Going Commando logoUp Your Arsenal logoDeadlocked logoSize Matters logoSecret Agent Clank logoTools of Destruction logoA Crack in Time logoAll 4 One logoFull Frontal Assault logo Skins are wearable items and collectibles in the Ratchet & Clank series. They change the player character's outfit or body entirely, either replacing it with a humorous twist based on real-life apparel or a playable version of an in-game species or character. Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious are the only characters who have different skins to equip. Skins are either unlocked by completing missions or challenges in game, or purchased with skill points, dread points, gold, titanium, or hero bolts.

Multiplayer modes also featured different and unique skins to ensure a variety of looks among competing players.

Going Commando

Going Commando was the first game to feature skins. The 'Tuxedo' was unlocked after obtaining seven skill points and featured Ratchet wearing a tuxedo with sunglasses. After another eight skill points are collected, totaling fifteen, the 'Clown Suit' skin consists of a typical clown's outfit, complete with a red ball for a nose. Upon collecting thirty skill points the 'Beach Boy' skin is unlocked, which pictures Ratchet wearing swimming trunks alongside his usual apparel of gadgets, boots and gloves.

Lastly is the 'Snow Dude' skin, one that often reappears in the series. It is unlocked after winning the Impossible Challenge in the MegaCorp Games on planet Joba.

Up Your Arsenal

Skin Cost
Trooper 5
Robo 5
Brainius 6
Buginoid 6
Robo Rooster 6
Snowman Skin 6
Tuxedo Ratchet 6
Sumo 3
Ninja 3

Up Your Arsenal featured a much wider variety of skins, including multiplayer skins that each had a different version using either red or blue coloring depending on their team. The singleplayer skins weren't unlocked by collecting skill points (except one), but rather by purchasing them with titanium bolts. Though several also could be unlocked through other means, such as cheat codes or specific requirements. A few of the skins were only available in the Japanese version of the game, but were also made available in the Ratchet & Clank Collection and HD re-releases of the games.

From the skins that are bought with bolts, the 'Snowman' and 'Tuxedo' are reoccurring versions of those seen in Going Commando. The 'Brainius' and 'Trooper' skins were based on the B2 Brawler and Soldier Bot, respectively. The 'Buginoid', 'Robo' and 'Robo Rooster' were original designs, whereas the 'Santa Ratchet' and 'Pipo-Saru Ratchet' (a character based on the monkeys from the Ape Escape series) skins were only available in the Japanese version at first. The latter two require cheat codes to unlock.

The 'Sumo' and 'Ninja Ratchet' were new additions that only became available in the Collection and HD re-releases. Lastly, there is also a skin in which Ratchet dons his original outfit from Ratchet & Clank, the Old School suit, which is unlocked upon loading the Gadgetron Corporation discount at a vendor, as well as a skin called the 'Constructobot' that is only unlocked upon collecting all the trophies.

New to the series is both Clank and Qwark each featuring a new skin. Clank could wear his Secret Agent Clank outfit after collecting fifteen skill points. A humourous skin for Qwark could be unlocked by inputting a cheatcode mentioned by Al in a cutscene, which causes Qwark to wear a tutu. Inputting it again causes Qwark to revert to his normal suit, except with a bug applied that causes his suit to become rather dark. The code is as followed: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square, Square.


The Up Your Arsenal multiplayer featured a wide variety of available skins, though all of these normally used either blue or red color styling to properly distinguish each player to their own team. Two skins are only unlocked by entering cheat codes, to do this, go to the 'Edit Profile' menu and hold L2 and press either of the following codes.

Skin Cheatcode


In the singleplayer of Ratchet: Deadlocked skins are purchased with glamour stars, a currency earned by completing challenges. Each challenge awarded a minimum of one to a maximum of five stars, depending on the selected difficulty upon starting a new game. To obtain all skins one must finish a Challenge Mode playthrough on 'Exterminator' difficulty. Some skins are also available for free or otherwise unlocked through other means than spending glamour stars. Per example, the 'Ninja Ratchet' skin unlocks upon collecting all the exterminator trading cards, which featured Ratchet with improved physical speed and strength, as well as a curved blade instead of an OmniWrench.

