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Size Matters menu transcript comprises the full verbal transcript of the menu screens and descriptions in Size Matters.

See Size Matters script for the verbal transcript of in-game dialogue.

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(Accessed from the info option in the pause menu.)



The Lacerator is an easy-to-use, durable, basic blaster pistol that also packs a punch. Firing super-heated plasma slugs that strike enemies like a laser, the Lacerator is great for mowing down enemies one by one.

Dual Lacerators

When it comes to dishing out damage and looking cool at the same time, 9 out of 10 movie celebrities choose the Dual Lacerators. With these you can look great while holding a fully-upgraded Lacerator in each hand for double the damage!

Acid Bomb Glove

The Acid Bomb Glove is the next-generation version of Gadgetron's venerable Bomb Glove. Featuring a high-yield, Gammachlorian acid warhead, the Acid Bomb trades ammo capacity and rate of fire for extra damage and an area-effect acid spray that lingers and is sure to burn anyone foolish enough to run through it!

Acid Detonator

The Acid Detonator is the military-grade version of the Acid Bomb. When other explosives fail, let the Acid Detonator be your one-way ticket into any party. Its mega-yield warhead is guaranteed to give any pack of enemies a hard time, because Gadgetron says so.

Concussion Gun

The weapon of choice for the Galactic Ranger's riot squad, the Concussion Gun fires a shotgun-like blast of devastating titanium pellets that deal more damage the closer the enemy is. Also good against swarms of enemies, or the occasional Galactic Riot.

Concussion Cannon

An upgraded version of the Concussion Gun, the Concussion Cannon fires so much shrapnel onto the battlefield, it is classified as a mobile artillery weapon on the planet Xyxx VII.

Agents of Doom

The original Agents of Doom return! Deploy these lethal robot bodyguards and watch them take apart anyone who gets near you.

Agents of Dread

Fully upgraded, the Agents of Dread each gain a full flight pack. Seeking out enemies, they deliver their deadly payload with unerring certainty until they either die or run out of ammo.


Straight from Gadgetron's highly-successful, "recycle your used space cruiser engine, get 10% off a trip to Pokitaru" program, the Scorcher employs reused engine parts to produce an incredibly hot, destructive jet of flame. Do not place hands in exhaust!


The Incinerator takes the plasma exhaust loop from the original Scorcher, and feeds it directly back through the intake manifold to produce a highly concentrated flame jet stream that is longer lasting yet still brighter burning.

Bee Mine Glove

Nothing can ruin an opponent's day like a swarm of explosive robotic bees, and the Bee Mine Glove delivers just that! Made from state of the art beetane alloy, the Bee Mine's hunter-seeker robotabees seek out and use their S.T.I.N.G.-brand explosive self-destruct mechanism on any enemies that threaten their metallic hive.

Killer Bee Mine

Using the latest trends in killer bee training programs, the Killer Bee Mine employs extra-mean (and unionized) robotabees to inflict massive damage on the weak points of every enemy in the vicinity.

Suck Cannon

The suck cannon sucks smaller enemies up like a vacuum. Enemies that have been sucked up can then be shot out again like bullets. Can also suck up crates.

Vortex Cannon

The Vortex Cannon fires flaming comets that set anything they hit on fire.

Sniper Mine

The latest in long-distance target neutralization comes straight off the shelves of Gadgetron's "historical" weapons lineup. With the sleek, attractive lines of an ancient crossbow and the powerful explosive punch of Gadgetron's latest in ballistic technology, the Sniper Mine deals more damage the farther its Tachyon-driven self-propelling dart flies.

Deadeye Mine

The Deadeye features a state-of-the-art pocket-space recursion module in its dart that self-detonates when triggered. Although the math behind it doesn't add up, the end result is that a series of tachyon bomblets are released after the initial explosion, causing heavy collateral damage to an area around the target.


The Mootator reconfigures DNA at the molecular level, replacing up to 96.8% of the target with Bovine DNA. The other 3.2% is generally assigned strains of genes from hand grenades, TNT, smart bombs, and nuclear warheads, depending on the level of the weapon.


