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Talwyn is tough, loyal and ready to fight to keep Vendra Prog where she belongs: behind bars.

Instruction Manual Character Summary, ItN

Talwyn Apogee is a major support character in Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty, the comic series, and Into the Nexus. She is a markazian who encountered Ratchet and Clank on their search for the "Lombax Secret", and since served as their close ally and as Ratchet's girlfriend.[1]

Talwyn is the daughter of the famed explorer and artifact expert, Max Apogee. After he disappeared following a space pirate raid, Talwyn was left behind on the Apogee Space Station in the Nundac Asteroid Ring, guarded by Cronk and Zephyr, two ancient war bots. When Ratchet and Clank arrived on the station in their search for the Secret, Talwyn attempted to repel the intruders, until realizing that Ratchet was a lombax, at which point she befriended him. She later helped Ratchet on his search for Clank, when he was abducted by the Zoni, travelling with Ratchet to planet Merdegraw to search. Later, she became the captain of the Polaris Defense Force.

Talwyn is an able combatant, who makes use of a jetpack and laser pistol against enemies. She has a wealth of knowledge about the lombaxes, and can read the lombax language as well as the markazian language. Talwyn is headstrong and brave, but also expresses great concern for Ratchet when he is in danger, a mutual feeling.


Pre-Tools of Destruction

Max Apogee and a young Talwyn

Talwyn was raised by her father, an explorer named Max Apogee until his disappearance during a space pirate raid some time after her seventh birthday party with him.[2] She was then left on the Apogee Space Station with Cronk and Zephyr, who watched over her ever since. Cronk and Zephyr assumed Max Apogee to be dead, which Talwyn refused to believe.

Tools of Destruction

Well congratulations, you win an all-expense paid trip out the airlock.

Talwyn meeting Ratchet and Clank, ToD

Talwyn and Cronk talk to Ratchet and Clank about Max Apogee

Talwyn first encountered Ratchet and Clank when they infiltrated the Apogee Space Station in search of the Lombax Secret. When seeing that Ratchet was a lombax, she ordered Cronk and Zephyr to lower their weapons, and after a discussion with them, she agreed to help them search. She and her warbots then accompanied the two to planet Ardolis in search of the artifact, where they stole a Lombax Artifact from space pirate Captain Slag. Ratchet activated the device, which proved to be a map to Rykan V, where they theorized the Lombax Secret was hidden.

Talwyn reading Lombax on Rykan V

Talwyn attempted to find the Lombax Secret on Rykan V from the air, while Ratchet and Clank fought through the spaceport with Cronk and Zephyr. Eventually, they located the door to an old bunker with lombax writing inscribed on it. While the secret was not located within the device, a holo-film pointed them towards Sargasso, where Ratchet and Clank went to look. Talwyn was later captured along with her warbots and taken to Zordoom Prison on planet Viceron, and labelled inmate 979B. After the Zoni gave Clank a vision showing Talwyn's location, Ratchet and Clank then infiltrated the prison and freed Talwyn, and freed Cronk and Zephyr shortly afterwards.

When Captain Qwark moved the Dimensionator to planet Reepor, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr followed, though they were unsuccessful in preventing Emperor Tachyon from taking the Dimensionator and bringing back the cragmites. As Cronk sustained heavy damage, Talwyn stayed behind to repair him, while Ratchet and Clank then repelled the cragmite invasion of Meridian City on planet Igliak.

Talwyn later caught up with Ratchet on planet Fastoon, to combat the cragmite invasion of the planet. Talwyn first stayed in her ship until the five Magna Cannons were destroyed, at which point she, Cronk and Zephyr fought against the cragmites with Ratchet. Eventually, Ratchet and Clank defeated Tachyon and he was stranded into a separate dimension. Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and the pirate Rusty Pete then all returned to the Apogee Space Station at first to celebrate, until the Zoni arrived and abducted Clank.

Quest for Booty

Ratchet and Talwyn fighting pirates in the Azorean Sea

There's something strange about this island. I've been talking to one of the villagers and, well, there's something about a curse.

Talwyn talking to Ratchet about Hoolefar Island., QfB

Talwyn helped Ratchet search for Clank. The IRIS supercomputer gave them both a clue to help find him: a pirate captain named Darkwater that was connected to the Zoni. The two landed on planet Merdegraw, and were caught by pirates on the Azorean Sea after Rusty Pete gave away their location, and were then fired from a cannon to Hoolefar Island. On the island, Talwyn met with the island's Mayor Barnabus Worley to find the Obsidian Eye, a telescope that allowed Darkwater to contact the Zoni. They realized it could find Clank if they had access to the Fulcrum Star, which Rusty Pete claimed to know the location of. Rusty Pete sent them to the Morrow Caverns where the treasure map leading to it was located. Talwyn was trapped behind a door that collapsed, leading Ratchet to go on with Pete to search for the treasure, only for Pete to betray them by reanimating Darkwater with Captain Slag's head.

