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The Sonic Eruptor is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in A Crack in Time and Full Frontal Assault. The weapon is a machine which holds a frog-like creature known as a Xenegote, which damages enemies by emitting a soundwave (its mating call). The strength and radius of this soundwave is determined by how large its cheeks puff out before firing.

The Sonic Eruptor can be upgraded to the Super Sonic Eruptor in A Crack in Time with use, and to the Alpha Sonic Eruptor with use in Full Frontal Assault.


A Crack in Time

The Sonic Eruptor was available for purchase upon reaching Quantos for 4,000 bolts. With use, it could be upgraded to the Super Sonic Eruptor, which features a mature, turquoise Xenegote which emits toxic droplets along with its soundwave that damage enemies, and has double the range.

In challenge mode, the Omega Super Sonic Eruptor could be purchased for 122,000 bolts.

Full Frontal Assault

Ratchet using the Sonic Eruptor

The Sonic Eruptor returned and was available when reaching planet Ebaro. It could be upgraded to the Alpha Sonic Eruptor with use, which held a green Xenegote which also spat out green toxic cells damaging enemies over time.


The Sonic Eruptor contains a small machine held by the user with two hands, and a large Xenegote on the end. The Xenegote is an orange, frog-like creature with seemingly no limbs, only a large face with wide cheeks that puff out and retract inwards as it breathes in and out. Its mating call is a loud belching soundwave.

The Super Sonic Eruptor's Xenegote is instead turquoise colored with tentacles around its mouth. The Alpha Sonic Eruptor instead features a Xenegote that is green but otherwise identical in appearance to the Sonic Eruptor's Xenegote.


The Sonic Eruptor fires a soundwave from the Xenegote that damages enemies affected by it. The power and range of the soundwave emitted are much more powerful if fired when the Xenegote's cheeks are filled, meaning the player should only fire when its cheeks are full. The range and area of effect of the Sonic Eruptor make it most effective against small to medium enemies. The weapon is not ineffective against larger enemies, but it is best used to damage multiple enemies at once. This means the weapon involves some skill in maximizing its use, as player should aim to fire to hit multiple enemies rather than one, and to only fire when its cheeks are fill.

Both the Super Sonic Eruptor and the Alpha Sonic Eruptor upgrades from A Crack in Time and Full Frontal Assault cause the Sonic Eruptor to also spew toxic cells along with its soundwave that damage enemies affected by them over time. This makes it much more useful against medium and larger enemies, as when the player fires the Eruptor to hit multiple enemies at once, they will cause a lasting effect on these enemies in addition to the immediate damage. This makes the Sonic Eruptor more broadly useful, but it is still best used to hit multiple targets with one blast rather than one target.

In A Crack in Time, an indicator would flash when the Xenegote's cheeks were full and it was at its most powerful. This timing mechanic was removed in Full Frontal Assault, and the size and power of the blast would be the same regardless of the Xenegote's cheeks when firing.

Behind the scenes

Concept art of the Sonic Disruptor

During pre-production on A Crack in Time, the Sonic Eruptor was originally called the Sonic Disruptor.

Sonic Eruptor in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

The weapon appeared in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.