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Technomite electro soldiers[1][2] are enemies in Size Matters fought in the Technomite City on Challax. They are tall, bulky technomite infantrymen wielding a staff which, when slammed against the ground, creates a line of electricity that shocks anything passing through. Ratchet and Clank fought them in Challax during "Explore the miniature city", where they defended the city and also accompanied the technomite dropship. They also invaded Clank, during the mission "Defeat all Technomites" in Inside Clank. They often accompany by shock troopers, whom they can electrify with their lightning, making OmniWrench attacks backfire.

Electro soldiers are relatively durable enemies, but their line of electricity is telegraphed and easy to avoid, although it does linger for a moment. The Sniper Mine is somewhat useful against them, if you can pick them off from a distance, though they will often simply drop in using a hovercar. Early on the Agents of Doom and the Bee Mine Glove is effective, due to their shock trooper support, though using mods to upgrade the Lacerator, Acid Bomb Glove, or Concussion Gun is also viable. Later on, inside Clank, the Shock Rocket is very powerful against them, and the Static Barrier effectively makes their electricity harmless.


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