QForce skin - Slorg

Slorg skin on the blue team in Full Frontal Assault

Slorg were an octopus-like creature found on Magnus. The Slorg could also come in an armored variety, which added an orange shell and goggles for extra defense. Slorgs are invulnerable to every weapon in All 4 One except for the Omegatech Frost Cannon.


If shot they will slide around at fast speeds, bouncing off any wall in their way. In terms of size, they were slightly taller than Qwark. Slorgs appear to be largest native ocean predator found on planet Magnus, and were found roaming around Octonok Cay.

Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Nefarious defeated the King Sepiad by shooting Slorgs into its mouth. Slorgs are also seen in planet Proteus VII, there are large crates in the GrummelNet Plasma Harvester filled with them.


Armored slorg

An armored Slorg

Slorgs were slow moving predators, but were not weak. Slorgs gave off massive amounts of electricity that would shock a hero if he even touched it. They tended to be in groups on small boardwalk platforms leaving little room to avoid them.

Blasting them only sent them sliding across the boardwalk at high speeds, and could cause them to bounce into the player. If the player aimed properly, it was possible to knock them off the edge and into the water to defeat them.

The most effectve way to defeat a Slorg was to use the Omegatech Frost Cannon to freeze it and then shatter it with any weapon. Otherwise, a Slorg was only able to be defeated by falling into the water.

Behind the scenes

Zombie jellyfish

Zombie Jellyfish concept art

Originally similar enemies known as Zombie Jellyfish were to appear, however they were cut and replaced with the Slogs.


  • A creature with a similar name was mentioned in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, known as a slorg rat. However, they were related by name only.
  • Despite their electrified bodies, Slorgs are not used for power in Luminopolis. It is possible that luminoids were simply easier to access.