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Starlene,[1] also referred to as simply the Hoverboard Girl,[2] is a character in Ratchet & Clank and the 2016 re-imagined game. She is a woman who advertises and hosts the Hovercon Intergalactic Hoverboard Competition[3] in Blackwater City on planet Rilgar, with minor appearances elsewhere.


Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet and Clank meeting Starlene.

Starlene met Ratchet and Clank for "Win the hoverboard race". Starlene appeared skeptical of Ratchet after he claimed to be filling in for Skidd McMarx, but she allowed them to compete in his place. After the two completed the hoverboard race, she presented them with the Platinum Zoomerator.

Starlene also appeared in an infobot of Qwark's advertisement for his training course on planet Umbris, in which she played a "damsel in distress" whom Captain Qwark carried to safety from the blargian snagglebeast.


The 2016 re-imagined game is primarily an unreliable retelling of events by Qwark.
The re-imagined game primarily describes Captain Qwark's account of events. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and contradictory events are in-universe fiction (though those which correspond still apply). Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

Starlene with Skidd and his fans.

In Qwark's retelling of events, Starlene had a similar role as the host of the hoverboard races on Rilgar. She first appeared as a cameo in an infobot as a fan of Skidd McMarx appearing for the opening of his McMarx Sports Shack on Aridia, appearing in one of the pictures that Skidd sent his uncle, Agnogg Buckwash. Later, Starlene greeted Ratchet and Clank as they entered the hoverboard race on Rilgar, hosting the event and also adding commentary throughout. Starlene was impressed by Ratchet's performance, and Ratchet went on to win other races.

Up Your Arsenal

Starlene appeared at the premiere viewing of the Secret Agent Clank movie.


Starlene, in her original appearance, is a tall, green alien of the same race as other Rilgar racers and Skid McMarx. She wears a purple hat covering her head spikes, as well as a purple crop top, sleeves, and yoga pants with some purple highlights. She has very few lines.

In the 2016 re-imagining, Starlene has a slightly different appearance, in which she is shorter and has a rounder face. Her outfit is similar, though it features gold highlights. She is also more enthusiastic and talkative, providing commentary on the race throughout to engage the crowd. Much of her commentary is fixated on Ratchet's performance, whom she is impressed by.

Behind the scenes

Starlene concept art for the 2016 game.

Unused dialogue for the hoverboard girl in the original release suggests she was going to have extra lines, suggesting the player could compete to win bolts if they beat time records. The dialogue also depicts her kissing Ratchet after a race, though she claims after it is strictly professional.[4]

In the original release, continually flip jumping around the hoverboard girl with L1 + X in a direction will cause her breasts to enlarge.

Additional concept art appears for Starlene's slightly modified reappearance in the 2016 release. Starlene was also given a new voice actress, Ali Hillis, who was previously the voice of Talwyn Apogee in Into the Nexus.