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Trophy: You're In The Rangers Now‎
Complete "Take down the Warship" Bronze

Deliver the Infobot to the Galactic Rangers, Destroy the Blarg Armored Transports (known as Destroy the Blarg Armoured Transports in the PAL release), and Take down the Warship are missions in Ratchet & Clank. They are the first missions involving ship combat. After rescuing the Plumber on Novalis, he gave Ratchet and Clank an infobot containing details about Chairman Drek's plan to invade Kerwan so as to eliminate the Galactic Rangers. Upon arriving, the two find that the invasion has already begun, and must defend the Hall of Heroes from an aerial attack, first from blarg armored transports, and finally from a warship, a Class G Dreadship.


Upon arriving on Kerwan, "Destroy the Blarg Armored Transports" will commence. You control the ship in a dogfight above Aleero City and around the Hall of Heroes. Use the Left analog stick to steer, X to boost, R2 to shoot machine guns, and either L1 or L1 to perform a barrel roll. In the air, many blarg saucers are found flying around. These will shoot at you, but destroying them means they may drop nanotech which can repair your ship if low on health.

Your first target are blarg dropships. Destroy the first with a machine gun, and five more will later appear, with icons pointing towards their location. Destroy these, making sure to destroy saucers along the way particularly if you need nanotech.

Finally, the mission "Take down the Warship" will commence. You can now use Triangle to activate the Mag Booster, and your goal is to pick up warbots and propel them towards the ship. Markers point towards locations of warbots on top of buildings. While warbots can be picked up from the Hall of Heroes, this is not advised, as flying there will likely destroy your ship quickly.

Pick up a group of warbots by holding Triangle, and release once they are all picked up (you do not need to continue to hold Triangle until you are picking up more warbots). Next, pick up another group with the Mag Booster, until the maximum capacity of ten warbots is reached. Once ten warbots are carried, boost towards the dropship, and when the L2 appears above your ship on screen, press L2 to release warbots at the dropship and damage it. This will get it to just above half health. Pick up another group of ten warbots with the same method and release them. After twenty warbots were thrown in two groups, the warship will be on 12% health remaining. Only three more warbots are needed to be picked up and released at the warship to destroy it, completing the mission and commencing a cutscene.

The next mission, "Find a route to the Hall of Heroes", returns to normal gameplay.

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