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We, like many planets, will always be grateful to you and your service!

The Chancellor of Calzon in a transmission to Captain Starshield., The Adventures of Captain Starshield

Captain Starshield was an intergalactic hero born in Metropolis, Kerwan.[1] He saved several galaxies, and many planets before being lured into the Shadow Sector by a phantom distress signal where he was forced to compete in the illegal combat sport DreadZone.

In DreadZone, Starshield quickly became the number one ranking contestant. In his first day, he wiped out a years' production of DZ Strikers, and reached the rank of Vindicator within one week.[1] After two weeks he had broken many records and other contestants refused to face him, except for Ace Hardlight who shot him in the back with a Quantum-Demoleculizer.


Early life

Metropolis, Starshield's birthplace

Starshield was born in Metropolis, planet Kerwan.[1]

Private Starshield

Starshield first operated as Private Starshield, where he had the shiniest toilets in his unit, showing his potential from an early start.[2]

Saving galaxies

According to a Vox News update about Captain Starshield's origins he had saved many galaxies.[1] In galactic date G2.16.918 he saved the Solana Galaxy from a robot ghost pirate invasion.[1] In G2.14.173 he saved the Bogon Galaxy from a pan-galactic Amoeboid mafia ring.[1] He also saved the Thyrullian Galaxy on two separate occasions from ravenous space locusts.[1]

Citizen of the Millennium

One month prior to his forced participation in DreadZone, Captain Starshield was declared Citizen of the Millennium in Metropolis.[1]

Baron Masseter and planet Calzon

Captain Starshield talks to the Chancellor of Calzon in a transmission from his ship

The Baron Masseter should never bother you people agai--

Captain Starshield's ship malfunctions after saving planet Calzon., The Adventures of Captain Starshield

Captain Starshield destroyed Baron Masseter's ship saving the planet Calzon.[3] The Chancellor of Calzon then made a transmission to Captain Starshield to express his gratitude, Starshield insisted he was doing his duty and explained that the Baron Masseter would no longer bother the people of Calzon but was cut off by a cracking sound at the back of his ship.[4] The ship informed him that there was a critical malfunction with a Nav-Grid error and Hyperdrive malfunction.[4]

Planet Fractis

Captain Starshield crash lands his ship on Fractis

The Hyperdrive malfunction sent him to the Kavorian Galaxy where he switched to manual overrides and managed to crash the ship on top of a ledge on planet Fractis, avoiding injury but leaving his ship damaged.[5]

Survival on Fractis

Starshield faces a Cantor on Fractis

But where there's Kragmites… There's… Cantors!

A Cantor attacks Captain Starshield., The Adventures of Captain Starshield

Left with no option but to jump out of his ship and down from the ledge he soon encountered several Kragmites.[6] Instead of engaging with them he immediately recognized the more dangerous threat of a nearby Cantor when the Kragmites ran off.[6] The Cantor sent Starshield flying through the air after emerging from the ground.[6] Landing safely on the ground Starshield fired his blaster at the Cantor which had little effect.[7] Dodging an attack by the Cantor, Starshield lured it under the ledge where his ship was still perched and fired his blaster at the ledge.[7][8] The ledge collapsed onto the Cantor, killing it and allowing Starshield to reach his ship.[8]

Leaving for the Shadow Sector

Captain Starshield departs Fractis for the Shadow Sector

Incoming distress signal. Location: The Shadow Sector.

Captain Starshield's ship., The Adventures of Captain Starshield

After the combat Starshield's ship had finished running its repairs ensuring all systems were functional.[8] The ship then informed Starshield of a distress signal from the Shadow Sector.[8] Unsure of the Shadow Sector, Starshield told his ship to set a course as he left the planet.[8]


After entering the Shadow Sector Captain Starshield went missing along with several other heroes of Metropolis.[1] He had actually been tricked into following a phantom distress signal.[1] A Vox News pdate suggested Sasha Phyronix may have been involved in an attempt to hide how Starshield had been forced to take part in DreadZone, an illegal combat sport run by Vox Industries.[1][9]

Entering DreadZone

Captain Starshield was fitted with a Deadlock collar and was forced to take part in the combat sport.[1]


Captain Starshield destroying a DZ Striker

This guy is setting records faster than a Tyllurian lava beast devour spleens!

