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The Sonic Summoner is a gadget that appears in Ratchet & Clank. It will attract a sand mouse, aliens which live in tiny underground homes, which are effective and capable hunters, but will aid Ratchet if they like him.[1] They float in tiny craft and will follow Ratchet from behind, attacking any nearby enemies with a stream of rapid-fire bullets, dealing capable damage. They eventually disappear on their own or if they have dealt enough damage.

The Sonic Summoner is obtained by bringing the hoverboard race prize from Blackwater City to Skid's Agent at Outpost X11 on planet Aridia.

The "Eat Lead" skill point on Batalia requires one sand mouse to destroy all four cannonball tanks in the Fort Krontos area.

Sand mice locations

Planet Locations
Tobruk Crater, Novalis At the very start of the riverbank, underneath the bridge.
Metropolis, Kerwan At the train station, in the hidden area with the gold bolt.
Outpost X11, Aridia Close to Skid's Agent.
Logging site, Eudora Past the first bridge, in a hidden alcove which requires a series of wall-jumps to be reached.
Blarg Tactical Research Station, Nebula G34 In the large chamber with an additional Gadgetron vendor present, on the second floor is a cage on the right-hand side that leads to a small cave with the sand mouse inside.
Blackwater City, Rilgar Atop the rim that surrounds a large circular pit, in an underground chamber.
Fort Krontos, Batalia Past the landing pad and the slope leading to the grindrail is a pair of two buildings, the sand mouse house is behind the one on the right.
Jowai Resort, Pokitaru On a tiny island next to a large waterfall, the first watercraft route will lead right past it.
Bomb factory, Hoven In the same room as the Miner, in a corner.
Gorda City Ruins, Oltanis During the mission "Find the survivors of the blarg attack" there is a lone versa-target on top of a tall ledge, in the corner of which is the sand mouse house.

Behind the scenes

The original sand mice summoned could not fly; it would reward Ratchet with a lump sum of bolts upon meeting it and would sometimes require the player to walk it to another sand mouse house before presenting a reward.[citation needed][2]