Armor in Size Matters existed out of collectible armor pieces used to form armor sets. The only four available pieces were the helmet, body armor, gloves and boots. Each piece provides a set bonus to your damage reduction, with all pieces of the same armor set providing an extra bonus reduction on top of that, as well as a powerful bonus weapon mod for the OmniWrench 10K. Some pieces could also be mixed and matched to create unique armor sets that provided potentially more powerful and unique bonuses than the standard sets.

Wildfire armor


The Wildfire armor.

Wildfire armor protects the wearer with a blanket of super-heated, carbon-carbon ceramic tiles. As side effect of their extreme operating temperatures, the armor instantly sets fire to anything it touches. When Ratchet holds the OmniWrench 10k it also becomes super-heated, causing enemies struck to catch aflame and take additional damage.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Location Damage reduction
Wildfire helmet Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus 5%
Wildfire body armor Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
Wildfire gloves Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
Wildfire boots Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
Combined armor 28%

Sludge Mk. 9 armor

Sludge Mk 9

The Sludge Mk. 9 armor.

Sludge armor is coated with a corrosive hyper-fluid that is surprisingly dense and resistant given its scientifically liquid state. The sludge molds and conforms around enemy projectiles, slowing them down just after impact and effectively increasing the armor's protection beyond other non-reactive armors. An added bonus is the sludge can be extended to coat melee weapons, causing Ratchet's wrench throw to leave puddles of corrosive goo that damages enemies.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Location Damage reduction
Sludge Mk. 9 helmet Clank Challenge "Nigh Impossible", Junkyard LXIV, Metalis 9%
Sludge Mk. 9 body armor Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
Sludge Mk. 9 gloves Skyboard race "Master's Challenge", Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
Sludge Mk. 9 boots Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
Combined armor 42%

Crystallix armor


The Crystallix armor.

Covered on all surfaces with miniature orthorhombic seed crystals, Crystallix armor actually grows an extra crystal layer and becomes instantly harder in response to incoming fire. When a full suit is equipped, the OmniWrench 10K also gains a 35 ångström thick layer of seed crystals on its finished surface. When slammed into the ground during Ratchet's Hyper Strike, a field of Crystalix crystals are formed, damaging enemies in a radius around the impact.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Location Damage reduction
Crystallix helmet Clank Challenge "Smasherbot's Revenge", Junkyard LXIV, Metalis 12%
Crystallix body armor Dreamtime
Crystallix gloves Clank Challenge "The Uber Finals", Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
Crystallix boots Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
Combined armor 56%

Electroshock armor


The Electroshock armor.

Based off Gadgetron's early prototypes of Electirc Reactive Armor (ERA), Electroshock armor utilizes a high-power capacitor to energize two plates composing the armor's surface. Attacks against the armor complete the circuit between the plates, running a high current through the intruding projectile that can vaporize it or turn it to plasma. A full set of Electroshock has such a high charge the electricity literally arcs across the surface and along Ratchet's OmniWrench. Slamming the wrench into the ground in a Hyper Strike will discharge the capacitors, releasing an electric particle wave that damages enemies in a large radius.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Location Damage reduction
Electroshock helmet Technomite City, Challax 16%
Electroshock body armor Technomite City, Challax
Electroshock gloves Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
Electroshock boots Skyboard race "Vertigo", Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
Combined armor 74%

Mega-Bomb armor


The Mega-Bomb armor.

Gadgetron's finest implementation of passive reactive armor, Mega-Bomb armor absorbs the majority of energy from enemy attacks and stores it in a pocket hammerspace dimension. In a full set, the Mega-Bomb pocket effect renders the user nearly invulnerable - Gadgetron marketing claims a finely tuned set will absorb up to 96% of all incoming energy (though consumer reports have stated significantly lower numbers) Combined with the OmniWrench 10k, a feedback loop can be channeled from the energy stored in the pocket hammerspace. When the armor is glowing a single swing of the wrench releases the stoed up energy, causing a massive explosion outside of the armor.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Location Damage reduction
Mega-Bomb helmet Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon 21%
Mega-Bomb body armor Inside Clank
Mega-Bomb gloves Clank Challenge "The Ultimate Showdown", Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
Mega-Bomb boots Clank Challenge "Infinite Improbability", Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
Combined armor 84%

Hyberborean armor

Hyperborean Armor

Using the technology of the ancient Hyperboreans (only recently uncovered by Gadgetron anthropologists), this armor set contains super-chilled pockets of dihydrogen monoxide packed between tritanium wafers to create a composite armor unlike any before imagined. Although the individual components are not significantly dense or strong by themselves, when they are combined in exactly the right pattern they create the most damage-absorbent armor in the (publicly) known universe. The near absolute-zero chill also extends to the OmniWrench 10K, and can freeze enemies temporarily in blocks of ice.

