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Size Matters features co-op and competitive multiplayer modes that allow for ad-hoc and online play on PlayStation Portable, and local offline split-screen play on the PlayStation 2 version. The multiplayer mode features four different maps based on locations in the single-player game, with three different modes. On PSP, there are up to four players for each game.


PlayStation Portable

On the PSP version, after selecting multiplayer, the player will be asked to use ad-hoc for local play, or infrastructure for online play. Both lead to a profile menu. Profiles contain a name, password, and skin, which will then be shown during gameplay. Players can still change their skin afterwards in their profile menu, but not their name or password.

Players can then join a game based on the game mode, map, and number of player parameters, or simply create their own game match. Matches have an assorted mode and map, a set number of players (from 1 to 4), an optional name and password, as well as advanced options including a time limit (either 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes, or infinite) and the score for Deathmatch or Capture the Flag (from 1 to 99, or infinite). A number of weapons can also be toggled from here. Creating a game leads to a staging room, where players can chat (using fixed options) and switch teams.

Lastly, there is also a separate chat lobby (again with fixed options), and a menu for viewing your scores.

PlayStation 2

On PlayStation 2, players can select between Co-op or Versus play. The latter includes the Iron Lombax and Capture the Flag options, while the former only includes the Iron Lombax mode. Co-op play has players compete against a timer to finish the objective, except in the Mega Cannons mode, where they play against the AI, while Versus has players compete against one another. After selecting a type, mode, map, and skin, players can choose which weapons to toggle off.

Co-op's play mode also feature single-player enemies, spread around the map in groups of two to three. These enemies respawn automatically, and grant experience for upgrading weapons when they are defeated. However, they are weaker than their single-player counterparts. Unlike the PSP version, enemies and kills also grant weapon experience, letting players upgrade theirs much quicker.

Game modes


Available only on the PSP version of the game, Deathmatch is a free-for-all competitive game mode in which players win by scoring the maximum number of kills. The number is set in the options mode per match. There is no team deathmatch variant.

Capture the Flag

Available on all versions of the game, Capture the Flag requires either team to grab a flag from the enemy base and return it to their own team's base to score a point. The flag is either obtained from the enemy team's base, or dropped after defeating an enemy currently carrying the flag. Carrying the flag does not limit the player from using a weapon or gadget.

Iron Lombax

Iron Lombax is a unique game mode whose rules change depending on the map. On PlayStation 2, this mode can only be played in co-op mode, putting the player, or players, against a timer (and in case of Mega Cannons, an AI).

Island Escape

In Island Escape the objective is to collect power cells and carry them to the generators belonging to your own team, of which there are three, requiring respectively each three, two, and one power cell. Power cells can be obtained by turning a bolt crank at the reactor, although a few are also located on the surrounding islets. Carrying a power cell activates a radiation meter, which when filled turns the affected player into a mutant monster similar to Mungo, that from then on will attack all players on sight, adding an additional hazard for players that wish to pick up the dropped power cell. Nanotech crates will cure radiation damage, which otherwise slowly ticks down on its own. Ultimately once all generators have been filled the bolt crank next to the player's team's missile silo has to be cranked to win the game.

In both versions using power cells will activate additional elements in the area through the pylons located at sea. In the PSP versions they allow access to the second generator at first, and then finally the base, whereas on the PS2 version powering the first generator only results in raising the bridge that leads to the missile.

Danger Valley

In Danger Valley the objective is to destroy the enemy team's forcefield generators and finally its base. Both structures can only be harmed by the hover mines spread throughout the map, which in itself only follow either nearby players or homing beacons. Homing beacons can be found on one of several towering cliff-structures located in the area, which require the use of jump pads to reach. Attached beacons automatically draw in hover mines nearby the forcefield generator or base, but can also be carried around at first to draw in a much larger group of hover mines, which in turn will destroy the structure targeted by the beacon much faster. Destroying attached beacons is also possible to defend your own team's structures. Note that an attracted hover mine will not stop following the player until it is destroyed.

Mega Cannons

On the Mega Cannons map the objective is to destroy the opposing team's mega cannon, a massive turret powered by generators. Three of these are spread throughout the map, and can be activated or deactivated with the use of bolt cranks. Players will need to crank them once to set them to power their own cannon, or twice if it is already powering the other team's cannon. Also spread throughout the map are three cogs, which can be carried with the Polarizer and placed on the mega cannon to repair it and stave off the other cannon's blasts. OmniWrench hits will knock them off however, which can let other players steal them. Without cogs a mega cannon is destroyed within three hits.

Moon Cow Disease

The Moon Cow Disease map automatically grants players the use of the Suck Cannon, with which they must suck up the Martian cows roaming throughout the map. Three cows are required to create a meat crate at the matter rearranger at the back of the map, after which the crate must be carried back to the team's truck using the Polarizer. As this leaves the carrier vulnerable they have to be protected, as the opposing team can steal the crate. As there is only one matter rearranger players should ensure they load all three required cows into it at once, which can be difficult as the player using the Suck Cannon will be unable to attack while they are gathering cows. Cows produced by the Mootator can also be used for meat crates.


The maps on the PlayStation 2 are generally only about a third to half the size when compared to those on the PlayStation Portable version. Other than the size they also miss additional features or objects, and include others in turn to balance out the lack of an Iron Lombax versus game mode.

Island Escape

Island Escape map.

