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Infiltrate the Deplanetizer and Take down Victor Von Ion are missions in Ratchet & Clank, taking place outside the Deplanetizer in space. After Ratchet, Clank, and the Galactic Rangers investigated the factory on Quartu, when they found and interrogated Drek's assistant, Zed, who revealed Drek would use the Deplanetizer to destroy Novalis next. The Rangers then flew over to the Deplanetizer to take it down with Captain Qwark suspiciously giving no plan, and then as he arrived, flying off to "reason with" Drek, leaving the Rangers alone. Afterwards, several blarg saucers engaged the Rangers in their Class-g Star Jumpers, while Victor Von Ion arrived in his personal Class G Dreadship.


This section is a space combat mission with the Class-g Star Jumper. Several blarg saucers will attack; destroy them, and Victor Von Ion will arrive in his death ship.

When Victor Von Ion's ship arrives, fly after it, dodging projectiles and blarg saucers on the way, and shoot at it with the ship's machine gun. You can also fire rockets, though they must be replenished by destroying red blarg saucers. Victor will fire missiles that home at you, which must be destroyed with the machine gun before they come too close to be hit, or dodged with a barrel roll just before they hit. Dodging or destroy the missiles is a priority (though dodging may be easier) and firing on Victor's ship when safe. There are also several blarg saucers around in the background, which can be destroyed for nanotech if needed.

After sustaining damage, Victor will begin to throw down hazardous mines, which leave behind several lasers, and send blarg saucers to attack. Simply fly past them avoiding the lasers, and take down the blarg saucers, which will replenish your ship's nanotech and refill rockets. Then, chase after and fire Victor some more.

When more damage is sustained, Victor's ship will activate a tractor beam, rendering you unable to steer. You can instead move the machine gun. Use it to fire on Victor's ship and any missiles fired at you until the tractor beam ends. Continue to fire on Victor and the mission will be complete. After a short cutscene, the mission "Defeat Victor Von Ion" as Clank will begin.