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He just took out two Gunships! Alert the Emperor! Tell him we need reniforcements to snare the Lombax menace!

Soldier commenting on the destruction of two Tachyon Gunships, ToD

A Tachyon Gunship.

Tachyon Gunships[1] were floating torso-shaped vehicles piloted by Drophyds and flew via a giant fan attached to them. Serving as gunships for invasions or to support ground forces, these craft were a menace of the skies. They were first encountered on Tachyon's Raid Of Metropolis, often destroying grindrails. These gunships carried two types of weapons: A Laser Beam used for precision aiming, or a mortar missile used to destroy heavily defend positions. They could be seen swarming the skies of Fastoon near the end of Imperial Army.


Like most other Drophyd vehicles, the Gunship is not a vehicle so much as it is another robotic suit. The Gunships possesses two arms that it's weapons are attached to. For propulsion, there is a large rotor located on the bottom of the Gunship. The shape of the gunship is roughly that of a dome with a large protrusion on the upper back of the vehicle that consists of a pylon with a cylinder. There are also two antennas on the top of the dome that electricity as arcing between. The "bowl" containing the Drophyd pilot is on the front of the dome.



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