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Starship Phoenix
Look at that, Clank. This ship is amazing!
Ratchet talking to Clank upon first arriving to the Phoenix, UYA
Starship Phoenix
Starship Phoenix

The Starship Phoenix in Quadrant J0713

The Starship Phoenix was the flagship and most considerable pride of the galactic fleet as well as the main home base of the Galactic Rangers. After defeating the Tyhrranoid invaders on Planet Veldin, Ratchet was called by Captain Sasha, the commander of the Phoenix, to meet her there after finding Qwark on Planet Florana.

The Phoenix was the area where Ratchet had probably spent most of his time during and after Up Your Arsenal. Many of important events took place on the starship, such as the recuperation of Qwark's memory, meetings for the Q-Force, and the discovery of Qwark's hideout.

The Phoenix had a long list of impressive (and comical) amenities including a VR Deck, a tropical habitat (specially designed for Captain Qwark), and a VG9000 game system — which was the most advanced video game console of the galaxy. It was possible to play the Qwark vid-comics on the VG9000, which were useful in significant tasks, such as the recuperation of Captain Qwark's memory and instigation of predictions as to what planetary assaults Doctor Nefarious was to implement. Ratchet was truly impressed by such considerably convenient and amusing technologies.

It is unknown what happened to the Starship Phoenix after Up Your Arsenal and the starship is never seen again after Ratchet is forced to participate in the DreadZone show in Ratchet: Deadlocked although the most likely explanation was that it was destroyed in the process of capturing Ratchet and his crew. Its successor, the Starship Phoenix II appears in Full Frontal Assault.

Assault on the Starship Phoenix

Phoenix Attack

The Phoenix under attack

In Up Your Arsenal, in order to finish Ratchet and the Q-Force once for all, Nefarious sent an army of Ninja Bots to the Phoenix to do the job. Ratchet was at Qwark's Hideout when the attack took place and received a call on his ship from Sasha, alerting him of the invasion. Ratchet immediately travelled back to the starship, where he found the access to the bridge destroyed. He then had to find a way through the Phoenix to get to the bridge. Ratchet found another way around, going through several side rooms and also defeating a whole army of Ninjas Bots in order to get to the bridge. When Ratchet got to the bridge, he found the Q-Force members alive, hidden under Qwark's chair lift. Sasha then told Ratchet where he could find the Biobliterator recharging, and also that its next target was Veldin. While Ratchet went to try to stop the Biobliterator from destroying Veldin, the Starship Phoenix was repaired.

Sections of the Starship Phoenix

The VR Deck

The VR deck was a training arena found near Ratchet's room. It had a few challenges to be accomplished, most of them defeating Test Dummies in multiple rounds. Training was also required by Helga to get the Hypershot, a gadget that combined the Dynamo and the Swingshot conveniently into one gadget. Weapons could also be tested out on the Test Dummies.

Ratchet's room

Ratchet's room

Ratchet and Clank's room aboard the Starship Phoenix

Ratchet's room was the place where Qwark vid-comics that were acquired could be played. The first one was very important to be accomplished due to its scenes that made Qwark regain his memory of who is, the fourth comic tipped Ratchet off to Nefarious's attack on Metropolis, the last one that was very rare had to be played to reveal the location of Qwark's hideout. The other vid-comics were optional to play and gave Ratchet a titanium bolt if he collected all the tokens in the level. Next to Ratchet's room was a jungle décor cage that housed Captain Qwark, Skrunch and Skidd McMarx when their situations provided them with no other living spaces with an unstable Qwark thinking he was some sort of monkey-like primitive creature and later Skidd being transformed into a robot. There were also 4 beds opposite of the cage.

Trophy room

During the game Ratchet collected several trophies for completing certain goals or missions, and could also find them in hidden places on various planets. All these trophies could be viewed in this room, and when Ratchet collected all of them, a door was opened which lead to a portal where the Insomniac Museum could be accessed at any time.

Gadgetron vendor

Different from the ordinary ones, the vendor of the Phoenix offered Ratchet the option of trial-testing the weapons in a small arena before buying them.

It also offered a 10% off discount for Ratchet given the player had a previous Ratchet & Clank (2002 game) save file on the memory card. This was offered by the Gadgetron CEO for being an employee of Gadgetron for two years.

Armor vendor

This was the only vendor in the game where armor could be bought. It was extremely important to purchase them during the game, as enemies became stronger and more dangerous. Ratchet could eventually purchase the Infernox armor for 1,000,000 bolts. This was the only armor vendor in all of Ratchet's adventures that was made by Gadgetron.


This was the command center of the Starship Phoenix, where the Q-Force monitored Ratchet on his missions. Hitting Skrunch with Ratchet's wrench here would unlock a skill point. Before the Q-Force was assembled, only Sasha and some Galactic Rangers were sitting at the 5 seats located inside, with the captain's seat empty, but thereafter was assembled, Sasha, Helga, a Galactic Ranger, Skidd, Al and Captain Qwark (in the captain's seat) were almost always located there monitoring computers while conversating.


The caffeteria was mentioned by Al and Qwark. The Caffeteria had Coffee and also supplied Meatloaf on Meatloaf Tuesdays.

Characters on the Starship Phoenix

Starship Phoenix back

The Starship Phoenix from the back



Sasha reporting to Ratchet about the attack


  • Completing the Hypershot training in less than 50 seconds resulted in gaining a skill point called "Beat Helga's best time."
  • Buying the Infernox armor from the armor vendor earned Ratchet another skill point called "Turn up the heat."
  • There are lots of unseen parts of the ship, such as a sauna, and a buffet.
  • Hitting Skrunch in the bridge with the wrench resulted in Ratchet gaining a skill point called "Monkeying Around."
  • If you go to play a Qwark Vid-Comic and press square, you will be able to enter the password to play Pirate vs. Ninja and Bombs Away! mini-games.