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Soldier bots[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal fought throughout the game. They are sentinel humanoid robots affiliated with Dr. Nefarious which guard various planets of importance, fought various times by Ratchet and Clank. The soldier bots are often fought in groups, marching in an orderly formation when patrolling areas, and attack using their burst rifle.


Soldier bots were first fought in the research facility, Daxx during the mission "Infiltrate the Weapons Facility". They defended the facility in which the Biobliterator had been created, alongside the scout bots, sharpshooters, and guard bots.

The soldier bots were later fought in the Zeldrin Starport, first along the path to the Bolt Grabber V2, and later on the refueling Leviathan during "Find Nefarious" and "Escape the Starship". After the Leviathan crash-landed on Zeldrin below, they were fought during "Explore the Crash Site", as a garrison remained behind inside several pods around the crash site.

After this, the soldier bots defended the Nefarious BFG area on Koros, alongside drone bots and mega bots, during "Get inside command center" and "Access big gun control panel". This was also the only time when they were deployed through the use of troop transports. Finally, they assisted Dr. Nefarious on Mylon alongside mega bots during "Defeat Dr. Nefarious".


Soldier bots are dark blue, armored, humanoid robots with a single orange visor in a v-shape. They carry a bayonet burst rifle as their sole weapon. Soldier bots are always found in groups, and often seen patrolling areas, where they march in formation. When they encounter Ratchet, they will normally take cover behind blocks before firing their weapons. They can also teleport into an area to provide reinforcements when others are defeated. Upon taking damage, soldier bots are unflinching.


Soldier bots from range fire a burst rifle, which normally fires a burst of five slow-moving plasma bullets before firing again. Normally they hide behind cover to fire, though they sometimes fire while still marching. When in close quarters, they will instead whack Ratchet with the bayonet of their rifle. Though their bullets deal considerable damage, they are slow-moving and telegraphed, and can be dodged with well-timed jumps.

Soldier bots are best defeated using long-range weapons. This includes weapons such as the N60 Storm, Flux Rifle, or Annihilator, and later the Disc Blade Gun, Rift Inducer, Bouncer, and the Plasma Coil. Area-of-effect weapons such as the Nitro Launcher are also useful against soldier bots that cluster together, and the Agents of Doom is useful for seeking out those that are concealed behind cover. Notably, soldier bots rarely get knocked back by any weapons, meaning it is important to dodge their attacks rather than try and stagger them. As soldier bots can often be seen marching before approaching them, using the Flux Rifle to wipe out a few of them from range can be effective. As they are stationary, the Holoshield Glove is very effective at blocking their fire, and absorbing their fire is a great way to level it up.

Behind the scenes

They also appear as a skin in the singleplayer and multiplayer of Up Your Arsenal, called the Trooper.


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