After the "Mad Cow" scare of Tracitus IX, Gadgetron researchers took the misshapen prion protein and implemented it into the gene patterns reconfigured by the Armoogeddon. The resulting mutant bovines are therefore unnaturally aggressive, and chase down other enemies before exploding in a nuclear, DNA-replacing blast.

Shock Rocket

What could be better than a Rocket-Propelled Explosive Charge? Well a Rocket-Propelled Explosive Charge, of course, and the Shock Rocket has been leading the market ever since its inception 3 months ago. Designed to quickly clear out packs of enemies with electrical flair, the Shock Rocket also deals good damage to single, armored targets.

Electro Rocket

The Electro Rocket features a much larger internal capacitor, enabling the electrical discharge to arc between multiple opponents, compounding the damage dealt.

Static Barrier

The Static Barrier uses the residual static electricity in the air to create a physical force field that can protect the user from enemy fire. Once the Static Barrier takes a certain amount of damage it fails, and must be energized once again.

Repulser Field

The Repulser field supercharges the air outside it, sending random electrical shocks to any opponent foolish enough to draw near.

Laser Tracer

The "last stand" in Gadgetron weaponry, the Laser Tracer is a vehicular-size laser cannon retrofitted to be carried by a single person. When fired, the kick and energy produced requires the user to stand still; on the receiving end of the weapon, most targets are vaporized instantly.

Optical Maser Array

Using stimulated emission to highly excite captured hydrogen compounds, the Optical Maser Array forces the resultant amplifying medium into a resonant cavity, capturing the feedback that is created and producing a coherent radiation beam of unimaginable power.


For those looking for a massive damage on a truly large scale, Gadgetron's RYNO is the discerning consumer's first and last stop. Utilizing multiple fast-launch swarmer missile warheads, one full salvo delivers the same area-denial firepower as an entire regiment of indirect-fire artillery batteries.


Still sporting the incredible swarm of missiles fired by its predecessor, the RYNOCERATOR packs a little "extra something" into the warhead of each missile - in the form of an anti-matter bomb. Able to instantly vaporize most enemies, the RYNOCERATOR is the be-all and end-all, weapon of weapons, under any circumstances.



The Hypershot fires out an energy cable that can be used to swing and grapple on to special "swing targets".


The Sprout-O-Matic nourishes sprouts that grow in Electro-Soil. Just spray them liberally with water and watch them follow you wherever you need to plant them!


This black-market device with amplify and modulate the harmonic frequency of any electromagnetic resonator it targets. That is, it can change a magnet from push to pull or back again if you target it and press Circle.


The Gadgetron PDA allows access to remote ammo anywhere in the galaxy! Equip and then activate it for all your impulse buys. A shipping and handling fee will apply to all purchases. Only Gadgetron products are available.

Shrink Ray

A remnant of Technomite society, the Shrink Ray can shrink (and grow!) objects to preposterous proportions. More practically, Ratchet can use it to shrink down and enter electromagnetic locks. Once inside, he can use his Grind Boots and OmniWrench10k to unlock them! While near an Electro-Lock, press Triangle to enter.

Bolt Grabber

The Bolt Grabber increases the power of Ratchet's magnetosphere by nearly 50 gw, effectively doubling the range at which he can pick up bolts!

Box Breaker

One of the most popular accessories for the venerable OmniWrench 10k, the Box Breaker automatically destroys all nearby crates when you execute a Hyper Strike.


Featuring the latest techniques in quantum subspace detection and exploration, the Map-O-Matic is able to quickly and efficiently display all the areas of any planet! To use, simply view the planetary map - even secret areas are revealed with Gadgetron's Map-O-Matic!


Wildfire armor

Wildfire armor protects the wearer with a blanket of super-heated carbon-carbon ceramic tiles. As a side effect of their extreme operating temperatures, the armor instantly sets fire to anything it touches. When Ratchet holds the OmniWrench 10k it also becomes super-heated, causing enemies struck to catch aflame and take additional damage.

