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To the untrained eye, it's just a pretty decoration on Agent Clank`s tuxedo lapel. Don't stop to smell the flowers though - there's nothing nice about this button-hole bloom! The Tanglevine is in fact one of the most vicious life-forms from the galaxy Sunitrope 7, in the Quantum of Solace - and it has a ravenous hunger for robots and aliens alike. Agent Clank can use it to entangle and disable dangerous obstacles in his path.

The Tanglevine Carnation's description in the manual., SAC

The Tanglevine Carnation is a weapon that doubles up as a gadget in Secret Agent Clank. It is a carnivorous flower from the Quantum of Solace in the Sunitrope 7 galaxy, with an unquenchable hunger for robots and aliens alike, that can be deployed by Clank both to attack enemies but also to halt spinning machinery in Clank's path.

The Tanglevine Carnation can be found in the Azcotal Alley on Rionosis. It can be upgraded up to the Kudzu Tangle at V4, a unique crossbreed between the Tanglevine and seven other known carnivorous plants, which shoots poisonous gas before consuming enemies.


The plant in action

The Tanglevine Carnation when used as a weapon allows it to consume nearby enemies when deployed. This makes it a strategic weapon that functions similarly to a mine, allowing the player to gain a footing on a patch of ground by making it safer. The weapon should primarily be used against normal enemies as a form of crowd control, and is less useful against bosses.

The Tanglevine Carnation can be upgraded to the Kudzu Tangle, which releases poisonous gas that weakens enemies before consuming them. This makes it more effective at crowd control as it can damage multiple enemies at once rather than picking them off.


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