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The Skyboarder was a young racer who challenged Ratchet to race against him twice in Size Matters. Beating him twice he provided him the Shrink Ray and the Polarizer as prizes. The Skyboarder had been known to cheat, even after Ratchet's suspicions in their first meeting the truth was revealed when the Skyboarder attempted to use the polarizer as a "Tractor Beam" type device within the race. This further backed by his paranoia over the Skyboarding Committee, who accused him of Nano-Roids and using alternative fuels for his Skyboard.

After Clank spotted the device underneath the board, the skyboarder denied ever knowing about its location under his board.

The Skyboarder on his board


The Skyboarder appeared to be of a cat like species, and had purple hair, with a ponytail. He seemed to resemble a college student, and wore blue jeans and a black T-shirt with a three eyed skull on the front.


  • He is likely a tribute to Hunter The Cheetah from the Spyro games, another series that was created by Insomniac Games.
  • One of the other Skyboard racers seem to look like the Skyboarder but have a different color scheme.




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