Sludge Mk. 9 armor

Sludge armor is coated with corrosive hyper-fluid that is surprisingly dense and resistant given its scientifically liquid state. The sludge molds and conforms around enemy projectiles, slowing them down just after impact and effectively increasing the armor's protection beyond other non-reactive armors. An added bonus is the sludge can be extended to coat melee weapons, causing Ratchet's Comet Strike to leave behind puddles of corrosive goo that damages enemies.

Crystallix armor

Covered on all surfaces with miniature orthorhombic seed crystals, Crystallix armor actually grows an extra crystal layer and becomes instantly harder in response to incoming fire. When a full suit is equipped, the OmniWrench10k also gains a 35 ångström thick layer of seed crystals on its finished surface. When slammed into the ground during Ratchet's Hyper Strike, a field of Crystallix crystals are formed, damaging enemies in a radius around the impact.

Electroshock armor

Based off of Gadgetron's early prototypes of Electric Reactive Armor (ERA), Electroshock armor utilizes a high-power capacitor to energize two plates composing the armor's surface. Attacks against the armor complete the circuit between the plates, running a high current through intruding projectile that can vaporize it or instantly turn it into plasma. A full set of Electroshock has such a high charge the electricity literally arcs across the surface and along Ratchet's OmniWrench10k. Slamming the wrench into the ground in a Hyper Strike will discharge the capacitors, releasing an electric particle wave that damages enemies in a large radius.

Mega-Bomb armor

Gadgetron's finest implementation of passive reactive armor, Mega-Bomb armor absorbs the majority of energy from enemy attacks and stores it in a pocket hammerspace dimension. In a full set, the Mega-Bomb pocket effect is so comprehensive it renders the user nearly invulnerable - Gadgetron marketing claims a finely tuned set will absorb up to 96% of all incoming energy (though consumer reports have stated significantly lower numbers). Combined with the OmniWrench10k, a feedback loop can be channeled from the energy stored in the pocket hammerspace. When the armor is glowing, a single swing of the wrench releases the stored up energy, causing a massive explosion outside of the armor.

Hyperborean armor

Using the technology of ancient Hyperboreans (only recently uncovered by Gadgetron anthropologists), this armor set contains super-chilled pockets of dihydrogen monoxide packet between tritanium wafers to create a composite armor unlike any before imagined. Although the individual components are not significantly dense or strong by themselves, when they are combined in exactly the right pattern they create the most damage-absorbent armor in the (publicly) known universe. The near absolute-zero chill also extends to the OmniWrench10k, and can freeze enemies temporarily in blocks of ice.

Chameleon armor

Gadgetron Central Intelligence Agents utilize armors not even available or known to the general public. One such armor currently favored is the incredible Chameleon armor. Using fully-realized Active Thermoptic Camouflage on top of a depleted-thorium core, the Chameleon armor not only provides personal protection equal to that of some light tanks, a full set will also render the user nearly invisible while moving. The result is that most opponents will aim at a point the user was several moments ago- more than enough to dodge most enemy fire.

Fire-Bomb armor

By forcing the Mega-Bomb armor's pocket energy through a pair of Wildfire gloves, the OmniWrench10k can be super-heated to the point where it can spontaneously ignite the air. On the third swing of a wrench combo, an incredible fireball is generated that flies out and explodes on any target unfortunate to be caught in its devastating path.

Shock Crystal armor

Energizing certain Crystallix set pieces with Electroshock charge causes a sudden increase in the growth of quasicrystal formations. A Hyper Strike with the Shock Crystal set equipped will create a persistent quasicrystal formation that will electrocute and neutralize any enemy projectiles that fly nearby. However, being non-repeating, the quasicrystal formation is fragile and enemy movement can easily shatter it.

Wildburst armor

Combining Wildfire and Sludge Mk. 9 technology, the Wildburst set packs minute Wildfire ceramic wafers inside of a superheated bubble of viscous Sludge goo, which acts as a thickener. When the user performs a Hyper Strike, a sludge bubble is formed that explosively expands, releasing burning sludge in a small radius that damages enemies.

