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Star Explorer

The Star Explorer

Ratchet Gorn

Ratchet flying the Star Explorer on Gorn

The Star Explorer was a Megacorp-made star fighter that Ratchet received to fulfill his commando missions for Mr. Abercrombie Fizzwidget. Over the next year, Ratchet fitted it with a Gravometric warp drive and an extra engine to return to the Solana Galaxy.

Combat statistics

The Star Explorer had two standard laser cannons, auto-lock missile launchers, standard shielding and a warp drive. With more Raritanium (collected from 'space junk,' enemy fighter kills or Raritanium mines on Tabora and Grelbin), Ratchet could upgrade to enhanced versions of existing weapons and gadgets, or he could buy new paints jobs.

Available purchases


The Star Explorer's basic model came equipped with a basic Blargian Red color, standard wings and nose. However, vendors such as Slim Cognito's Ship Shack and the one aboard the Starship Phoenix offered Ratchet the chance to change the look of the Explorer with Hi-Lift Wings, Heavy Ordinance Wings, a scoop Nose or a split Nose. Additionally, new paint jobs for the starfighter became available when Ratchet acquired more skill points. See the list of Star Explorer paint jobs for a full list of the available paint jobs in Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal.

*Note that all wings/paint jobs/noses cost 5 Raritanium each in Going Commando, and had no effect on combat attributes.

Endorsement deal

One of Megacorp's endorsement deals involved a new Star Explorer that cost
Endorsement Deals - Ship

Star Explorer - Endorsement deal

4,640,000,000 bolts.