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Survive Qwark's gauntlet is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. After bribing Qwark's bouncer, Ratchet and Clank finally met Captain Qwark, who revealed he was already aware of Alonzo Drek's plot and required their help to save the galaxy. He gave them an infobot with a poorly made advertisement for his own challenge course on planet Umbris. Upon arrival, Qwark told them that upon completion of the course, they would "join him in the fight against evil".


No new weapons are sold at the Gadgetron vendor. After Swingshotting and gliding across the gap, you will run into the first bomb-o-matic. They are stationary machines that continuously unload bombs in their surrounding area, only stopping for several seconds at a time. They have good range, therefore the Blaster is recommended, as closing the distance to use a close range weapon can be unreliable. After crossing a bridge and another bomb-o-matic, you will run into two homing mines, which will remain inactive until you get too close, meaning it is recommended to dispatch them with the Blaster. A third, and also stationary, enemy is revealed afterwards; the machinegun turret will fire a continuous spray of bullets from side to side, stopping only when hit (with the Blaster being recommended again) or when Ratchet is hit. Regardless, they are easily dodged by jumping.

Many homing mines occupy the next two bridges along the path, several of them moving in a set pattern, though they can still easily be shot down. After crossing the second bridge, you will find a dead end and three timed switches. Press them all to open up the wall, which then reveals a closed space with four bomb-o-matics and three switches. Destroy the former and press the latter to open another path, but be careful here, as the panels in these bridges are unstable and will collapse upon landing contact. In the next area, you must maneuver through a series of pathways, divided by barbed wire fences, while dodging a machinegun turret at the end.

Use the Swingshot again to reach a new more open area, functioning as a small maze with several turrets placed intermittently throughout, usually blocking various routes and passages. To the right of the entrance is a locked, which must be opened by activating the three switches scattered throughout the labyrinth. The first switch is located nearby in the center path, the second switch is near the end of the right-most well, and the last switch is placed in the rear of the area. Be careful as these are timed, even if more lenient than the previous switches. Once the gate open, you can pass through and climb a short stairwell into a compound, where you will find another closed area, as well as a rather large amount of homing mines floating around, guarding three more switches.

After activating the switches, climb the newly-revealed ladder, which will lead you into an area featuring a number of water basins filled with sharkigators. Use a nearby Insta-Faucet and your Hydrodisplacer to drain the water. This will make the sharkigator an easy kill, as it flops around on dry land. Do the same with the ones in the second pool, which is accessed through a pipe. Refill the water using an Insta-Drain, then drain the water in the third pool and eliminate the sharkigators. Refill the pool and then swim through it to reach the interior of the structure. Up ahead are three more sets of Versa-Targets, which cannot be traversed until you drain the water below Afterwards, you will be lead to a large circular room, where you must kill half a dozen sharkigators, refill the water, swim to the center platform, press the switches, drain the water, and head towards the exit on the other side of the room.

Follow the narrow tunnel, breaking several crates along the way, to finally reach Captain Qwark.

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