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Technomite heavy troopers[1] are enemies in Size Matters, encountered in the Medical Outpost Omega and on the Dayni Moon. They are technomite robot soldiers with a humanoid appearance and large, bulky yellow armor, which is in fact operated by a Robotic Control Unit. They carry missile launcher carbines, and have a large backpack, walk in military fashion before engaging their targets, and rely on strafing to avoid incoming fire.

Ratchet and Clank first encountered them during "Escape the medical facility" in the Medical Outpost Omega, during which they were often supported by medic bots. At the end of the Surgical Facility, in the hangar bay, was the only time when R.C.U.s were actually seen making a run toward empty heavy trooper units, and could thus be prevented from activating entirely if the controllers were taken out beforehand. Several were again fought at the Farming Cooperative on Dayni Moon during "Catch Luna".

Technomite heavy troopers are durable enemies which fire slow-moving missiles, strafing around while doing so. The missiles can easily be dodged, although their armor makes them able to last longer in battle than other enemies, making them a significant threat. This is further exacerbated by the medic bot's shielding, which forces you to focus on the medic bot, and simultaneously dodge the incoming missiles. Unshielded the Lacerator and Acid Bomb Glove are sufficient, but when shielded it is easier to place down Agents of Doom and hives from the Bee Mine Glove to automatically handle the medic bots, after which the trooper can be focused down on their own. On Dayni Moon they are much less of a threat when put up against the Shock Rocket.


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