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Space exploration was a major aspect in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. It was a new feature added, that expanded the space gameplay that Ratchet endured in the previous games. The space exploration feature allowed Ratchet to explore the space in between planets and moons and aided him on his journey. Via this, he could land on spherical worlds, pick up objects in space and collect Zoni.[1] Space combat was also a part of space exploration.[2]

Ratchet piloted Aphelion through outer space. Using new introduced technology, he could pick up space objects and use them to complete side-quests. This was also another way of reaching other planets and moons. There were five space sectors to explore.[3]


Ratchet encountered many moons between his travels. These moons were located in special moon groups. Each moon group also had a depot, where Ratchet could be given missions to perform. There were several different ways to explore different types of moons including using the Hoverboots, using platforms and some moons were based on combat.[2]

Space quests

Space quests were a new addition to A Crack in Time. Ratchet could go to space ships and they would give him missions to kill enemies, or collect objects. Zoni and gold bolts were often the rewards for completing these side quests. Killing Valkyrie sometimes completed side quests.

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