Pokitaru. However, a miniboss was planned to appear in the original game, known as the "Three-headed hydra", fought on the boat.[1]

Brain locations

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