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The Surinox Shard was an extremely rare and valuable transdimensional comet shard from the Surinox Comet. It fell through planet Fastoon's stratosphere from another dimension‏ at over eight-hundred kilocubits per hour. It is a class G celestial entity with an orbital period of six thousand years per reality. It was the very specimen used by the Lombaxes to manufacture their Dimensionators during the days of the Great War. It later fell into the possession of Artemis Zogg, Galactic President of the Polaris Galaxy.

President Zogg kept the Surinox Shard in his compound in Meridian City. He used it as the center of the Helios Project; it powered the machine Helios, which was designed with advanced teleportation capabilities to move planets across the universe to safety in the event of supernovas, black holes, temporal rifts and other galactic disasters. The shard's transdimensional abilities were key to making the technology work. When Captain Qwark turned on Zogg and won the presidential re-election; however, things changed.

The former President was fueled with rage at Qwark turning his back on supporting Zogg and being so selfish. He was even more angered when the Helios Program was said to be shut down by the new President, who thought it was too dangerous. Refusing to let this happen, Zogg moved forward with a new plan. He changed the aim of the Helios Project with the goal of creating the Artemis Galaxy. This would be his own galaxy to rule with an iron fist as its President, stealing planets from other galaxies to build it.

In the end, Ratchet struck the Surinox Shard with negatively-charged energy from Alister Azimuth's Praetorian OmniWrench, ripping a bridge between realities, and causing Artemis Zogg to be sucked away into Dimension A2-66. The shard was then used to place the planets Zogg had stolen back where they belonged. It is unknown what became of the Surniox Shard afterwords.


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