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Take Qwark to His Cage and Meet Sasha on the Bridge are missions in Up Your Arsenal taking place in the Starship Phoenix. After defeating Captain Qwark, Ratchet and Clank were contacted by Sasha Phyronix, who invited them on board the Starship Phoenix. She gave them a tour of the ship, which would be their new quarters, and prepared a custom living area for Qwark to stay in. After the two took Qwark to his living quarters, Sasha invited Ratchet to meet her on the bridge.


This is a short mission that involves no combat. Qwark will follow you, so you simply have to head to your new living quarters to complete the mission. To do this, head through the first door on the left, and continue forward to reach a wide room with an immense screen. Head in further, and then head to the left to Qwark's cage. As you do, a cutscene commences as Qwark heads into his cage, along with his monkey, Skrunch. This completes the first mission.

Head back, and Sasha will contact you, asking you to meet her on the bridge. To do this, head back into the main room and then head to the end of the room at your left, where you will reach a transporter. At the prompt, press Triangle for the transporter to take you to the bridge, then head forward again. This will commence a cutscene, after which you receive the mission "Fly to Marcadia".

While on board the Phoenix, it is a good idea to complete the VR deck missions for quick bolts. Though the Infector and Suck Cannon become available, neither are necessary for the VR deck missions, and other weapons should be prioritized. Other than that, there is nothing else to do here, so head to Marcadia when ready.

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