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The Skyboarder is a character in Size Matters. He is a humanoid lion-like skyboard racer, who has purple hair with a ponytail, wears blue jeans and a black T-shirt with a three-eyed skull logo. He races in uncharted corners of the Solana Galaxy, including planet Kalidon which has not appeared on most galactic maps,[1] and the ruins of the Medical Outpost Omega, shortly after its destruction. He also cheats at his races, having been accused of using nano-roids and illegal alternafuel by the racing committee,[2] and attempting to use the Polarizer to enhance his skyboard.

The Skyboarder first encountered Ratchet and Clank while they explored Kalidon to look for Luna. After Ratchet spotted him tinkering with the engine, he strongly denied he was cheating, and offered to race Ratchet to prove his innocence, commencing "Win the skyboard race".[2] After beating him, the skyboarder gave them both the Shrink Ray and the Grindboots, which would allow them to enter the factory. Later, following the destruction of Medical Outpost Omega in "Escape the medical facility", the Skyboarder used the wreckage to race again, and challenged Ratchet and Clank. Clank noticed the Polarizer attached to his skyboard, to which he feigned innocence.[3] After beating him, he gave up the Polarizer.



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