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Sigma 0426A, but you can call me Sigmund. I'm Junior Caretaker here at the Great Clock.

Sigmund introduces himself to Clank, ACiT

Sigma 0426A, better known by his nickname Sigmund, is a support character in A Crack in Time, who Clank befriended while stuck on the Great Clock. He was originally a cleaner bot on planet Viceron, before being selected by Orvus to be Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock.[1] He showed Clank around the facility while explaining the Clock's functions and abilities.


Sigmund was originally a cleaner bot on Viceron, the planet on which Zordoom Prison is located, and was selected by Orvus to become Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock. Sigmund had a lot of respect for Orvus, and alongside Orvus, helped prepare tutorial videos for Clank when Clank would eventually become Senior Caretaker.

When the Zoni took Clank to the Great Clock, Clank was awakened after Dr. Nefarious damaged the Clock using the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler. Sigmund helped guide Clank to safety, before Clank hit a dead-end and Lawrence immobilized him. When Clank awoke, Sigmund repaired him and introduced himself. Sigmund then proceeded to show Clank around the Great Clock and explain its functions and abilities to Clank, though a lot of the time he either played a tutorial video for Clank or directed him to a Mnemonic Chamber where Orvus trained Clank in Clank's subconscious.

Sigmund eventually accompanied Clank into the Orvus Chamber, but him and Clank were both immobilized by Lawrence who had followed them inside. Sigmund was left in the Clock while Clank was taken to Vapedia. Later, Sigmund helped Ratchet and Clank escape planet Morklon by creating a Time Portal for them, as Sigmund had the Breegus Almanac installed allowing him to access past events in the Breegus System. When Alister Azimuth attempted to access the Orvus Chamber, Sigmund tried to stop him, successfully landing a few hits on the General before being thrown back.

With Clank having taken his role, he realized that he could not leave Ratchet behind. Clank therefore promoted Sigmund to Senior Caretaker, granting him a Chronoscepter.


Sigmund in A Crack in Time

Sigmund is a helpful, excitable and shy caretaker who is often in awe of both Clank and Orvus. Sigmund will often do his best to help them both, though he has little confidence in himself.

Sigmund himself was also not much of a fighter, and said as much to Clank, often hiding when in danger. However, he was shown to be resourceful particularly when the Clock was in danger, and fought Alister Azimuth to delay him from reaching the Chamber.

According to the Orvus Program in Clank's subconscious, Sigmund's head was full of broken sprockets and cartoons.

Behind the scenes

Sigmund's color palette was based on that of an ambulance, while his finer details resembled pocket watches and maintenance devices, to reflect his role as caretaker.[2]


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