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The Sniper Mine is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Size Matters. It is a sniper rifle in the form of a crossbow which fires an explosive dart that deals more damage the further away it is fired. The Sniper Mine can be purchased upon reaching planet Challax for 50,000 bolts. It can be upgraded to the Deadeye Mine with use, and to the Titan Deadeye Mine in challenge mode. A single mod, the Split Beam Mod, can also be purchased for 25,000 bolts. In challenge mode, the Smart Reflector Mod can be purchased for 750,000 bolts

The Deadeye Mine appears in Secret Agent Clank as one of 2 weapons used by Robo-Ratchet. Unlike the variant used in Size Matters, its projectile creates a massive, deadly explosion upon landing, following an increasingly rapid beeping sequence.


The Sniper Mine, which was taken from the shelves of Gadgetron's historical weapons lineup, uses the form of an ancient crossbow combined with the punch of Gadgetron's latest ballistic technology, firing a tachyon-driven self-propelling dart.[1] The Deadeye Mine's design is much bulkier and more metallic. It instead uses a pocket-space recursion module in its dart that self-detonates when triggered, releasing a series of tachyon bomblets after the initial explosion.[2]

The Split Beam mod uses sub-space referencing to multiply and redirect the Tachyon beam released when a dart strikes a target. The redirected beam splits into three and can strike targets in an area behind the original.[3] The Smart Reflector automatically tracks the position of enemies around the area, and will redirect itself onto them if a near-miss is detected.[4]


Gameplay of the Sniper Mine.

The Sniper Mine is a long distance weapon that deals more damage the further away it is fired. It will either explode on contact with an enemy, or latch onto a surface and explode when an enemy comes nearby. This makes it ideal for firing at targets further away from the player, or for taking out medium to large enemies before entering an area to fight them. However, it is extremely difficult to aim particularly in combat, and is better fired at enemies not already engaged in combat with Ratchet. The Deadeye Mine creates more explosions in the surrounding area after the first one hits, making it more effective at firing against clumps of enemies.

Purchasing the Split Beam Mod causes the mine to split into three behind it, also improving its use against groups if used effectively, as the four extra damage sources only work if there is an enemy or surface to latch onto. When used with the Deadeye Mine this can drastically increase the damage output against groups. The Smart Reflector Mod causes mines to instantly shift off course mid-air if they pass near enemy; ultimately, it is extremely costly and should be treated as a luxury item, but does slightly alleviate the problem when of potentially missing when firing without aiming.