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Weapon modifications in Size Matters are purchased with bolts from Slim Cognito who then adds the bought mod to a weapon. Almost all weapons can be equipped with one to three mods and each mod has a unique effect, excluding the lock-on mod. Slim's mod vendors are located on Kalidon, Challax, and Quodrona. Acquiring weapon modifications will change the appearance of the weapon.

Availability and pricing

Weapon Mod Price First available
Lacerator Lock-on mod 5,000 Kalidon
Double barrel mod 30,000 Challax
Acid Bomb Glove Acid burn mod 30,000 Challax
Epoxy mod 50,000 Challax
Concussion Gun Lock-on mod 5,000 Challax
Charge up mod 50,000 Challax
Split barrel mod 15,000 Kalidon
Scorcher Sunflare mod 200,000 Kalidon (Challenge mode)
Spitfire mod 15,000 Quodrona
Suck Cannon Bounce mod 600,000 Kalidon (Challenge mode)
Agents of Doom Explosive mod 450,000 Kalidon (Challenge mode)
Launcher mod 20,000 Quodrona
Bee Mine Glove Worker mod 5,000 Challax
Hive bomb mod 300,000 Kalidon (challenge mode)
Sniper Mine Split beam mod 25,000 Quodrona
Smart reflector mod 750,000 Challax (Challenge mode)
Shock Rocket Lock-on mod 5,000 Quodrona
After shock mod 25,000 Quodrona
Multi launcher mod 2,000,000 Challax (Challenge mode)
Static Barrier Reflection mod 250,000 Kalidon (Challenge mode)
Mirage mod 1,250,000 Quodrona (Challenge mode)
Laser Tracer Pierce mod 1,250,000 Challax (Challenge mode)
Ricochet mod 500,000 Quodrona (Challenge mode)
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