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There are… no… TECHNOMITES!!!

Ratchet to Clank., SM

Technomites were tiny, yet hyper-intelligent creatures from Challax who were partially responsible for the existence of technology but were not widely believable and known. They were thought to be a myth at first, and for this, the Technomites got no credit, although their technology was used. They inhabited many worlds, and built map-rooms to keep track of the planets they inhabited. They had an empire led by Emperor Otto Destruct, until he was given the intelligence of a monkey.


Emperor Otto Destruct's Plan

During the reign of Emperor Otto Destruct, the emperor decided he wanted more power. So, he decided to create a female robot puppet named Luna, who Otto would entrust with filling out his plan. Luna would pretend to be captured, so Ratchet would be forced into action. In action, cameras would capture Ratchet's every move and fighting style. Then, it would capture Ratchet, and at a Surgical Facility, Ratchet's DNA would be extracted. Otto would use the DNA to produce a Ratchet Clone Army. He would then use the army to capture the galaxy's smartest inhabitants and he would transfer their intelligence to himself.

Capture of Ratchet

Luna found Ratchet and Clank on Pokitaru. It made the duo fight robots and then it pretended to be captured. Ratchet chased after her, bringing him to Ryllus and Kalidon. After finding her on Kalidon, he was captured and his DNA was extracted. Everything had worked according to Otto's plan.

Otto Destruct

Emperor Otto Destruct, leader of the Technomites

Escape and Technomite City

Soon, Ratchet escaped the medical facility he was held in with Clank. They both soon headed for Challax, and found the Technomite City. When they arrived, Technomite Soldiers and Shock Troopers attacked the duo. After Ratchet and Clank escaped the soldiers, they found themselves running from a Technomite Dropship. The Dropship lead them to a hangar, where Shock troopers were being deployed. Ratchet defeated the Shock Troopers and destroyed the gunship. Soon, Ratchet and Clank found themselves in a large room, where they could see Luna with a large door opened in back of its head. They now found out that Luna was a robot puppet controlled by Technomites.

Dayni Moon and Inside Clank

Ratchet and Clank flew to Dayni Moon, and disabled Luna after a confrontation. Clank then hacked into Luna, in order to find the coordinates to the Ratchet Clone Factory, which the Technomites inside the Luna puppet had told them about just before it's death. Clank soon told Ratchet he found the coordinates. Before he could mention them, he was electrocuted. The Technomites inside Luna then jumped into the tiny robot, through his mouth. Ratchet then decided to shrink himself using his shrink ray, and enter Clank's body. On the request of Clank's Security Backup, Ratchet eliminated all the Technomites inside his friend. The Security Backup then turned on Clank, and Ratchet escaped before Clank's anti-virus program could kill him. The duo then headed for Qudrona, via Clank's coordinates.

Confrontation with Otto Destruct

Ratchet and Clank soon landed on Quodrona. After blasting their way through the Clone Factory, they defeated Otto Destruct. After his defeat, Captain Qwark and Skrunch arrived, and after making a mistake, Skrunch's intelligence was transferred to Otto, rendering him harmless.


What happened to the Technomites after Emperor Otto Destruct was given the intelligence of a monkey stays unknown for the time being. It is possible that a new Emperor was given power. This new emperor could have been a relative or child of Otto's. Since Ratchet didn't defeat the Technomites once again, it could be assumed that the Technomites, nor their new leader, no longer wanted galactic domination.

Notable Technomites

Technomite Dreadnaught

Giant Clank fighting a Technomite Dreadnaught, a heavily armed Technomite warship

Technomite soldier types

Technomite vehicles

Technomite Car

Ratchet inside a Technomite Hover Car

Technomite robots

Technomite Homeworld, Colonies and Space Stations.


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