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Soldier Bots[1] were elite sentinels used by Nefarious to guard many different planets of importance. They were organized, orderly and marched in a trooping formation to patrol any sensitive areas. Usually found in packs, they were able to teleport into an area to provide reinforcement backup.

They wielded a quick-firing, slow-bullet gun similar to Ratchet's first Blaster. Each soldier carried a bayonet tech firing a burst of 5 and was on the tip of a sharp blade bayonet serving as a weapon of combat. The soldiers were equipped with jetpacks, allowing them to fly. It was not advisable to establish close-quarters combat against one of them, their ability to combat with the bayonet was impressive, if a combat against a group was established and it was deadly. They were first encountered on Daxx's Weapons Facility.


Commander Bot

A more advanced type of Soldier Bot called a Commander Bot was found on the Zeldrin Starport, Planet Zeldrin (Crash Site), Koros, and Mylon.

In-game information

The best strategy to defeat these enemies was to use long range weapons: N60 Storm or if they are in packs use the Nitro Launcher. Never try fight them off with your wrench, they rarely get "stunned" and they can take a lot of health away in just a matter of seconds. 

Other information


Playable Trooper skin

Seige the world

Blue Trooper in HD Multiplayer

They appeared on the European cover of Ratchet & Clank 3.

Soldier Bots also appeared as skin both in the single player and multiplayer, where they were referred to as Trooper. The Trooper skin was available for a price of five Titanium bolts in single player.

Notes and references

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