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A cannon, eh? Must've been messing around with those pirates. Well, any enemy of Sprocket and his gang is a friend of the island!

Barnabus Worley, QfB

Sprocket shocked at seeing 'Captain Slag' alive.

Sprocket was a Rogue Space Pirate, and he served as the de facto captain of Slag's Crew following Romulus Slag's death. He was, like the other pirates, created by Percival Tachyon and later abandoned by him in the Praxus Sector. He participated in the mutiny in which Captain Angstrom Darkwater was killed by first mate Romulus Slag.

With Slag as the captain Sprocket continued to serve him up until his death, after which he took over as de facto captain. He met Ratchet in the Azorean Sea and fired him out of a cannon to Hoolefar Island. Later, Sprocket fought the Lombax in the Lythoin Caves but ultimately met his end at the hands of Ratchet.


Pre- Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction


Sprocket was created along with the other Space Pirates by Percival Tachyon using Lombax technology stolen from Fastoon. He plundered the Polaris Galaxy along with the other pirates under Tachyon's rule. Eventually, when the Cragmite needed them no longer Tachyon abandoned the pirates in the Praxus Sector.


After this, Angstrom Darkwater became the Space Pirate captain and leader and they continued plundering and pillaging the Galaxy. However, first mate Romulus Slag and cabin boy Rusty Pete lead a mutiny on Darkwater, beheading and killing him. Slag then declared himself new captain.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Rise to power and meeting Ratchet in the Azorean Sea

How about we arrange a proper introduction?

Sprocket, before blasting Ratchet out his arm cannon., QfB

Following the death of Romulus Slag at the hands of Ratchet in the Ublik Passage, Rusty Pete became the new captain of Slag's Crew when Ratchet refused to become their next captain. The crew didn't enjoy Rusty Pete's leadership, and this allowed Sprocket to fill the power void left by Slag. Thus, while Rusty Pete was the true captain in a de jour sense, Sprocket was the de facto captain throughout this time.

Under his leadership, he led a large number of Space Pirates to unregulated planet Merdegraw in the Drogol Sector. There he stationed a large number of ships above the churning Azorean Sea, and they caused trouble (with the aid of the Smuggler and his Parrot) on the planet for the local Hoolefoids on Hoolefar Island. One night while he chatted with a Buccaneer and a Corsair, he heard an intruder outside his ship, and he and his goons went outside to investigate. He found two stowaways outside his ship, whom he recognized as Ratchet and Talwyn Apogee. Ratchet attempted to assure him that he meant no problems for Sprocket and his crew, but Sprocket grabbed him via his magnetic hand to hold the Lombax and his Wrench captive.

Talywn attempted to defuse the situation, insisting they were looking for Captain Angstrom Darkwater. Sprocket responded by laughing at the very notion, joking to his fellow pirates that the duo were looking for dead captain (as Angstrom Darkwater had been killed by Romulus Slag years during a mutiny). Sprocket then shoved Ratchet into his arm cannon, stating he would give Ratchet a proper "introduction" to Darkwater (i.e. kill him). He then fired his cannon, sending the Lombax sky high into another Space Pirate ship.

Capturing Ratchet and Talwyn

To Hoolefar, in one… two… Oh, just fire!

Sprocket, QfB


Ratchet, QfB

Ratchet and Talwyn managed to offer up a good fight against Sprocket's pirates, but in the end, they were recaptured in place inside a Cannon. Chuckling from his success, he ordered his fellow pirates to shoot the to trouble makers to Morrow Caverns, claiming the Pythors would make short work of Ratchet and Talwyn.

Before he could give the order though, Captain Slag (in reality Rusty Pete wearing Slag's head as a mask) appeared before the Sprocket and his men, surprising and awing Sprocket and his men. "Slag" ordered that the Lombax and the Markazian be banished on Hoolefar Island rather than Morrow Caverns. Sprocket, who was still in shock at the mysterious appearing of "Slag," readily agreed and prepared his fellow pirates to shoot Ratchet and Talwyn on the count of three to Hoolefar Island. After managing to count to only two, he changed his mind and ordered his men to fire Ratchet and Talwyn right then right now to Hoolefar Island, sending the duo screaming into the sky above.

Ratchet and Talwyn flying over the Azorean Sea after Sprocket had launched them from a cannon

Ratchet had to fight Sprocket in order to escape the Lythoin Caves and save Talwyn. Sprocket attacked just like a regular Rogue, shooting cannonballs and time bombs and attempting to smash Ratchet with his hammer-like arm. Victory would not be his and he was promptly destroyed after his battle with Ratchet. The shock attack from the hammer changes in this game - instead of going straight up it curves towards Ratchet strangely.

Showdown in Lythoin Caves

You've been far too meddlesome to be left breath'n the cap'n's air, me hearty! Any final words before I nail your carcass to a pike?

Sprocket, QfB

When Slag and Darkwater both returned to life, Sprocket faithfully followed their orders from now on. Slag/Darkwater dispatched Sprocket to the Lythoin Caves below Darkwater Cove to hunt down Ratchet, as whom had been trapped inside the cave complex by the two pirate captains. They wanted Sprocket to take out Ratchet if he somehow managed to survive hungry Pythors and the hordes of Undead Pirates lurking below.

Ratchet and Talywn preparing to take on Sprocket and his gang.

As predicted, Ratchet managed to survive those threats and was racing toward the elevator that would allow him to escape the Lythoin Caves and get back up to the surface of Darkwater Cove. Sprocket decided to block Ratchet's escape route, and when Ratchet neared the elevator to the surface, Sprocket popped out of nowhere to stop his progress. Sprocket informed the Ratchet that the Lombaxes time to live was over, and asked if Ratchet had any final words before he killed him and nailed his carcass to a pike.

The response from Ratchet and the reply from Sprocket vary, depending on what the player chooses to say.

If Ratchet tells Sprocket that he needs of a good bath, Sprocket will remark Ratchet has a "sharp tongue" and ads he will make sure to cut it out when he's finished with the Lombax. If Ratchet suggests a bribe, Sprocket will say that he would not trade a chance to kill Ratchet for all the bolts in the galaxy.If Ratchet tells him he's an endangered species, Sprocket will say it's too late for that and to ready his head for the pike and his body for the locker.

Either way, Sprocket will attack and Ratchet will be forced to fight back. In the resulting in dual, Sprocket is eventually killed by Ratchet, allowing him to escape the Lythoin Caves.

Sprocket's Fleet


Sprocket is a ruthless and relentless space pirate with a quick tongue. He hates Ratchet and has said that he would not give a chance to kill the Lombax for all the bolts in the galaxy.

Weapons & Abilities

Being a Rogue Pirate type, he attacked mainly by firing a series of black cannonballs that would roll around the battlefield, as well as timed bombs that would explode in a few seconds. If Ratchet was to get too close to the boss Sprocket would smack down his hammer arm. His Hammer could also be used as a magnet.


  • He, along with Neftin Prog, are the only current characters to threaten to nail Ratchet's carcass to the pike.
  • Sprocket is the first actual boss in Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty.
  • Sprocket's hammer arm, unlike with normal rogues, would curve toward Ratchet in a strange fashion.


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