Dallas during a Sports News update about Captain Starshield., News Update

Captain Starshield quickly established himself as a powerful competitor, setting records at a fast pace.[1] During his first day Starshield defeated a year's worth of DZ Strikers.[1] After one week in DreadZone combat Starshield had reached the rank of Vindicator and this success caused the DreadZone construction team to increase their efforts to build a challenging BattleCourse for him.[1] His reputation at DreadZone scared commentator Dallas Wanamaker and even the Exterminator team were afraid of facing him.[1]

Due to his instant success a News Update from Dallas and Juanita looked into his background and claimed he was taking part voluntarily without any blackmail, intimidation or coercion.[1]

Combat with Ace Hardlight and death

The explosion around Captain Starshield caused by the Quantum-Demoleculizer

A dramatic conclusion to one of the most exciting episodes of Dreadzone I have ever seen. Captain Starshield, the #1 gladiator, has been terminated by Ace Hardlight. Ace has now eliminated a record thirteen contestants in the regular season.

Dallas Wanamaker providing commentary after the death of Captain Starshield., DL

A month after his disappearance and after two weeks of competing in the competition Starshield beat all DreadZone records and topped the DreadZone leader board with 234,400 Dreadpoints.[1][9] The Exterminators refused to fight Starshield except for undefeated Exterminator champion Ace Hardlight who set up a life-or-death battle with him.[1][10]

During the battle Captain Starshield destroyed several DZ Strikers before he was shot from behind with an illegal Quantum-Demoleculizer Hardlight had secretly obtained from Juanita.[9][10]


Big Al receiving news about Captain Starshield's death

Captain Starshield's death was a shock to many including Big Al, Ratchet and Clank.[9] Ace Hardlight took Starshield's position in the DreadZone leaderboard leaving the deceased Starshield's rank as second place until Ratchet later surpassed both of them before rescuing many of the heroes and destroying the DreadZone Station, ending the competition.[9]


My pleasure Chancellor, just doing my duty.

Captain Starshield after saving planet Calzon., The Adventures of Captain Starshield

Captain Starshield was devoted to helping those in need as a super hero across many galaxies.[1][3][4][8] After standing out as Private Starshield it did not take him long to progress and he became a famous intergalactic hero as Captain Starshield.[2] Despite this fame he continued to help those in need and as such was extremely popular, especially in Metropolis.[1][9]

Skills and abilities

Captain Starshield firing his blaser

Captain Starshield was extremely proficient in combat and was able to break many records in combat at DreadZone including destroying a year's worth of DZ Strikers in just one day.[1] He used several weapons including two separate blasters.[7][9] He also favored a Versa-Wrench Striker.<ref name=Deadlocked_wrench>Ratchet: Deadlocked Versa-Wrench Striker descriptionCite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name

In addition to his combat skills Captain Starshield was a capable pilot, travelling across many galaxies and engaging in space combat where necessary.[1][3][4]

Behind the scenes

Captain Starshield concept art

Phil Morris was the voice actor for Starshield.[11] Insomniac Games released an online comic about Starshield on their website in six episodes leading up to the release of Ratchet: Deadlocked.<ref name=InsomniacGames>Insomniac Games website (backup link at web archive)<ref> Permission was later gained to display the web-comic on the Ratchet & Clank Wiki after they were removed.Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name


Released Ratchet: Deadlocked concept art for Captain Starshield shows very little changes between the released concept and the final version of Starshield with only some major changes to his weapon.<ref name=Deadlocked_concept>Ratchet: Deadlocked concept art under the extras menu.Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name


"Starshield" is a free skin in single player and co-op play in Ratchet: Deadlocked.[2] He is also available as a skin in multiplayer.[9]


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