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Technomites are a species in Size Matters. They are miniature, grey, humanoid creatures inhabiting the Solana Galaxy, who are responsible for much of the technology that the galaxy uses. Due to their microscopic size, much of the galaxy believes them to be a myth, and the technomites receive little credit for their work outside of what some assume to be fairy tales.

The technomites were led by Otto Destruct, who crossed paths with Ratchet and Clank. In his plot to become the most intelligent being in the universe, he schemed to create an army of Ratchet clones that would gather intelligent beings and transfer their intellect to him. His plan ultimately failed as Ratchet, Clank, and Captain Qwark stopped him, using his own device against him to render him unintelligent. Since then, the technomites have reverted to apparent inactivity.


Before Size Matters

The technomites inhabited many planets in the Solana Galaxy, leaving coordinates to them on a map in an ancient temple on Ryllus. The abandoned stone temple provides hints at the species' technological and engineering prowess, in its use of a holographic map that is activated by a powerful device, as well as several automaton guard statues, and automated traps for visitors. The temple also has several inanimate statues of individuals resembling Otto Destruct, seemingly a leader race of the species.

Many parents in the Solana Galaxy taught their children about the technomites, and the stories were widely known. Though this led many to believe they did not exist, they also left behind distinctive artifacts that were recognizable even to Captain Qwark.[1]

At some point during Otto Destruct's reign as emperor, he constructed a device on Quodrona capable of transferring the intelligence from one being into another, with the goal of gathering every intelligent being in the solar system.[2] He also put forth a plan in motion to create an army of Ratchet clones, recognizing the famed hero's power was beyond that of even his most powerful robot soldiers, and told others that the plan was about credit for the technomites' work.[3]

Size Matters

Luna as she is kidnapped by the technomite soldiers.

Using a robot named Luna, the technomites interrupted Ratchet and Clank's vacation on Pokitaru. There, they staged a kidnapping of Luna, while leaving behind a technomite artifact with coordinates to Ryllus, and mentioning Kalidon as their destination. This gave Ratchet and Clank a trail to find Kalidon and also gave the technomites' opportunity to capture Ratchet's every move on camera, as was necessary to produce the clones.[4] Eventually, after they arrived on Kalidon, Clank was incapacitated and dumped on Metalis, while Ratchet was taken to the Medical Outpost Omega, where his DNA was extracted. Luna oversaw the cloning process, which saw a single clone destroy twenty-six of the technomites' best warriors.[5]

Qwark trying to switch minds with Otto.

Ratchet eventually fled the station with Clank's help, and traced Luna to Technomite City on Challax, and later to the Dayni Moon. After Ratchet and Clank defeated her, they obtained coordinates to Quodrona to track down Otto Destruct. Ratchet fought through an army of Ratchet clones defending the factory and finally defeated Otto Destruct. Following this, Otto Destruct's intelligence was switched with Skrunch to make him believe he is a monkey, and the Ratchet clones were repurposed as action figures.[6]



Technomites are grey, miniature beings. Much like many other sentient species in the Ratchet & Clank series universe, they are humanoids with three fingers, with the main distinction being their microscopic size, which is below that of other insects. Technomites are extremely intelligent beings, responsible for much of the technology in the galaxy.[1][3]

The only known technomites are the shock troopers, the technomite electro soldiers, Otto Destruct, and several technomite statues on Ryllus. Destruct, and the aforementioned statues, have large, rounder heads supported by a narrow neck, with a generally slim appearance. Conversely, the shock and electro soldiers are much bulkier, wherein the shock soldiers have a dwarf-ish appearance and the electro soldiers are taller and muscular.


The only inhabited technomite location visited by Ratchet and Clank is Technomite City on planet Challax. The city is undetectable by most eyes due to its miniature size, but is a wide cityscape contained within a fortress wall defended by turrets. Within the city are skyscrapers, residential buildings, and an airport. The cityscape is also located among plants, small to Ratchet's eye, but gigantic compared to the miniature city. It also exists in harmony with the bugs that frequent the city, which are also much larger than most of its buildings. They also operate a similarly miniature Clone Factory on Quodrona, as well as a normal-sized robot-operated Mechanoid Factory on Kalidon, and the Medical Outpost Omega space station.

The technomite map room on Ryllus.

The abandoned temple on Ryllus gives clues as to the nature of the technomites' old civilization. This building is a stone temple, which is inaccessible to beings of Ratchet's height, but can be visited by those of Clank's. It is still nonetheless well-secured with traps in the form of darts and boulders, but has a highly advanced holographic map room, and guard statues that are automatons, suggesting the technomites made breakthoughs in holograms and robotics long before most species.

The technomite civilization is very insular and secluded from the rest of the galaxy. This is evident in the enclosed nature of their inhabited settlements, which are well-guarded, impossible for most to access, and the fact that much of the galaxy believes them to be a myth.[1]



The technomites use a large variety of robotic infantry units, in most places they use robot soldiers, but at their own miniature size they have footsoldiers. Their ancient temple is still protected by technomite guard statues, constructs made of stone. In modern age they most commonly resort to the Robotic Control Unit, a type of spider-droid capable of controlling armored suits like the guard torso and technomite heavy trooper, as well as the standard gun turret security devices. The guard torso uses a jet system to move around while relying on twin blasters, whereas the heavy troopers are large and well-armored and use a missile launcher. The nurse robots and medic bots act as personel on-board Medical Outpost Omega, but are also capable of self-defense.

The only biological units are the technomite electro soldier and shock trooper, the former of which are tall and use a staff to send arcs of electricity, whereas the latter are short and stocky, carrying a baton. Technicaly also considered technomite forces are the Ratchet clones, which they intended to use to replace all their standard infantry units.


The technomite use only a few vehicles, such as a single large technomite dropship to transport troops and perform aerial combat, or the hover cars used to travel to their strongholds from larger landing pads. They have a much stronger presence in space however, in which they field their technomite dreadnoughts and four different types of fighter ships. The dreadnoughts have a large number of offensive capabilities such as missile swarms and large homing missiles, along with releasing swarms of small fighters. The other three fighter ships are a large blue gunship, a shielded laser ship, and a dark blue gunship that fires one powerful blast.