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Space wasps are enemies in Going Commando. They are orange, insectoid creatures with bat-like wings that can survive in space, spitting out hazardous gas that can damage ships. Ratchet fought thirty of them in the Star Explorer during the space combat challenge "Defeat 30 Space Wasps in 2 Minutes", in which he shot them down before they managed to flee, as they invaded the Feltzin System,

Space wasps have medium durability, but pose very little threat, as their gas attack is close range only and will deal little damage. The real challenge of the mission is to defeat them quickly before the time runs out. Luckily, space wasps fly in clusters, meaning that destroying groups at a time and then quickly finding another group on the radar is ideal. They will also act quite aggressively, often doing flybys on your ship, opening them up for return fire.

Entering the challenge with the nuclear detonation device upgrade allows the Star Explorer to instantly destroy all but a few space wasps, which is an easy way to earn quick Raritanium.

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