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Skrunch is a support character in Up Your Arsenal and Size Matters, mentioned in other games. He is a cyclophic monkey from planet Florana who is a close friend of Qwark, and often assists him, Ratchet and Clank. When Qwark became the galactic president of the Polaris Galaxy, Skrunch was made the vice president.


Up Your Arsenal

Skrunch was initially found in the Florana jungle while searching for a lost hero who had fought Nefarious (who they later learned was Qwark). When they took Qwark back to the Starship Phoenix, Skrunch followed them and took the same residence as Qwark.

When Qwark regained his memory and founded the Q-Force, Skrunch was made a member, and would assist Ratchet and Clank on many missions. When infiltrating the base at Aquatos, Skrunch helped Clank, direct by Clank using bananas that he fired with the Banana-Guided Autnomous Monkey Device, a weapon that fired a potentially infinite number of bananas that Skrunch chased after. Skrunch later assisted Ratchet when attacking Tyhrranosis, controlling the gun turret on the back of the Turbo Slider and using it to fire at enemies.

Skrunch later took a part in the Secret Agent Clank fictional series, replacing Ratchet as Secret Agent Clank's side kick. In the Secret Agent Clank movie seen at the end, Clank fired the BGAMD at Maximillian and Skrunch jumped into his helicopter, causing him to lose control and fall to his death.


Epilogue - Qwark and Skrunch

Skrunch watching holovision with Qwark

Skrunch appeared in the epilogue of Deadlocked. It was revealed here that he was continued to live in blissful ignorance with Qwark.

Size Matters

Skrunch's ship

Skrunch's ship

While Clank was stranded on Metalis, Skrunch arrived in his custom ship in order to inform Clank of Ratchet's location.

Skrunch later appeared in the Dreamtime while Ratchet was undergoing surgery. His dream began with an evil, bloodthirsty Qwark as a doctor operating on Ratchet, with Skrunch as his nurse.

Skrunch finally appeared at the game's conclusion to reveal that Qwark's parents had been killed by Technomite technology. When Qwark attempted his revenge on Otto Destruct, Skrunch's intelligence was swapped with his using Destruct's machine, causing Skrunch to be a highly intelligent cyclophic monkey. Otto Destruct in turn was given a monkey's intellect, effectively defeating him.

Post-Size Matters

A4OQwark 1

Skrunch's portrait on Qwark's desk (right)

It was revealed during Tools of Destruction that Skrunch had attended the Kerwan school of quantum mechanics in Metropolis.

In All 4 One, a picture of Skrunch was on Qwark's desk, and he was mentioned to be the vice president of the Polaris Galaxy. It is presumed he left office at the same time as Qwark.


Skrunch is a short, cyclophic monkey with large ears and a brown eye. When clothed, he normally wears the green Q-Force uniform as a top with a Qwark logo. Skrunch is an enthusiastic monkey who often helpful to Ratchet, Clank and Qwark, and craves bananas, chasing them even before checking if it would throw him in harm's way.

Using the Banana Guided Autonomous Monkey Device, Skrunch can be lured by Clank to chase bananas into areas that Clank himself cannot reach. For example, Skrunch is be able to climb pipes and activate buttons that Clank normally cannot, or to simply draw fire from security sentinels and distract them, taking no damage, while Clank passes. If not chased by a sentinel bot, or if not fired by Clank to an area out of reach, Skrunch eventually swallows a banana whole.


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