Triple Wave armor

Surprisingly, funneling Electroshock capacitor energy at the right frequency through both Wildfire and Sludge Mk. 9 armor parts can create a recursive feedback loop that dramatically increases the potential peak power output, nearly into the Petagigawatt range. As one Gadgetron research scientist famously reported, "It's over nine thousaaand!!!" When the user executes a Hyper Strike, the feedback loop is destroyed and the capacitor energy is released into a damaging wave that exhibits electric, fire, and sludge properties together.

Ice II armor

Combining Hyperborean armor parts and Crystallix armor seeds together, the Ice II set is capable of forming (as the name would obviously suggest) rhombohedral crystalline forms with highly ordered structures in massive amounts. To create and Ice II wall, simply execute a Hyper Strike.

Stalker armor

Combining Chameleon armor with Wildfire and Sludge armor power outlets, the Stalker armor set focuses all of its camouflage capabilities into the OmniWrench 10k, effectively making it ethereal. Although the wrench will initially pass through enemies and deal no damage, it also injects a massive dose of Wildfire and Sludge solution directly into the enemy, poisoning and setting them on fire. These effects are magnitudes more effective than what those armors are normally capable of producing on their own.

Weapon Mods


Double Barrel Mod

Double the damage, double the fun! The Double Barrel mod adds an extra barrel to the Lacerator, doubling the amount of fire it produces.

Lock On Mod

Never miss your shot again! The lock-on mod automatically follows your target whenever you are strafing.

Never miss your shot again! Press and hold L2 or R2 and the lock-on mod will automatically follow your target.

Acid Bomb Glove

Acid Burn Mod

By replacing the regular Gammachlorian acid with a special Gammaflavian Fire Blend, the Acid Burn mod dramatically increases the corrosiveness of the Acid Bomb acid. As a result, enemies that are hurt by the acid catch on fire and continue to take damage even after leaving the acid pool.

Epoxy Mod

Special "sticky rubber" polyproteins are introduced by the Epoxy mod into the acid base of Acid Bomb projectiles. After exploding, the resulting compound is not only highly acidic, but immobilizing as well. In laboratory testing, anything caught in the acid pools is slowed down to about 50 percent of its normal movement.

Concussion Gun

Wide Barrel Mod

By installing semi-legal expander modifications to the Concussion Gun, the Wide Barrel mod increases the width of the weapon's blast, allowing it to strike more enemies per shot.

Charge Up Mod

The Charge Up mod adds an extra chamber to the Concussion Gun, allowing it to store multiple shells to be unleashed in a huge blast. To store shells, press and hold Circle; the weapon will fire when the button is released.

Lock On Mod

Never miss your shot again! The lock-on mod automatically follows your target whenever you are strafing.

Never miss your shot again! Press and hold L2 or R2 and the lock-on mod will automatically follow your target.

Agents of Doom

Explosive Mod

The Explosive mod outfits the Agents with a small nuclear device, which they detonate under the closest enemy once they run out of ammo.

Launcher Mod

The Launcher mod is actually a backpack, worn by the Agents that fits them with a dual, shoulder-mounted mini rocket launcher. Although small, the rockets pack quite a punch, and can effectively cripple most foes much larger than the Agents themselves.


Sunflare Mod

The Sunflare mod adds an extra, recurring feedback loop to the primary manifold of the Scorcher. The longer the Scorcher is fired, the bigger and more intense the flame becomes.

Spitfire Mod

By adding a recursive loop after the tertiary sendback controller has finished firing, the Spitfire mod unleashes a huge plasma fireball when the Scorcher stops firing. The size of the fireball and the distance it travels become larger, the longer the Scorcher was fired.

Bee Mine Glove

Hive Bomb Mod

A destructive subroutine is added by the Hive Bomb mod to the master hive thrown by the Bee Mine Glove. Once all the robotabees have completed their mission, the mother hive detonates in a massive subspace rift. Take that, subspace!

Worker Mod

Robotabees spawned from a hive with the Worker mod gain an extra subroutine that allows them to collect bolts, ammo, and health that is lying on the ground if there are no enemy targets around.

Suck Cannon

Bounce Mod

After containing an enemy or object in the Suck Cannon, the Ricochet mod coats each in rubberized cocoon. When fired, the enemy bounces off surfaces and can inflict extra damage after rebounding.