Island Escape is based on the Jowai Resort from Pokitaru. On the PSP Island Escape is a large C-shaped metal structure, with two large bridges at either ends that connect to two larger islands, where each team starts. On the other end of the C is the reactor, situated on a large platform, guarded by a pair of gun turrets. Two smaller islands are located on either, also connected to the C by bridges. Many smaller islets are located between the two team's bases and the larger islands, but they all require use of the Hypershot to reach, as entering the waters will instantly result in dead by sharkigator. In the center of the C is a lone structure with a single turret, which has excellent line of sight on the surrounding area, but is vulnerable to attacks from behind due to its circular nature. Large panels on the inner side of the C provide protection from it for roaming players.

On the PS2 the C-shaped structure is instead round and quite a bit smaller, with no turret in the center. All of the smallest islets are gone, save for two nearby the reactor, which is still flanked by two larger ones. Robotic Control Units roam the circle-structure, and gun turrets guard the reactor's grav-ramp on the lower and upper sides. Guard torsos will guard the inner reactor itself, whereas scuttle crabs can be found on the outer islets near the generators.

Danger Valley

Danger Valley map.

Danger Valley is based on the jungle region of the Vetega Jungle on Ryllus. In the PSP version the area is situated around a massive dome in the center of the map, with tall cliffs forming a barrier around it. Waterfalls lead down from the cliffs, forming rivers that can either be swum across, or must be crossed with the use of the Hypershot. There are also two lowered bridges on either side of the dome, which can be raised to more quickly cross the rivers. In the corners of the map are four tall towers and cliffs, which can only be climbed with the use of a jump pad. The dome on the other hand does not require jump pads to enter, but instead has two large grav-ramps on opposing sides. Jump pads on the interior do have to be used to exit it however, which lead to two large clifftops attached to the dome, again on opposing sides. Both clifftops field two turrets, which are also located on the ground area amidst the ruins' rubble and cliff platforms.

The PS2 version does not feature the dome structure at all, instead only offering a large open map with a small and shallow river crossing through it in a plus-shape. The four tower and cliff structures are still present in the corner however. Groups of pygmy tribesmen will guard the forcefield generators.

Mega Cannons

Mega Cannons map.

Mega Cannons is based on the landscape surrounding the landing pad nearby the Technomite City on Challax. On the PSP version Mega Cannons is quite large, featuring the two namesake mega cannons on opposing ends of the map (replaced with normal turrets on non-Iron Lombax game modes). The region between the two is littered with rocky platforms, both large and small. Some of them are shaped as arches, allowing passage or shelter underneath. The larger ones can only be climbed by using jump pads, except for the the largest in the center, right across the small canyon that effectively divides the map. To climb the largest hill the center grind rail, one of three near team's end of the map, must be ridden to the top, where four gun turrets attack any player that reaches it. The other two grind rails lead to the center area on the sides of the map, and are the the quickest way to get around, but can only be used from either end.

The map on the PS2 version is much smaller, featuring only a large hill in the center, surrounded by four smaller ones. Jump pads are required to climb them, as the rails are still present but cannot be used to grind. Gun turrets are still located atop the center platform, whereas technomite electro soldiers and shock troopers are located on the ground level, with a group of each near each team's steps.

Moon Cow Disease

Moon Cow Disease map.

Moon Cow Disease is based on a nighttime variant of the Dayni Moon, but instead of on the moon it is set on a group of bisected asteroids set in space. On the PSP each team starts on the bottom end of the map, inside a large metal structure atop a platform. Each has a defensive turret, as well as another atop the structure, which requires a hidden jump pad behind it to reach. Using jump pads players can access the central asteroid, which features a massive farm field, with a large barn in the center. On the far side of the asteroid is a jump pad to a smaller one, from where players can use grind rails (actually large plants) to reach more small asteroids, either behind the current one (and then back to it), or a pair of two on either side of the largest asteroid. From there each one has another grind rail back to each team's base. Lastly a UFO will randomly roam around the map and attempt to zap players if they come near it.

On the PS2 the map is much smaller, but largely identical. The two separate platforms have been merged, and the barn on the central asteroid is missing. Instead a single turret, operated by a pygmy tribesmen, will relentlessly attack players on the largest asteroid, attempting to block them from reaching the smaller ones.



Each player has the OmniWrench, and eight weapons available. These are the Lacerator, Concussion Gun, Scorcher, Bee Mine Glove, Sniper Mine, Shock Rocket, Acid Bomb Glove, and Mootator. The Lacerator is the starting weapon of each player unless it is disabled for that match.

Each weapon is in a set Quick Select position. The Polarizer is mandatory for Iron Lombax on the Mega Cannons and Moon Cow Disease maps, and replaces the Acid Bomb Glove. Moon Cow Disease also swaps the Concussion Gun for the Suck Cannon.

Gadgets, objects, and crates

An upgrade crate

A mod crate

By default the player has access to the Hypershot, which is automatically used when near a versa-target. The Grindboots and Gravity Boots are also available by default, allowing the use of grind rail and grav-ramp traversal. Maps also often use jump pads to get around, or have turrets that can be operated.

Maps in multiplayer also feature unique upgrade and mod crates, respectively yellow and orange and each with their own unique symbol. Upgrade crates drop yellow nanotech that upgrades a random weapon to V2, or V3 (the max level, comparable to V4 in singleplayer). Mod crates drop orange nanotech that grants a fixed mod for a random weapon. They are included on all maps, but due to their value are always hidden in the most obscure or most contested location on the map, often guarded by enemies that attack any player.


Both versions of Size Matters let the player select a skin other than the default Ratchet version, with each featuring a color swap version for the red and blue teams. Note that the PS2 version of Size Matters features an additional Dan Johnson skin, as well as the PS2 Size Matters Special menu skins 'Kanga-Ratchet' and 'Hiro Ratchet'. It also includes unique skins of Ratchet wearing a punk outfit, and one with fancy clothing and blood-red eyes.