As a first, in the series, several of the skins are in fact based on actual DreadZone contestants or other popular characters, featuring short backstories. As with Up Your Arsenal there are several skins that were only available in the Japanese version of the game. The game files also include a cut skin of Ratchet wearing clothing that made him resemble Clank.

Skin Description Cost
Alpha Clank Clank must've been working out. Look at all that mechanical muscle! Free
"The Muscle" "The Muscle" has escaped a past shrouded in mystery for a future that's... well... shrouded in mystery. 25
Vernon Don't underestimate this little tyke, he can eat metal! 30
King Claude Though it may be delicious if dipped in cocktail sauce, I doubt anyone will find out. This fierce competitor became king not through divine right, but through mortal combat. 30
LandShark Not normally known for his terrestrial attacks, the LandShark catches his foes by surprise! 35
Squidzor Squidzor is the champion gladiator of Hydrana B. He left his home world after The Great Drought in search of another watery planet. 40
Kid Nova Sidekicks don't just follow their heroes around. Kid Nova can hold hiw own when the going gets tough. 45
W3RM He may have descended from a dragon. He may have come from a slug. One thing is certain, he's got a mean temper and a formidable arsenal. 55
Starshield Captain Starshield had always been destined for greatness. When he was merely private Starshield, he had the shiniest in his units. 60
Venus It's tough to shoot all the boys while wearing a skirt, but Venus pulls it off in spades! The shooting that is, not her skirt. 75
Ninja Ratchet Move faster, use a sword, and wear cool ninja gear! —
Jak (co-operative mode only) This is Jak, Ratchet's alternate universal rival. This brazen yellow-haired has more attitude in the tips of his pointy ears than most heroes have in their entire bloodline. Due to DreadZone's bylaw section 4, paragraph 3, line 6, this skin can only be selected by player 2. 50
Santa Ratchet  ?  ?
Genome Ratchet  ?  ?
Saurus Ratchet  ?  ?
Pipo-Saru Ratchet  ?  ?


Unlike the previous series, armor in Deadlocked is purely visual in appearance and holds no gameplay mechanic such as damage reduction. Each armor is equipable in the skins menu and is unlocked after completing the respective tournament of the same name. All armors are in fact mere visual reskins of each other as well. The Renegade armor is a special case in that to unlock it one must complete Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile, followed by entering the name of your multiplayer character on an end-game screen. After that a screen would appear with a code that only worked on the character with the name you entered.

Ratchet also wears the Marauder armor in Jak X: Combat Racing.



Multiplayer-only skins, some require cheatcodes to unlock.

Size Matters

Skin Cost
Tropical Vacation 4
Plundering Pirate Captain 6
Ratchetzilla 6
Kanga Ratchet 2
Hiro Ratchet 2

Size Matters has a couple of skins that are only available for the PlayStation 2 version of the game. As such, the PlayStation Portable has four titanium bolts that remain unspend. The PlayStation 2-exclusive skins are 'Kanga Ratchet' and 'Hiro Ratchet'.


The 'Punk Ratchet' and 'Fancy Ratchet' are skins unique to the PlayStation 2 version of Size Matter's multiplayer. (Currently missing a Snowman, Hot Bot, Old training robot, Nurse bot and Dan Johnson skin)

Secret Agent Clank

with Clank, Ratchet and Qwark being playable in Secret Agent Clank, they all have their own sets of skins. Each skin is either bought with titanium bolts or unlocked via a cheat code, and as with Size Matters, some are exclusive to a specific system, in this case the PlayStation Portable.