Sniper Mine

Split Beam Mod

The Split Beam mod uses sub-space referencing to multiply and redirect the Tachyon beam released when a dart strikes a target. The redirected beam splits into three and can strike targets in an area behind the original.

Smart Reflector Mod

Missed your target? No worries! The Smart Reflector automatically tracks the position of enemies around the area you fired. If a shot lands behind an enemy it will automatically be reflected at the closest target, and score a hit!

Shock Rocket

After Shock Mod

The After Shock mod incorporates reflexive anti-electrodes in a special compartment in the rocket's warhead that scatter into a sphere after detonation. Once positioned, they unleash a barrage of dark matter electrons, that will shock and damage any nearby enemies.

Lock On Mod

Never miss your shot again! The lock-on mod automatically follows your target whenever you are strafing.

Never miss your shot again! Press and hold L2 or R2 and the lock-on mod will automatically follow your target.

Multi Launcher Mod

After installing the Multi-Shock mod, the user can hold the trigger down and lock on to multiple foes. When the trigger is released, a rocket is fired at each individual target, unleashing massive damage.

Static Barrier

Reflection Mod

By synchronising the frequency of the staticized air in the Static Barrier, the Reflection mod allows the energized shield to reflect back laser-based attacks.

Mirage Mod

Using mnemonic memory mapping to recreate an after-image of the user to 90 percent accuracy, the Mirage mod leaves behind holographic Ratchet decoys, confusing enemies and drawing their fire.

Laser Tracer

Pierce Mod

By focusing the laser crystals in the Laser Tracer more closely, the Pierce mod allows the tracer beam to continue through targets, striking anything behind them with equal force.

Ricochet Mod

The Ricochet mod incorporates refractive subquantum pocket fields to reflect, refract, and ricochet the laser beam off enemies and surfaces. The resultant chaos has proven to dramatically increase damage output at least some of time, in limited laboratory tests...


PS2 Moves

Double Jump

Ratchet can perform an acrobatic flip in the air by pressing X again after jumping. Using this flip, he can jump higher and farther than a single jump would allow.


Ratchet can back up or strafe from side to side while facing forward. This is particularly effective when emerging from cover to shoot tough enemies. To strafe, use the directional buttons to move right, left, back, or to run forward. You may also move strafe to the analog stick by selecting the option under Camera & Controls in the Options menu.

Ratchet can back up or strafe from side to side while facing forward. This is particularly effective when emerging from cover to shoot tough enemies. To strafe, move Ratchet using the left analog stick while pressing and holding the L2 button or the R2 button.

Crouch Turn

Crouch by holding the R button and the L button at the same time, then use the analog stick to turn in place. Using this technique, you can turn in place and fire weapons.

Crouch by holding the R1 button and then use the left analog stick to turn in place. Using this technique, you can turn in place and fire weapons.

Ledge Grab

Ratchet will automatically grab ledges if you jump up to them. To pull yourself up, hit X. To drop down hit Triangle.

Ledge Traversal

When hanging from a ledge you can traverse it by moving the analog stick or the directional buttons left or right.

When hanging from a ledge you can traverse it by moving the left analog stick or the directional buttons left or right.

Multi Strike

Your OmniWrench 10k has a fast combo attack performed by simply pressing Square three times in succession.

Hyper Strike

The Hyper-Strike does more damage than your regular wrench attack. Jump with X and then hit Square for a powerful downward strike.

Comet Strike

The Comet Strike is one of the more useful features of the OmniWrench 10k. Crouch with the R button and the L button together, and then hit Square. You can also pick up distant bolts with this move!

The Comet Strike is one of the more useful features of the OmniWrench 10k. Crouch with the R1 button and then hit Square. You can also pick up distant bolts with this move!


The Gadgetron Heli-Pack upgrade allows you to use the Glide feature! Jump using X then hit X again to glide, or simply hold X after performing any jump.

Long Jump

To do a Long Jump, get a running start and press the R button and the L button together to crouch, then immediately hit X. For maximum distance when jumping across gaps, jump from the very edge of the gap.

