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Technomite dreadnoughts[a] are enemies in Size Matters. They are light green-gold technomite warships with wings on their side, considerably larger than other technomite ships. Each of their wings is lined with small blasters, with a high fire rate. Below the wings, near the hull, is another pair of larger cannons, which are only used when the troop bay on the bottom side is used to release a swarm of the small red technomite ships. Lined alongside the hull, behind the wings, they also have rows of smaller missile launchers to fire swarms of homing missiles. Lastly, atop their hull are four large missile launchers, which also fire homing missiles that do a lot of damage, but are slower to turn. Both missile types can be shot down, but only the large ones are actually easy to hit.

Clank fought two of them in space as Giant Clank. First, Clank fought one on the way from Metalis to the Medical Outpost Omega in "Escape the planet", and destroying it opened the way for Clank to reach the station. Next, Clank encountered three at the Technomite Orbital Facilities, in the orbit of Challax during "Destroy the space fortress". Two he only fought for a limited time, but the third he encountered and destroyed within a space station.


  1. Misspelled as 'Technomite dreadnaught' on-screen.
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