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Qwark battles the Space Kudzu

The Space Kudzu was an enemy which Qwark claimed to have defeated while in an interview with B.A.R.N.E.Y..


The Space Kudzu was a massive mollusc like creature that lurked in the Delta Sector of the Solana Galaxy. According to Qwark, the space pirates of the Delta Sector had set up bases on the wreckage that covered it's body.


Qwark traverses the Space Kudzu

According to Qwark's tale the beast captured the buses of Space Nuns with its tentacles. Qwark ventured along the body of the creature and the wreckage surrounding it to free the Space Nuns. On the first path Qwark blasted a satellite near the tentacles in order to free the nuns. The Space Kudzu would emit spiked walls from its body to wall off routes and narrow the path Qwark could take. When rescuing the second nun bus the creature would use smaller tentacles on its larger one in an attempt to crush Qwark and would emit poison gas from the holes in its larger tentacles. To free the second and third buses Qwark would have to jump repeatedly on a ship wreck that was digging into the kudzu in order to cut through the tentacle so the nuns would be released. For the fourth bus Qwark would have to utilize a pirate cannon to blast the tentacle.


The Space Kudzu's eye; it's weak point

Upon freeing the four buses Qwark returned to the center of the creature, the core of the creature had five tentacles and one eye which opened upon Qwark's arrival and acted as the bosses weak point. The Space Kudzu would emit spikes and flames from its body to damage Qwark and was immune to his blaster damage. Qwark could damage the creature either through punches or by jumping on giant lemons that rolled near the Space Kudzu's eye.


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