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A Spybot

Spybots are a collectible found in Rift Apart with 10 in total. They are small robots closely resembling infobots which are used by the Resistance, acquired by both Ratchet and Rivet on their adventure.

Spybots are found in most locations in the game, though two are found in Zurkie's, Scarstu Debris Field. A different task must be completed in order to obtain it. Spybots also have recordings from Ms. Zurkon detailing some of the history of the planet as it is in Rivet's dimension. Obtaining all of them allows the RYNO 8 to be complete.

The recording from the spybots can be played on the Collectibles menu.

Collecting a spybot will unlock the bronze trophy Planning Some Destruction; collecting all and trading them for the RYNO 8 will unlock the silver trophy Aim to Misbehave.

Trophy data
Planning Some Destruction
Collect one spybot Bronze
Aim to Misbehave
Collect all spybots; obtain the RYNO 8 Silver

Spybot locations

Nefarious City

The spybot in Nefarious City, Corson V is found at the end of the optional mission "Search the Factory". This can be completed at any time before or after completing the story missions on the planet.


The spybot in Outpost L51, Sargasso, is found be completing all the "Help Trudi" sidequests, which can be complete sometime after the story missions for the first visit to the planet. After obtaining all the zurpstones on the planet, the spybot is acquired.


Found at Zurkie's after obtaining the Hurlshot upgrade following "Mend the Broken Phase Quartz". From the entrance to Zurkie's Gastropub, take a detour to the right and use the Hurlshot target to be taken to a platform out in the distance.


The spybot in Urfdah Mesa, Savali is located in the northeast portion of the map, in a crashed pirate ship behind a rock. On a hoverboots path beginning at the northeast end, follow it to reach an open area with a waterfall nearby and some plateaus that form a path up to a hole on the left. Climb the plateaus up and follow through to find two Tethershots leading to a pirate ship, where the spybot is found.

Blizar Prime

The Blizon Mines, Blizar Prime spybot is found by completing the optional mission "Find the Missing Chef". This can be completed any time after reaching the Mining Hub. The mission is mostly a combat challenge.

Molonoth Gulch

The spybot in Molonoth Gulch, Torren IV is located in the town near the very start. By heading to the right from the entrance to the town and down a path, a Magneboots path to Spike's Grotto below, where the spybot is found.

Kedaro Station

The spybot in Kedaro Station, Cordelion is located in the Rubion Forge in Rivet's dimension—upon returning to the level after first completing "Forge the Dimensionator", a teleporter will lead straight there. At the very top of the room is a small balcony that can be reached using a Rift Tether to the top.


The Pirate Base, Ardolis spybot is found after taking a detour from the speetle path: from where the speetle path begins (near the Plunder Marketplace), take the speetle up a ramp to the right and follow it onto an island, where the spybot is located.

Zordoom Prison

The spybot in Zordoom Prison, Viceron, is found by taking a detour early on the main path in the Processing Center. After the spot where Clank was seen, a fork in the road leads either left to a corner with a blue light, or right to a vent with a fan and an orange-tinted room behind it. Taking the path right and smashing the vent fan leads to the room where the spybot is found.

The Zurkon Family

Found at Zurkie's, the spybot detailing the Zurkon family is found after completing the battleplex challenge "Twice as Nice". This is the final arena challenge in the Gold Cup, completed after all the others.