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Drophyd Transport Ship.png

Ratchet and a Tachyon Transport Ship

Tachyon Transport Ships[1] were dropships piloted by a Drophyd that carried Drophyd Troopers, Drophyd Sentries, Drophyd Defenders or Tesladrones. Their value to Imperial Army was vital, as they delivered Imperial Forces to trouble spots throughout the Empire. Their strength and armor were moderate and they attacked up to moderate range. At the beginning of the game, these ships only brought enemies, but later had the ability to shoot, although they rarely did this. They attacked with their two frontal turrets that shot red lasers. Sometimes they stayed and shot, while other times they shot then retreated. Medium or long range weapons like the Predator Launcher were good against these ships.

Tachyon Transport Ships are first met on planet Kerwan.


  • The ships' cockpits were filled with liquid, and they were controlled by Drophyds.
  • The Tachyon Transport Ships were not affected by the Groovitron.
  • Tachyon Transport Ships drop no bolts nor Raritanium on defeat. Also, unlike other Drophyd Forces, upon their destruction, no Drophyd falls out of the explosion.
  • They can actually get killed in Kerwan, if while they are dropping Drophyd Trooper the player shoots few several Fusion Grenades to them before they leave they end up exploding, however they only get killed with the Fusion Grenade, if the player use anothers weapons and devices like the Combuster or the Groovitron it won't affect them at all.


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