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Spitting dune crawlers[1] are enemies in Going Commando fought in the mining area on planet Tabora. They are medium-sized, quadrupedal, cycloptic creatures which spit poisonous gas in a short range from their circular jaws. They are durable and armored on their back and skull, but their layers of armor will fall off after sustaining damage. Many can be spawned from spawners, which makes them dangerous as they can easily maintain their large groups along with the mutant sandflies that support them.

Ratchet and Clank fought them during the missions "Find a way out of the underground tunnels", "Explore the area", and "Return crystals to mystic". They are tough enemies, but have an attack with limited range. Their main threat comes both from their numbers and durability, as they can overwhelm the player. They are best defeated from a distance using the Seeker Gun or Blitz Gun, while the Synthenoids or Miniturret Glove can serve as useful backup against the sandflies or a present desert dune monster. If available the Lava Gun is quite useful if handled well, and especially the Bouncer can make short work of groups.