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The Lombax is somewhere in this city! Bring back his head for the Emperor!

The Soldier to his Drophyd troops in Metropolis, ToD

The Soldier[1] was the leader of Emperor Tachyon's Imperial Army, personally commanding the Drophyd troopers and acting as the Emperor's second-in-command. He was, for most of his role, an off-screen character and was heard giving orders on all planets occupied by Drophyd troopers (except Igliak). He seemed incredibly devoted to enforcing the Emperor's will and was very loyal to Tachyon. He constantly ordered with firm strictness and commanded that Ratchet and Clank be killed in the name of the Emperor, as Tachyon's aim was to exterminate every member of the Lombaxes (Ratchet's species) in the universe.

He coordinated the assault force that was defending the Magna Cannons on Fastoon preventing Ratchet and company from landing their ships. Making a HALO jump, the Lombax, beside Cronk and Zephyr, dodged the defense missiles launched by the enemy from below and landed on the surface. The Soldier, while not appearing physically, gave orders to his Drophyd, and later Cragmite troops during the battle.

Behind the scenes

The Soldier was voiced by Dave Boat, who also voiced all of the other Drophyds (credited as "Fish Drophyd").


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