In-game description, SM

The Hyperborean armor pieces are only available in the first play-through of challenge mode.

Armor piece Location Damage reduction
Hyberborean helmet Technomite City, Challax 23%
Hyberborean body armor Dreamtime
Hyberborean gloves Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
Hyberborean boots Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
Combined armor 92%

Chameleon armor

Chameleon Armor

Gadgetron Central Intelligence Agents utilize armors not even available or known to the general public. One such armor currently favored is the incredible Chameleon armor. Using fully realized Active Thermoptic Camouflage on top of depleted-thorium core, the Chameleon armor not only provides personal protection equal to that of some light tanks, a full set will also render the user nearly invisible while moving. The result is that most opponents will aim at a point the user was a several moments ago - more than enough to dodge most enemy fire

In-game description, SM

The Chameleon armor pieces are only available in the second playthrough of challenge mode.

Armor piece Location Damage reduction
Chameleon helmet Inside Clank 24%
Chameleon body armor Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
Chameleon gloves Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
Chameleon boots Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
Combined armor 96%

Fire-Bomb armor


The Fire-Bomb armor.

By forcing the Mega-Bomb armor's pocket energy through a pair of Wildfire gloves, the OmniWrench 10K can be super-heated to the point where it can spontaneously ignite the air. On the third swing of a wrench combo, an incredible fireball is generated that flies out and explodes on any target unfortunate to be caught in its devastating path.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Damage reduction
Mega-Bomb helmet 21%
Mega-Bomb body armor 21%
Wildfire gloves 5%
Mega-Bomb boots 21%
Combined armor 84%

Shock Crystal armor

Shock Crystal Armor

Energizing certain Crystalix set pieces with Electroshock charge causes a sudden increase in the growth of quasicrystal formations. A Hyper Strike with the Shock Crystal set equipped will create a persistent quasicrystal formation that will electrocute and neutralize any enemy projectiles that fly nearby. However, being non-repeating, the quasicrystal formation is fragile and enemy movement can easily shatter it.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Damage reduction
Electroshock helmet 16%
Crystallix body armor 12%
Crystallix gloves 12%
Electroshock boots 16%
Combined armor 64%

Wildburst armor


The WildBurst armor.

Combining Wildfire and Sludge Mk. 9 technology, the Widburst set packs minute Wildfire ceramic wafers inside of a superheated bubble of viscous sludge goo, which acts as a thickener. When the user performs a Hyper Strike, a sludge bubble is formed that explosively expands, releasing burning sludge in a small radius that damages enemies.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Damage reduction
Sludge Mk. 9 helmet 9%
Wildfire body armor 5%
Wildfire gloves 5%
Wildfire boots 5%
Combined armor 36%

Triple Wave armor

3 Wave Armor-0

Surprisingly, funneling Electroshock capacitor energy at the right frequency through both Wildfire and Sludge Mk. 9 armor parts can create a recursive feedback loop that dramatically increases the potential peak power output, nearly into the Petagigawatt range. As one Gadgetron research scientist famously reported, "It's over nine thousaaand!!!" When the user executes a Hyper Strike, the feedback loop is destroyed and the capacitor energy is released into a damaging wave that exhibits electric, fire, and sludge properties together.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Damage reduction
Wildfire helmet 5%
Electroshock body armor 16%
Sludge Mk. 9 gloves 9%
Electroshock boots 16%
Combined armor 64%

Ice II armor

Ice II Armor

Combining Hyberborean armor parts and Crystallix armor seeds together, the Ice II set is capable of forming (as the name would obviously suggest) rhombohedral crystalline forms with highly ordered structures in massive amounts. To create an Ice II wall simply execute a Hyper Strike.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Damage reduction
Crystallix helmet 12%
Hyberborean body armor 23%
Hyberborean gloves 23%
Hyberborean boots 23%
Combined armor 92%

Stalker armor

Stalker Armor

Combining Chameleon armor with Wildfire and Sludge armor power outlets, the Stalker armor set focuses all of its camouflage capabilities into the OmniWrench 10K, effectively making it ethereal. Although the wrench will initially pass through enemies and deal no damage, it also injects a massive dose of Wildfire and Sludge solution directly into the enemy, poisoning and setting them on fire. These effects are magnitudes of more effective than what those armors are normally capable of producing on their own.

In-game description, SM
Armor piece Damage reduction
Wildfire helmet 5%
Chameleon body armor 24%
Sludge Mk. 9 gloves 9%
Chameleon boots 24%
Combined armor 96%
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