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We're just a couple of humble smugglers, unfairly hunted and persecuted wherever we go!

The Smuggler, ToD

The Smuggler is a support character in Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty, A Crack in Time and Into the Nexus, with a cameo in Before the Nexus. He is a runner of illegal black market goods who ran into and often traded with Ratchet.

The Smuggler is a trader of black market goods, a thief, and a hunter who travels throughout the Polaris Galaxy. His chief companion is a parrot, who participated in his business operations. He worked with many different clients in return for a fee, and traded in bolts, Leviathan Souls, and many other high value weapons, gadgets and items, including the RYNO V.


Pre-Tools of Destruction

The Smuggler's ship

The Smuggler operated in the Polaris Galaxy, and was persecuted by the authorities, including the Imperial Spies working for Emperor Tachyon during his reign. On one occasion, he played a game of Blargian Roulette with the dreaded space pirate captain, Romulus Slag. Slag wagered a parrot while the Smuggler wagered his one good eye; the Smuggler won the game, and kept the parrot as his close friend.

At some point, the Smuggler had purchased a modified Gyro-cycle from a lombax in the Vorox Nebula. The Smuggler explained to Ratchet that this lombax looked just like Ratchet, implying that the lombax was Kaden (whom Alister Azimuth had also said looked like Ratchet).

Tools of Destruction

The Smuggler and his Parrot first meeting Ratchet and Clank on Cobalia

The Smuggler and his parrot ran several GrummelNet ammo crates and bolt crates to Stratus City on planet Kortog. However, the Smuggler forgot to check his ship's gel gauge, and would be required to fill up on gelatonium on the nearest planet, the gel capital of Polaris, Cobalia. He landed at the Cobalia Spaceport, right next to the Cobalia Gelatonium Plant, only to find it had been shut down by Tachyon. The Smuggler then encountered Ratchet and Clank, also stranded on the planet, and made a deal with them: if they reactivated the plant with a Gelanator (a device the Smuggler had obtained illegally), he would allow them to board his ship. The Smuggler also purchased any Leviathan Souls they could acquire from the Basilisk Leviathans in the area.

After reactivating the plant, the Smuggler refilled his ship with gelatonium. He offered them a trip to Stratus City, his original destination, and the two boarded. On the way, Ratchet inquired about Tachyon's control of the galaxy, and the Smuggler told them what he knew of the history of the cragmites war with the lombaxes, telling them that the lombaxes had vaporized all the cragmites aside from Tachyon during the Great War. However, when entering the atmosphere, of Kortog, the ship received a message that a bioscan had detected a lombax lifeform, and demanded they stand by while they and their ship were vaporized. Clank proposed the Smuggler jettison the excess cargo to increase their speed and evade capture, to which the Smuggler jettisoned both Ratchet and Clank, forcing them to land.

Following the escape from Kortog, the Smuggler was contacted by space pirates from Ardolis, requesting he collect some Leviathan Souls for them and offering bolts in exchange. He promptly traveled to the Nundac Asteroid Ring to hunt for Basilisk Leviathans to extract their souls. Here, he ran into Ratchet and Clank once more, attempting to travel to the Apogee Space Station using a transport, and offered to grant them the launch codes to access the station in exchange for some Leviathan Souls. The two did not trust him at first, but reluctantly agreed and granted him the Leviathan Souls, and the Smuggler kept his word and granted the codes.

The Smuggler again found the duo on planet Rykan V, a breeding ground for Basilisk Leviathans. However, Tachyon's Imperial Army had shut down the Rykan V Spaceport while searching for lombax activity and driven the Leviathans away. The Smuggler then met Ratchet and Clank again, and offered them a modified Gyro-cycle to travel within the Rykan V Lava Refinery so that they could find the Lombax Secret supposedly located there before Tachyon did.