When fleeing the Caverns, the player can choose whether to rescue Talwyn on the way out or leave her behind; if choosing to save her, Ratchet and Talwyn both head off to Hoolefar Island and fight off Undead Pirates pillaging the island together, though if the player chooses to leave her behind, she will instead boost to the island on her own and the player must fight off the Undead Pirates alone. After fending off the pirates, the two set sail for Darkwater Cove and solved puzzles on the island to retrieve the Star, before Ratchet was sent to the Lythoin Caves and Talwyn was kidnapped. Ratchet then reunited with Talwyn by freeing her in the fleet on the Azorean Sea. The two then helped defeat the Undead Pirates Slag and Darkwater, and then using the Fulcrum Star, found coordinates to the Breegus Nebula and learned that Clank was in the custody of Dr. Nefarious.

Talwyn then warned Ratchet about the Breegus System he was travelling to when searching for Clank, though she did not accompany him.

Ratchet & Clank comic series

Talwyn embraces Ratchet

After Artemis Zogg began abducting planets from around the universe, Talwyn worked with Qwark, now appointed the Galactic President of the Polaris Galaxy, and the Polaris Government to use the Apogee Space Station as a base. She then allied with Sasha Phyronix of the Solana Galaxy and the Galactic Rangers to defeat Zogg.

When Ratchet and Clank were rescued from the Vartax Detention Facility by Cronk and Zephyr, they returned to the Apogee Space Station, and reunited with Talwyn. She discussed with Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Sasha the threat presented by Artemis Zogg and his Helios Project. Artemis Zogg later transmitted to the Apogee Space Station that if Ratchet and Clank were not handed over, he would destroy Veldin. Talwyn said that Zogg could not be trusted, but Ratchet and Clank instead opted to teleport to Zogg's ship. Talwyn made Ratchet promise that he would run if Zogg broke his promise.

On board the ship, Ratchet stayed on the ship until he had rescued Veldin from Zogg. Talwyn then boarded Zogg's ship out of concern, and helped them take the Surinox Shard before a robot separated them and Talwyn was captured. As Talwyn's ship was seen crashing into Zogg's, Sasha, Cronk and Zephyr presumed she was dead.

Talwyn in her cell talking to Zogg

Zogg instead placed Talwyn in a cell, and revealed that her father, Max Apogee's research on the Lombax Secert allowed him to discover the Surinox Comet, and that he was going to send a fleet to Veldin to kill Ratchet and Clank. Vorn Garblak then came to visit Talwyn, revealing he was betraying Zogg, and released her from her cell and off the ship. As Zogg's ship was destroyed, and Ratchet and Clank had presumed she was still on board, they too believed she had died.

Zogg then captured Talwyn, and arriving on board the Apogee Space Station, held a Tesla Coil to her head, telling Ratchet he would shoot her if he moved. Talwyn insisted that Ratchet shoot her, but Zogg released an army of Mr. Zurkons that attacked the group. Talwyn was able to pull herself off, but was pulled back as Zogg grabbed her neck. She freed herself by biting Zogg's arm. Talwyn suggested that Ratchet take the aqueduct in the space station to the gallery teleporters. After Ratchet later used the Praetorian OmniWrench's negatively charged energy to hit the Surinox Shard, a bridge between realities was created, and Zogg was banished to another dimension. Ratchet returned to retirement and stayed in Polaris, helping Talwyn rebuild the Apogee Space Station.

Into the Nexus

Talwyn speaking to the press as Polaris Defense Force captain

Talwyn later became a captain in the Polaris Defense Force. After dangerous criminal Vendra Prog had been captured and sentenced to a quintuple life sentence at the Vartax Detention Facility, she told reporters, including reporters from a Polaris News Update, that her accomplice and brother Neftin Prog's whereabouts were still unknown.[3]

When Ratchet, Clank, Cronk and Zephyr were escorting Vendra via the Nebulox Seven, Talwyn contacted Ratchet, suggesting that they should take Vendra out of cryosleep to deliver her to the guards, but warned them to be careful. She next contacted Ratchet on planet Yerek in the Zarkov Sector after he and Clank barely managed to escape the Thugs 4 Less after the Nebulox was destroyed. Ratchet confessed to her that Cronk and Zephyr had died, causing her to mourn their loss and pleading with Ratchet to return to Igliak and stay safe. Ratchet refused and pledged to hunt down the twins, but promised to keep in contact.

