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Rendezvous on Tyhrranosis and Take out the power generators are missions in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the Korgon Base, Tyhrranosis. Having obtained a star map in Nefarious' office, Captain Qwark drew up a new plan to attack the tyhrranoid homeworld of Tyhrranosis. For the first part of his plan, Ratchet and Clank would lead the assault on the mortar launchers on Korgon Base to allow the Galactic Rangers' dropship to land closer to the surface. Ratchet and Clank performed a HALO jump with a group of Rangers to destroy the power generators for the mortar launchers.

This mission is the only one in which you can access the mortar launchers base.


When you fly to Tyhrranosis, you will instantly perform a HALO jump along with other Rangers. As with before, avoid the missiles with red lighting as best you can, until you land with two other Rangers. At the Gadgetron vendor, the Annihilator is on sale, an extremely powerful missile launcher that is useful both against single targets and groups. However, it is likely unaffordable at this stage. For this particular mission, the enemies are not too challenging until later missions on Tyhrranosis, so you can skip purchasing any weapons for now.

Head inside the base to be confronted with one-eyed tyhrranoids, ultra mecha-tyhrranoids, tyhrranoid saucers, and three-eyed tyhrranoids. The usual weapons apply here, though consider also using the Miniturret Glove to provide additional firepower in dealing with the large numbers that appear. Head through the corridor on the right to defeat more enemies, and defeat the enemies that appear in the large room with domes. Head through the next corridor, smash the jackpot crate for extra bolts, until you reach the room with the power generator.

The power generator room is filled to the brim with enemies, so a good idea is to stand behind the door as it opens and throw shots from the Nitro Launcher, Agents of Doom, and Miniturret Glove to help clear it, while the N60 Storm can focus on the power generator. Destroying it will also remove a force field, behind which is another set of enemies and the final power generator contained inside the dome. Destroy it to complete the mission.

The next mission, "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets", continues after heading out of the door. A cutscene commences, transitioning you to the next mission.

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