The Smuggler contemplates over giving the Decrypter to Ratchet

Following this trade, the Smuggler was again contacted by the kerchu, requiring his services at Outpost L51 on planet Sargasso, where they had run into problems with their gelatonium plants regarding a tumfoid infestation, and wanting the Smuggler to smuggle in fossermites to scare them away. Here, he once again met Ratchet and Clank, searching the lombax testing facilities on the planet. He offered them a Decryptor in exchange for more Leviathan Souls, to reactivate the gelatonium fuel source required to use a launch pad. The two agreed and made the trade, allowing them to use the Robo-Wings to explore the planet further.

The Smuggler remained on the planet after this, trading more Leviathan Souls for bolts. He also asked the two to trade holo-plans for the RYNO IV, telling them that if they allowed him to keep the plans, he would construct the weapon for free once they acquired them all.

Quest for Booty

Ratchet and the Smuggler on a pirate ship in the Azorean sea

Ratchet ran into the Smuggler once again on Hoolefar Island while travelling with Talwyn Apogee in search of Clank, who explained he was "sight seeing" on Merdegraw, and offered Ratchet his services for bolts. The Smuggler sold Ratchet a VersaBolt, after claiming he "just happened" to be selling one on the beach, though the parrot revealed he had stolen it with a crowbar. Ratchet promptly paid 10,000 bolts for it to grant to the Supply Beacon Operator to fix the power coupling for the supply beacon. Other hoolefoids cited vandalism on the island and stolen goods, including a VG-9000 Game System, a Courtney Gears holiday album and an Ace Hardlight action figure, implying that the Smuggler may have stolen them.

Later on, the Smuggler took Ratchet to Darkwater Cove using his boat, for a fee. He also returned Ratchet's missing Predator Launcher and Nano-Swarmers, that Ratchet had lost in the Azorean Sea. Finally, he sold Ratchet the Alpha Disruptor.

A Crack in Time

The Smuggler prepares to give Ratchet the newly completed Gadgetron RYNO V

The Smuggler gave sidequests to Ratchet once he had been found in space. Ratchet could also collect holo-plans for the RYNO V. Likewise, the Smuggler would build Ratchet the weapon for free in exchange for keeping the parts afterwards.

Sometime after the events of A Crack in Time, the Smuggler visited planet Magnus, and the RYNO V plans to Dr. Croid, who later modified it to build the RYNO VI Protosuit.

Before the Nexus

The Smuggler in a communication to Ratchet

As Ratchet pursued Vendra and Neftin Prog who had kidnapped Fleebar Snuttleblast, the Smuggler provided assistance by giving him advice in a communication.[1]

Into the Nexus

The Smuggler met Ratchet and Clank on planet Thram in the Zarkov Sector. He agreed to give Ratchet a pair of Hoverboots if he gave him 10 gargathon horns. While searching for the gargathons, Clank speculated that the Hoverboots the Smuggler obtained belonged to Ratchet in the first place. After getting the Hoverboots, he gave Ratchet and Clank a part required to repair a jetpack station and a key to the Nebulox Vault in exchange for more horns while also giving additional bolts. He also paid Ratchet for finding his missing parrot.



The Smuggler is a blue alien who roughly resembles a bipedal, blue bovine. He wears a top hat, and eye patch on his left eye (though his eye appears to work fine), and black clothes with a sleeveless top. He also carries a sword with him at all times.


The Smuggler is a lawless character, who has frequent run-ins with the authorities and other criminals. He is also extremely selfish, and only works for bolts. Despite having respect for the lombaxes, he was willing to jettison Ratchet when it suited him. He has also stolen items and then sold them back at a price.

Behind the scenes

The Smuggler skin on the red team in Full Frontal Assault

The Smuggler was voiced by Jess Harnell. The design of his alien race focused on cows and livestock to accentuate his rural character traits.[2]

Curiously, the Smuggler appears shorter in A Crack in Time when compared to Tools of Destruction.

The Smuggler appears as a multiplayer skin in Full Frontal Assault.

A figurine of the Smuggler appeared in PlayStation Home.


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