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Computer, find me something to shoot!

Qwark, FFA

Sorry dude, we got nothing on the radar. Have an awesome day though!

Barry, FFA

Starship Phoenix II render.png

The Starship Phoenix II, like its predecessor, the Starship Phoenix, was the Q-Force flagship; however, it was much smaller. At first, Qwark was devastated at the lack of fighting for six months but he later received a transmission from Zurgo, which explained an evil plan to Ratchet, Clank and Qwark. Excited, Qwark re-assembled the Q-Force with the Starship Phoenix II to stop Zurgo. The ship could deploy QForce weapon pods to nearby planets.

The ship's AI was called "Barry", he spoke with a teenager's voice.

Sections of the Starship Phoenix II

Starship Phoenix II in orbit

The Weapons room

In many parts of the Phoenix were the weapons found in the QForce weapon pods.

Promotion Station

The Promotion Menu

Behind the Aphelion was the Promotion Station, which granted promotions for earning medals. When Ratchet, Qwark, and Clank gained a certain number of medals, they could get a promotion from the station, earning them Qforce Armor parts, the Armor Magnetizer, the Box Breaker, and hoverboots.

Engine room

Ratchet next to one of the engines

Either side of Aphelion was a large engine. Ratchet, Clank and Qwark destroyed several "rogue" cleaner bots in the engine room to reduce Qwark's boredom.


This was the command center of the Starship Phoenix II, where the Qwark monitored Ratchet, Clank and himself on his missions. Located here was the Galactic Map to choose the battlefield. Incoming transmissions could also be received.

Other areas

Barry mentions he found Groovitrons below deck, and stated that he might have a party there, meaning that there is a larger area below which includes storage. Qwark is also seen wearing a dressing gown which suggests that the crew sleep on the ship and have their own quarters.

Characters on the Starship Phoenix II

The Bridge




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