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Slim Cognito's Ship Shack is a minor location featured in Going Commando. It is a small space station in the Bogon Galaxy, owned and operated by Slim Cognito. It sells upgrades for Ratchet and Clank's ship, the Star Explorer, in exchange for raritanium. Slim Cognito promises to provide his customers' secrecy when upgrading starships, as the ship upgrades he sells are illegal.[1] He also sold physical modifications, such as an alternate pair of wings or nose, and paint jobs, both of which required skill points to unlock.

Ratchet and Clank viewed an ad for Slim Cognito's Ship Shack during "Search Canal City for thief" in Canal City, Notak, as a telescreen was found on one of the buildings, at which point they could travel there at any time. After Going Commando, the Ship Shack was likely abandoned when Slim Cognito was forced to flee the Bogon Galaxy following an incident with the police.[2]

The interior of the Ship Shack.

Slim Cognito's Ship Shack is built into a floating asteroid, with satellite dishes on the outside, and a single hangar bay where customers land their ships. The hangar bay is a wide, metal room with only a blue terminal from which upgrades are purchased.

In challenge mode, the Ship Shack is unlocked by default.


Almost all upgrades are available directly at the start, with only a select few only being available upon purchasing an earlier version. The Star Explorer already possesses a basic laser cannon, engine, shield and the Standard Missile Launcher, but the remainder must be purchased.

Upgrade Price In-game description
Triple Boost Acceleration Engine 15 The Triple Boost Acceleration Engine is a three-rocket engine that mounts on the back of the Star Explorer. Its unique cooling technology will allow the ship to move at its maximum possible speed for three times the duration the Single Boost Acceleration Engine Allows.
Fusion Laser Cannons 30 The Fusion Laser Cannons are a more advanced version of the standard system included with the Star Explorer. These Cannons provide a much more powerful shot, capable of taking out extremely tough enemies.
Electro-Mine Launcher 10 The Electro-Mine Launcher launches a mine that emanates deadly tendrils of electricity. Ships passing close to the mine are zapped into oblivion by the tendrils.
Mega-Mine Launcher 20 Mega-Mines can be carried in this launcher. Much more dangerous than the Electro-Mines, the Mega-Mine's tendrils are longer, and can hit ships from a much farther distance.
Standard Missile Launcher Another basic feature of the Star Exporer combat model is the Standard Missile Launcher. This features a targeting system that, when fully locked on to enemies, will activate a homing mechanism in the missiles. The Standard Missile Launcher is also capable of destroying medium sized asteroids and other space debris that Laser Cannons cannot handle.
Fast-Lock Missile Launcher 20 The Fast-Lock Missile Launcher is an upgrade of the Standard Missile Launcher. It contains a more sophisticated targeting system that can lock onto even the most elusive of enemies at a rapid pace. The Fast-Lock Missile Launcher also increases the velocity of the missiles themselves, diminishing the time it will take them to reach their targets.
Torpedo Launcher 10 The Torpedo Launcher will allow your ship to fire a series of highly explosive torpedos at enemy ships. While the Torpedo Launcher is not equipped with a targeting system, its highly explosive warheads can take out many ships with a single shot.
Multi-Torpedo Launcher 20 The Multi-Torpedo Launcher fires two torpedoes from your ship side by side, creating an explosion even larger in radius than that of the Torpedo Launcher.
Advanced Shielding System 20 The Advanced Shielding System upgrades your shields from one bar

to two bars. Thus increasing the number of hits you can take before dying.

Ultra-Charge Shielding System 40 The Ultra-Charge Shielding System is the most advanced shielding system available for the Star Explorer. This system provides three times the shielding of the Basic Shielding System, providing maximum protection for your ship while taking heavy fire.
Nuclear Detonation Device 60 The Nuclear Detonation Device creates a gigantic explosion wiping

out any enemies in its path. This weapon can destroy an entire wave of enemy ships in one blow.

Hyperspace Warp System 45 The Hyperspace Warp System transports your ship to a seemingly

random point in the level when you press either L1 and R1, or L2 and R2 at the same time.

Physical modifications

Modification Skill points
Standard Wings
Hi-Lift Wings
Heavy Ordinance Wings
Standard Nose
Scoop Nose 18
Split Nose 26

The wings, nose and paint job have no effect on the ship's performance, but still cost 5 raritanium each to purchase and equip. All wings are directly available, but the nose variants require a set amount of skill points each, as do the paint jobs.