When Mr. Eye was released, Ratchet asked Talwyn to return to Meridian City and order a state of emergency while the nethers attacked. When meeting her, she guided Ratchet and Clank through the Intergalactic Museum of History to find the Dimensionator in the Lombax History Wing. Talwyn then offered air support and pointed the location of the Netherbrutes leading the invasion, while Ratchet destroyed them and then fought Mr. Eye. Afterwards, Ratchet, Clank and a reformed Neftin Prog were able to free Vendra Prog, who helped them seal Mr. Eye and the nethers back in the Netherverse using the Dimensionator. When Clank spoke to Ratchet asking if he would use the Dimensionator to find the lombax dimension, Ratchet declined, looking to Tawlyn, as he said he had more in this universe than in the lombax dimension.

Rift Apart

Talwyn with Ratchet and Clank, looking through the Dimensional Map following the events of Rift Apart

Talwyn was not involved with the crisis resulting from Dr. Nefarious’ theft of the Dimensionator and as a result she is not present for the events of Rift Apart. Whilst in Rivet's dimension on planet Savali, Ratchet can stand at a balcony in the Monk's town overlooking the beautiful view of the Urfdah Mesa. If he stands here for some seconds he will speak aloud that he wishes Talwyn could have been there with him to see it. Following the defeat of Emperor Nefarious, she later joined Ratchet and Clank in returning the Dimensional Map to the Interdimensional Archives after the Emperor had stolen it.




Talwyn is a markazian with apricot skin, elf-like pointy ears, shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. Her normal attire consists of a red bandanna and a red scarf around her neck, a green vest with a dark green, long sleeve shirt underneath, and light green gloves. She also wears metallic shoulder pads and dark green pants with a light brown belt and light brown boots that reach her knees. She also always carries a jetpack.


Talwyn is a tough and fearless markazian willing to face any adversary with weapons raised. She also shows great compassion towards her friends and family, risking her own safety for them, but unwilling to see them risk their own and often expressing deep concern for Ratchet when in danger. She is also jumpy when it comes to intruders, and will raise weapons on them before realizing who they are.

She is the proud daughter of Max Apogee, insisting he is still alive when it was up in the air. According to Artemis Zogg, her biting sense of humor was like that of her father's.[4][5]


Talwyn aims at Ratchet during their first encounter at the Apogee Space Station

Talwyn is highly skilled with a variety of weaponry, and normally uses a blaster in combat. She is also a capable pilot, who can perform HALO jumps. Talwyn is also capable of performing repairs and maintenance on her own ship, as well as on Cronk and Zephyr. Additionally, she can hack computers and decode computer encryption.

Talwyn is capable of reading both lombax and markazian languages.


You should try the Alpha Disruptor. A year ago I needed to blow off a little steam, and I forgot the gravity generator is behind that wall. We floated in zero-g for two days before the terachnoids could fix it. It was totally worth it.

Talwyn talking to Sasha Phyronix at the Apogee Space Station firing range, LaS

Talwyn normally carries a laser pistol with her, and is capable of using a jetpack which can fly for long distances. However, she has mentioned using other weapons, such as the Alpha Disruptor, in the firing range at the Apogee Space Station.[6]

Behind the scenes


Early concept art designs for Talwyn

A later concept art design for Talwyn

Talwyn was introduced as another character searching for a family alongside Ratchet.[1] Early concepts of Talwyn show her wearing a similar outfit to the final one used. In these concepts, her hair color varies including black and red, and she does not have a tail. She also was originally shown with a coil-like weapon. Later concept art shows a much more similar Talwyn to her final appearance, with only minor differences in the facial style. In the later concept art, she appeared left-handed.

Talwyn's last name, Apogee, may be named after the point in a moon's orbit where it is furthest from its planet.

The voice for Talwyn Apogee was provided by Tara Strong in the Ratchet & Clank Future saga, though Ali Hillis provided the voice of Talwyn in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus.

Other appearances

Talwyn is mentioned in A Crack in Time, and she also can be briefly seen in certain recordings within Clank's subconscious.

Talwyn appears on the communicator in Before the Nexus.

Talwyn appears as a multiplayer skin in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.

A similar character by the name of Cora Veralux appears in the reboot movie and reboot game, as a member of the Galactic Rangers from the Solana Galaxy. Cora has a very similar voice actor, personality and appearance to Talwyn, appearing to be of the same species, and similarly helps Ratchet in the game by flying with a jetpack and firing at enemies alongside him during missions such as those on Batalia. This suggests she may have been developed as the reboot's counterpart to Talwyn.