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Trophy: A Change Of Heart
Complete "Stop Captain Qwark" Bronze

Disable the Gravity Stabilizer and Stop Captain Qwark are missions in Ratchet & Clank, taking place in the Deplanetizer. After Ratchet and Clank went to the core in search of the gravity stabilizer, their next goal was to disable it so that Elaris and the Galactic Rangers could turn the Deplanetizer away and stop it from destroying Umbris. After they did so, Captain Qwark arrived to stop them.

Completing "Stop Captain Qwark" will unlock the bronze trophy A Change Of Heart.


Before you begin this mission, make sure you are prepared. Return to your ship, and if you have not already, collect all RYNO holocards, then bring them to the dealer in Blackwater City, Rilgar to obtain the RYNO, the most powerful weapon in the game. Return to the Deplanetizer again and teleport back to the core, then from the Gadgetron vendor, spend any Raritanium upgrades (at this point, spending them to upgrade the RYNO is wisest) and purchase any remaining weapons. Then, head to the chamber and take the elevator down, and use the Trespasser to disable the gravity stabilizer, commencing a cutscene followed by the first of two bosses.

Captain Qwark

Captain Qwark uses many versions of Ratchet's weapons throughout the fight. He will fire lasers from his own Combuster, and throw down bombs creating waves of energy across the ground that will hit you. After sustaining damage, he will throw a Groovitron, forcing you to dance until you head to the middle of the area where it is located and destroy it. He will also fire his own Warmonger, sending several missiles to the ground, though their trajectory is projected by markers on the ground. Later in the fight, he will throw down a blarg generator from which Agents of Doom from your Glove of Doom will attack and self-destruct when they reach Ratchet, up until their generator is destroyed. Throughout the fight, he will fly with his Jetpack across.

If you have the RYNO, this mission is fairly trivial; simply fire the RYNO when his Groovitron is not active and avoid as much of his damage as you can. At times in the fight, before he throws a Groovitron, he will temporarily become impervious to damage. The main threats are when he combines the Groovitron with another attack, such as the Groovitron combined with the Agents of Doom. Dodge all his attacks to hit the Groovitron immediately and resume firing. Eventually, Qwark will go down, commencing a cutscene leading to the final mission, "Defeat Dr. Nefarious".