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Space radio is a feature in A Crack in Time. It allows Ratchet to tune into radio stations on board the Aphelion to select music. The player can listen to Jazz, Pirate, Electronical music and even Classical music, by changing stations using the directional buttons.


Deep Space Jams

Deep Space Jams was a radio station. When this station was selected, Ratchet could listen to smooth jazz or salsa as he piloted Aphelion or as he explored the moons in the five available sectors of the Breegus System in the game. The station was hosted by a D.J. named Maximillian Zane, who talked with a smooth tone of voice.

House of Synths

House of Synth was a space radio channel hosted by DJ Discobot It played electronica music, akin to the music in earlier Ratchet & Clank games.

Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio was a station on the space radio, hosted by former space pirate leaders Romulus Slag and Rusty Pete. The two both made advertisements, played songs, took requests, and bickered often over running the set, Slag still lamentably being a disembodied head. Despite their new jobs, the two still upheld their relationship as captain and first mate.

Polaris Classical

Polaris Classical was a space radio station. It is the default music of the game while Ratchet is in space.


During radio listens on all channels, music will sometimes be interrupted in between main programming with call-in shows, movie trailers and news reports featuring various characters from the entire series.

News reports

News updates often were covered after Ratchet completed a planet in the storyline. They also answered some of the biggest questions asked by many Ratchet & Clank fans.

The news bulletins had Pepper Fairbanks and Kip Darling as the anchors.


  • Qwark's new Holo-Film My Blaster Runs Hot trailer
  • A Boy and his War Grok trailer
  • Re-opening of Big Al's Roboshack and Video Game Emporium
  • Q-Pore advertisement
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