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Captain Starshield is a character with a brief appearance in Deadlocked. An intergalactic hero from Metropolis, Kerwan, Starshield saved many planets across multiple galaxies before being lured into the Shadow Sector by a phantom distress signal where he was forced to compete in the illegal combat sport DreadZone. Starshield quickly became the number one ranking contestant, before being prominently eliminated by Ace Hardlight and killed just days before Ratchet entered the competition himself.

"Starshield" is a free skin in single player, co-op, and multiplayer in Deadlocked. A set of armor based on Starshield is available in Rift Apart.


Early life

Starshield's adventures just prior to his DreadZone participation.

Starshield was born in Metropolis, planet Kerwan.[1] He operated early on as Private Starshield, where he showed potential by having the shiniest toilets in his units.[2]

Starshield went on to save many galaxies in adventures detailed on Vox News. His track record included saving the Solana Galaxy from a ghost pirate robot invasion in galactic date G2.16.918, saving the Bogon Galaxy from a pan-galactic amoeboid mafia ring in G2.14.173, and saving the Thyrullian Galaxy on two separate unspecified occasions from ravenous space locusts. One month prior to his forced participation in DreadZone, Captain Starshield was declared Citizen of the Millennium in Metropolis.[1]

Immediately prior to his participation in DreadZone, Captain Starshield saved planet Calzon in the Solana Galaxy by destroying the ship of an invader, Baron Masseter. Shortly after being thanked by the chancellor of Calzon, a Nav-Grid error and hyperdrive malfunction in his ship sent him to planet Fractis in the Kavorian Galaxy. His ship crashed on the planet and was badly damaged, though he avoided injury. When he left, he fought off several alien creatures, known as kragmites and cantors, before returning to his now-repaired ship having barely survived on the planet. As he returned, a transmission on his ship informed him of a distress signal from the Shadow Sector Starshield set a course for the sector as he left Fractis.[3]


After entering the Shadow Sector, following what had been a phantom distress signal, Captain Starshield was captured. He was fitted with a deadlock collar, and forced to partake in the combat show DreadZone, making him one of several heroes of Metropolis to have gone missing. Vox News nonetheless claimed that he had been taking part voluntarily, without any blackmail, intimidation, or coercion.[1]

Starshield quickly established himself as a powerful competitor, setting records at a fast pace: on his first day alone, he defeated a year's worth of DZ Strikers, and he reached the rank of Vindicator in one week. The success caused the DreadZone construction team to increase their efforts to build a more challenging battlecourse to accommodate his strength, and made the Exterminators afraid of facing him.[1] Starshield reached second rank in the DreadZone leaderboard with 234,400 Dread Points.[4]

Though most of the Exterminator team refused to fight him, their champion Ace Hardlight set up a life-or-death battle,[1] which took place just a week prior to the events of Deadlocked.[5] The odds were tipped in Hardlight's favor, as Juanita Alvaro had snuck a Quantum-Demoleculizer weapon into his locker.[1] In the battle, which was a huge ratings hit for DreadZone,[6] Starshield destroyed several DZ Strikers, before being killed by Ace Hardlight. His death was reported outside the Shadow Sector a week later.[5]


Starshield was a humanoid man, wearing a black spandex suit. The suit had gold highlights and an armor plate on the chest with a gold star, and covered his entire body except for his mouth. He appeared lean with a broad upper body, but had thin legs. Though little is seen of his interactions with others prior to his death, Starshield appeared to present himself as humble,[3] and was revered by others in the galaxy.[1][5] Vox News also claimed that President Phyronix had attempted to set Starshield up to date his daughter, Sasha Phyronix.[1]

Starshield's proficiency in combat is evident in his track record of saving three galaxies, and his quick rise through the ranks of DreadZone beating all its records.[1] Starshield made use of his blaster pistol in battle,[3] and also favored the Versa-Wrench Striker as his melee weapon.[7] Starshield also piloted a personal starship (as the apparent only crew member), which had a hyperdrive to travel between galaxies, and the ability to destroy opposing invading warships.[3]

Behind the scenes

Captain Starshield concept art

Phil Morris was the voice actor for Starshield. Released Ratchet: Deadlocked concept art for Captain Starshield shows very little changes between the released concept and the final version of Starshield with only some major changes to his weapon.[8]

Insomniac Games released a short online webcomic, The Adventures of Captain Starshield, leading up to the release of Deadlocked. The comic was created by created by Greg Baldwin and David Guertin who were given the comic opportunity after completing art for Ratchet: Deadlocked.[9]