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By shooting mimic plants you can make them follow you. Then by using it to water electro-soil the plant will hop in and transform itself into a platform, a creature. Whatever you need!

Professor Sprout, the inventor of the gadget, SM

The Sprout-O-Matic is a gadget in Size Matters invented by Professor Sprout. It is an electronic watering can that nourishes mimic plants growing in electro-soil, as Ratchet can spray them with water from the gadget, causing the plant to follow him until planted in electro-soil (unless it is over-watered, in which case it will be killed instead).

Sprouts can take various colors and forms, such as plants that grow into spring platforms that cause Ratchet to bounce when jumped on, ones that grow bombs as fruit, ones that grab and throw Ratchet across the level after being hit, or ones that form ladders.

The Sprout-O-Matic cannot be used in the High Impact Games Treehouse, as it can cause the game to freeze.

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