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Slim Cognito is a character in Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, Size Matters, and Secret Agent Clank. He is a black market weapons dealer from the Bogon Galaxy, who is never seen in person, and only his eyes are ever visible. He sells black market merchandise to Ratchet and Clank throughout their adventures, including weapon modifications, Megacorp weapons, and upgrades for the Star Explorer in his ship shack. In addition to bolts, Slim also trades in Raritanium and platinum bolts.

In the 2016 re-imagined game, the Shady Salesman is named "Slim Cognito" in the credits and holocards, despite being a different character.


Going Commando

Ratchet meeting Slim Cognito

Ratchet meeting Slim Cognito

Slim Cognito placed red buttons on yellow triangular stands mysteriously throughout planets in the Bogon Galaxy, on planets Endako, Boldan, and Tabora. When Ratchet first pressed one, Slim Cognito flew down in a ship, with his eyes poking out and a small slot opening, asking Ratchet to "put it in the slot". Ratchet worked out that Slim sold weapon modifications, to which Slim boasted he could transform Ratchet's weapon into a powerful piece of equipment with a few "tweaks".[1] Slim charged bolts and platinum bolts for weapon mods.

Ratchet and Clank later saw an ad for Slim Cognito's ship shack in a telescreen on Notak, during "Search the Canal City for the thief". The ad boasted that the shack sold "legally ambiguous refashioning" and performed modifications "quickly, cheaply and, most importantly, quietly". Ratchet was intrigued by the ad.[2] Slim Cognito sold new upgrades for Ratchet's ship, the Star Explorer, for Raritanium.

Up Your Arsenal

At some point, Slim Cognito fled the Bogon Galaxy to the Solana Galaxy, following an altercation with the police after a Suck Cannon upgrade was mistakenly sold to an underage customer.[3]

Ratchet and Clank encountered Slim Cognito on Aquatos during "Infiltrate the Underwater Hideout". Slim whispered, alerting Ratchet and Clank to his presence, while frightening Skidd McMarx to the point of him fleeing, claiming he had forgotten to feed his goldfish.[3] Slim sold the Lava Gun and the Miniturret Glove, though more Megacorp weapons were sold later.

In The Shaming of the Q, the fifth Qwark vid-comic, Slim Cognito replaced the former narrator of the comics, because the fifth vid-comic was never officially released.

Later, when landing on the Thran Asteroid for "Find Captain Qwark", Slim Cognito contacted Ratchet to inform him that the Bouncer had become available, claiming he'd include a "10% smart shopper discount" if Ratchet arrived quickly.[4] When landing on Koros for "Get inside Command Center", Slim contacted Ratchet to inform him that the Plasma Coil was on sale, arriving in "mint condition, still in the box".[5] Finally, after landing on Mylon for "Battle your way to the Launch Site", Slim Cognito informed Ratchet he had just picked up a Shield Charger, which had gone on sale.[6]

If the player had a Going Commando save file, Slim Cognito gave his weapons to Ratchet for free. It is possible that Abercrombie Fizzwidget was colluding with Slim Cognito, knowing that Slim was helping Ratchet, as upon granting the Shield Charger to Ratchet for free, Slim Cognito sent a message saying "Mr. Fizzwidget sends you his regards", and said that the weapon was "on him",[7] implying that Fizzwidget arranged for Slim Cognito to provide it for free as a way of thanking Ratchet for his help in Bogon.

Size Matters

Slim Cognito had vendors on planets Kalidon, Challax, and Quodrona, selling weapon mods. He did not appear in person or speak.

Secret Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank is in-universe fiction.
Secret Agent Clank is an in-universe holofilm in the Secret Agent Clank fictional series. Its events are a fictional movie within the Ratchet & Clank universe. Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.
Slim Cognito Trash Can

Slim Cognito on the Prison Planet

Slim Cognito appeared in the Prison Planet where Ratchet was imprisoned, incarcerated after selling black market merchandise. Slim offered to give Ratchet a code to the casino case that Clank needed to get into the High-Stakes Room, if he defended Slim from his old customers that claimed he sold lousy merchandise to them.

Tools of Destruction

Slim Cognito was mentioned in the Zordoom Prison on planet Viceron. He was sent there for showing his class B Gravity Cannon to a group of female tumfoids during a rock concert in Meridian City.


Slim Cognito's appearance is entirely unknown, as all that is ever seen of him is a pair of moving eyes with black pupils. He speaks with a shifty voice reminiscent of a mafia boss.

Slim appears to be entirely careless about the effects of his merchandise when he stands to profit. He sold a Suck Cannon upgrade to a minor, swearing later that the kid "looked eighteen",[3] and sold very dangerous weaponry seemingly to any customer, promising to keep his sales quiet.[2] Slim was also not at all subtle about the fact that his merchandise was illegal.

Behind the scenes

Slim Cognito's name refers to the word "incognito".

Unused audio files in Going Commando imply he often booked manicure appointments.[8] Additionally, unused audio files in Up Your Arsenal claim, he worked alongside Thugs-4-Less.

In Secret Agent Clank, Slim has purple irises, though in other games he simply has white eyes with black pupils and no irises.


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