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The Starship Phoenix was the Galactic Ranger's home away from home on Kerwan. It was a large ship featuring enough firepower to take on a blarg Armada. Elaris was the operator of the ship. Its most prized possession was its VG-9000 Game System, which could play any game in existence.


Former Galactic Ranger leader Captain Qwark had held Ranger meetings here. One of which was when he proposed to assault Drek Industries on the blarg homeworld, planet Quartu. The Rangers agree to the plan and the field operatives, Brax, Cora, Ratchet, and Qwark halo drop into Skorg City from the Phoenix.

Victor hunting Clank on the Phoenix

In the PS4 game, when the Galactic Rangers launch their first attack on the Deplanetizer, Drek sends Victor Von Ion to destroy them with his best death ship. However, Ratchet manages to take the death ship down. Victor escapes using his jetpack just as the ship explodes, and in anger at his best death ship being destroyed, boards The Phoenix. The warbot then chases Clank once again while also trying to destroy the Phoenix by shutting down the power. However, his final attempt to destroy Clank ends in his own demise, as Clank activates the sprinkler system, giving Victor nowhere to run from his weakness to water - causing him to malfunction and be destroyed.

The Starship Phoenix on Veldin

The Engine Room

In the movie, when the Rangers attacked the Deplanetizer, Victor broke into the Starship Phoenix to find Clank. He fought Elaris and Clank, and chased Clank around the ship. The defect quickly found a Thundersmack and used it to create a massive storm cloud. Victor, despite his weakness, still attacked Clank but was rusted up by the water. The Rangers would later travel to Veldin in the Phoenix to get Ratchet back on the team when he loses all hope after failing to stop the destruction of Novalis. Elaris later held a Ranger meeting in the Phoenix discussing how they would assault the Deplanetizer with Ratchet using the Hologuise to stop Dr. Nefarious's plan to destroy Umbris, a planet with a highly explosive core which would destroy all the other planets in the galaxy along with it.


  • The Starship Phoenix did not appear in the original Ratchet & Clank but later in the third installment of the franchise, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
  • Unlike in Up Your Arsenal, where the Starship Phoenix acted as a hub level, in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game), it was a small segment level where Clank had to restore power while avoiding Victor Von Ion, who tried to destroy the Starship Phoenix.
  • The Starship Phoenix cannot be freely explored nor re-visited by Ratchet.
  • Despite sharing the name of the original Starship Phoenix, its design showed more similarities to the Starship Phoenix II.