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The Static Barrier is a defensive weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Size Matters. It uses residual static electricity in the air to create a forcefield that protects the user from enemy fire until it takes a certain amount of damage.

The Static Barrier can be purchased upon reaching Inside Clank for 65,000 bolts. It can be upgraded to the Repulsor Field at V4 with use, which zaps enemies with electricity. Two mods can be purchased: the reflection mod for 250,000 bolts which reflects some shots back at enemies, and the mirage mod, which creates an illusion of Ratchet when used.


The Static Barrier creates a bubble around Ratchet which serves as a shield.

The Repulsor Field creates a more electrified bubble. It is created from a handheld yellow and red device with a blue orb on top.


The Static Barrier is a defensive weapon that can absorb damage received from enemy fire. It also damages enemies by touching them. Damaging enemies by touching them the shield is required to upgrade it, though it is primarily useful in defensive circumstances. The Static Barrier should almost always be used against bosses and in most situations to survive.

The Repulsor Field zaps enemies that approach it with electricity. While this makes it more offensive, the weapon is still best used as a defensive weapon to absorb damage. Two mods can be purchased, the reflection mod for 250,000 and the mirage mod for 1,250,000. The mirage mod, though expensive, provides the weapon a great deal of utility, allowing it to distract enemies for a certain amount of time (similar to the Decoy Glove), making it even better as a defensive weapon against bosses. The reflection mod reflects back some shots fired at Ratchet, making it a pure defensive upgrade.

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