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The Sprout-O-Matic is a gadget in Size Matters invented by Professor Sprout. It is an electronic watering can that nourishes mimic plants, small plants that sprout humanoid bodies, that grow in electro-soil to become much larger plants. Ratchet and Clank met Professor Sprout in the Vetega Jungle on Ryllus, during "Investigate the artifact". After encountering him, he used the gadget to enlarge a mimic plant into a carnivorous bury blossom that ate Ratchet before spitting him out. The professor gave it to him as thanks for helping with the final test.[1] Ratchet and Clank proceeded to use it to enter the temple.

The Sprout-O-Matic was then used multiple times on their adventure. Notably, in Dreamtime, Ratchet used the Sprout-O-Matic to plant mimic plants that would grow into strange plants with Captain Qwark's head as fruit. Hitting these fruit would transform them into versa-targets for the Hypershot. Other uses for the gadget were seen on Challax, where they encountered miniature mimic plants, and Dayni Moon.


After finding a mimic plant sprout, Ratchet can spray it with the Sprout-O-Matic. Spraying electro-soil nearby will cause the mimic plant to jump into the soil and then nourish into a plant, depending on what type of mimic plant it is. Spraying the water again will cause the plant to die, and a replacement mimic plant will appear where it originally spawned. This is sometimes necessary to change the ordering of the plants.

A yellow mimic plant sprout.

The type of mimic plant can be determined by the color of the plant, and they can take various forms based on it. The blue and purple plants can grow into spring platforms that cause Ratchet to bounce when jumped on, the yellow ones grow bombs as fruit, the red plants grab and throw Ratchet across the level after being hit, and the green ones form ladders. Dreamtime also has special plants that form Hypershot targets.

On Dayni Moon plants will not grow during night time, and only form a large sprout if planted. The Sprout-O-Matic cannot be used in the High Impact Games Treehouse, as it can cause the game to freeze.


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