Skin Availability Cost Exclusive?
Cowboy Available after completing the timing level at Le Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino. 2 No
Klunk Available after defeating the final boss, 2 No
70's Clank 1 No
Cop Clank 1 No
Blender 2 No
Zoni Left, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down, X Yes
Prison Scrubs Default No
Towel Available after completing Prison Showers 2 No
Super Incognito Unlocked with a Size Matters save file Yes
Tropical Vacation Unlocked with a Size Matters save file Yes
Plundering Pirate Captain Unlocked with a Size Matters save file Yes
Ratchetzilla Unlocked with a Size Matters save file Yes
Kung Fu Ratchet 2 No
Zombie Ratchet 1 No
Robo-Ratchet Available after defeating the final boss 2 Yes
Dan Johnson 3 No
Cowboy Available after completing the Qwark level on Hydrano 1 No
Maid Qwark 2 No
Lucha Libra Qwark 2 No

Tools of Destruction

Skin Cost
Mustachio Furioso 3
Snowman 3
Cronk 4
Zephyr 4
Rusty Pete 6
Cragmite 6
Dan Johnson 6
Convict Ratchet

In Tools of Destruction skins are bought with gold bolts, except for the 'Convict Ratchet' skin, which requires a cheatcode. The cheatcode is; Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Up, Up, Triangle, Down, Up.

A Crack in Time

Skin Cost
Default 0
Mustachio Furioso 8
Agorian Warrior 16
Dan Johnson 24
Alister Azimuth 32
Dr. Nefarious 40
Dan Johnson 6
Captain Ratchet
Bancho Ratchet

In A Crack in Time skins are automatically unlocked by collecting gold bolts, except for the 'Captain Ratchet' and 'Bancho Ratchet' skins. The former of which requires a Quest for Booty savefile, the latter requires the following cheatcode: Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, R3. The Bancho skin resembles a cliché form of a Japanese delinquent or gang member, designed in a skin contest for the game.

All 4 One

Skins are automatically unlocked upon collecting hero bolts in All 4 One.

Ratchet Clank Qwark Nefarious Cost
Future Ratchet Secret Agent Clank Nurse Shannon Pristine Nefarious 5
Ninja Ratchet Ninja Clank Ninja Qwark Ninja Nefarious 10
Space Cadet Ratchet Space Cadet Clank Space Cadet Qwark Space Cadet Nefarious 16
Snowman Ratchet Snowman Clank Snowman Qwark Snowman Nefarious 26
Space Pirate Ratchet Space Pirate Clank Space Pirate Qwark Space Pirate Nefarious 32
Dan Johnson Fish Bowl Clank Knight Qwark 40
Skeleton Ratchet Hologram Clank President Qwark Groovy Nefarious 42

Skin design contest

The Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One skin design contest was a skin design contest for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One that took place between April 18, 2011 and April 29, 2011. The eight winners were announced June 17, 2011. Out of eight winners, four of the skins are featured in the game.[1]

  • Heck Fire Ratchet (featured in-game)
  • Fish Bowl Clank (featured in-game)
  • Knight Qwark (featured in-game)
  • Lava Lamp Dr. Nefarious (featured in-game)
  • Sheriff Ratchet
  • Chimera Clank
  • Adventurer Ratchet
  • Tiki Tok Clank


Concept art

Full Frontal Assault

Skins in Full Frontal Assault are primarily available online, with a large majority being locked behind small downloadable content packages.

Skin pack Skins
A Crack in Time Pack Vullard, Fongoid and Sigmund
All 4 One Pack Slorg, King Sepiad and Tharpod
Classic Pack Helga, The Plumber, and Hot Bot
Future Pack Alister Azimuth, Rusty Pete, and an Agorian
Intergalactic Foot Soldier Pack Drophyd Trooper, Blarg Elite and Kerchu
Miniboss Pack B2 Brawler, Chainblade and a Tyhrranoid
Monsters Pack Grim, Rags and Jacko
NPC Pack Smuggler, Skrunch, and Qwark's Nurse Shannon disguise
Pirates Pack Scurvy, Scallywag and Gultch
Plushy Pack Plushy Ratchet, Plushy Clank and Plushy Qwark
Predators Pack T-Rex, Great White Shark, and Grizzly (or Polar) Bear
Robot Pack Bleep, Bloop, and Blip
Villain Pack Nefarious, Drek, and Tachyon


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