To do a Long Jump, get a running start and press the R1 button and then immediately hit X. For maximum distance when jumping across gaps, jump from the very edge of the gap.

High Jump

The High Jump is another helpful feature included in your Heli-Pack upgrade. Hold the R button and the L button to crouch, and press X to jump. You can do a Glide out of a High Jump by holding X after the jump.

The High Jump is another helpful feature included in your Heli-Pack upgrade. Hold the R1 button to crouch and then press X to jump. You can do a Glide out of a High Jump by holding X after the jump.

Wall Jump

Look for "jump slots" with the surfaces shown in the picture. Jump toward one wall using X and then hit X again just as you hit the wall. Jump back and forth between the walls to get to the top of the slot.

Bolt Crank

Ratchet will often need to open doors and activate various objects with a Bolt-Crank. To attach to one, face it and press Square. Once attached, rotate the analog stick until the Bolt-Crank us fully screwed in.

Ratchet will often need to open doors and activate various objects with a Bolt-Crank. To attach to one, face it and press Square. Once attached, rotate the left analog stick until the Bolt-Crank us fully screwed in.


Mission descriptions

(Accessed from the missions screen in the map menu.)


Fight some robots

The little girl wants you to show off your heroic moves for her school report. Fight through the old training robots lying around, and get back in time for your massage.

Rescue the girl!

Robots have made off with your new friend! Chase after them and rescue her.


Investigate the artifact

Explore the Vetega Jungle for anything that might tell you about the "Technomite" artifact the girl dropped.

Unlock the temple

Ratchet is locked outside. As Clank, find a way to unlock the secrets of the ancient temple and get Ratchet inside.


Explore the planet

Kalidon seems to be a hidden Technomite factory! Land on the planet and explore its surface for clues.

Win the Skyboard race

The Skyboard racer wants to prove himself against you. Show him your l33t racing skills and win the prize he is offering.

Search the factory

... and search for Luna!


Survive Robot War III

Clank has been dumped on Metalis and left for scrap metal! Beat up these robot gladiators and find a way off the planet.

Win fabulous cash and prizes (optional)

Metalis is home to an intense combat arena. Show these outdated models who is the boss, and win all the challenges for cash and other useful items.

Escape the planet

Skrunch has given you coordinates to Ratchet's location! Find a way off Metalis and rescue him!



All the world's a stage, FIND / And all the men and women merely players, A / They all have their exits and entrances, WAY / And one man is in his time plays many parts, OUT!

Medical Outpost Omega

Find your equipment

Your captors have taken all your remarkable Gadgetron gadgets and equipment. Find what you can around the station, and use it to fight your way out.

Escape the medical facility

Break out of your holding cell before your mysterious captors can perform and more weird experiments. Then, see if you can find a way off the station.

Rematch - Skyboard racer

The Skyboard racer has tracked you down for a rematch. Surf the wreckage of the space station and show him who has the best skills!


Ride the hovercar

There is a miniature hover car with an automatic pilot. Ride it and see where it's programmed to take you.

Destroy the space fortress

The planet is guarded by a mysterious defense fleet. Smash through their lines and take out the orbital space fortress!

Explore the miniature city

The car has led to a miniature city. Explore it, and find where Luna is hiding!

Dayni Moon

Catch Luna

Now that you have tracked Luna to the Dayni moon, chase her down and find out why she betrayed you!

"Disable" Luna

Get the coordinates of the clone factory from Luna. Try to "disable her into as many parts as possible...

Win more fabulous prizes

Dayni has another Robot War arena. Use your skills from the other arena to win more cool stuff.

Inside Clank

Defeat all Technomites

The security guard can't reactivate Clank until the Technomite soldiers are gone. Remove them all, and get Clank back in action.

Escape from Clank

Clank's systems are coming back online. Get out before his anti-virus program removes you itself!


Find Otto Destruct

Emperor Otto Destruct is somewhere in the Technomite complex. Find him!

Defeat Otto Destruct

The final showdown? Defeat Otto Destruct, and save the galaxy once more.