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Siberius is a planet in the Bogon Galaxy featured in Going Commando. It is a cold planet covered in ice and snow, home to the frozen base used by Angela Cross. Tall, icy mountains cover the surface, with the frozen base comprising tall buildings built onto the mountains. Large cargo trucks transport materials from one mountain to another, and Megacorp security forces defend the base.

Angela Cross, as the Unknown Thief, took the Protopet to the frozen base, along with chemicals ordered from Notak, hoping to destroy the Protopet there. Ratchet and Clank arrived to stop her and retrieve the Protopet for Abercrombie Fizzwidget.


Angela Cross intended to use a rocket in the frozen base to destroy the Protopet. To defend it, she updated her security forces, which had proven necessary after Ratchet infiltrated her flying lab on Aranos.[1] This involved updating the Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Model and Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower Models to v2.0, which had improved armor plated with a Carbonox and Raritanium alloy.[2]

In order to destroy it, Angela ordered chemicals from a chemical factory in the Canal City, Notak. However, shortly after picking them up, the Protopet destroyed many of them, requiring her to order replacement chemicals delivered.[3] Ratchet and Clank viewed this transmission in the chemical factory, and used it to track her location to Siberius.

The Unkown Thief before Ratchet defeats her.

The two arrived and fought through her base, just as she began uploading materials onto the cargo trucks to transport them to the rocket. She tried to fight them off, using her hoverboard, but eventually the cargo trucks crashed near the rocket and the captive Protopet. Before it was destroyed, Ratchet defeated Angela and freed the protopet, then returned it to Fizzwidget on planet Tabora.



Map layout of the frozen base.

As seen from space, Siberius appears to be a mostly cold, desolate planet, with the surface appearing to be covered in ice and snow, and with the water tinted a dark, nearly black, purple. In the purple and blue-colored sky, three large astronomical bodies that appear close to Siberius can be seen. Due to the cold temperature, Ratchet will shiver when idle and will freeze into an ice block if he falls into the water.

The frozen base is built on tall mountains surrounding cold water. The mountains are covered in snow, with a moderate amount of vegetation including blue and turquoise pine trees dotted around the cliffs. Large satellite dishes are built on the mountains surrounding the base, and icicles hang from both the cliffs and the balconies on buildings. Many of the buildings are almost as tall as the mountains, with large pipes leading down into the water. There are a few large dams visible between the mountains, with several large ice crystals positioned in the waters in front of them.

Throughout the frozen base, Megacorp security is prominent. Version 2 Megacorp Security Robots are found in an idle state, while PX6 BladeBalls are warped in from pads built into the ground. A few ships can be seen in the sky.

First area

The ship landing pad.

The first area where the ship lands consists of a cliff on the side of a series of mountains, forming a linear path through the buildings, around the cliffs above the water, that leads to a convoy of large cargo trucks. A narrow path on the cliff initially bends to the left, with two circular BladeBall warp pads built into the ground along it. A garage built in the mountain on the left houses Megacorp Security Robots, with a metal dam just behind it connecting two mountains, with a Snow Dan hidden behind the garage to the left.

At the end of the cliff, a narrow bridge leads to a large balcony on the main building of this part of the base, with a large room above it containing MSRs and a platinum bolt, only reachable by moving a platform with the Tractor Beam. To the right is a balcony on the side of another building, which bends around to an elevator inside a building that leads down to a balcony, with a round block that can be moved with a Tractor Beam.

A small iceberg near the main building balcony.

Across from the balcony, a small ice plateau with two BladeBall warp pads crosses a gap to a larger plateau. A small patch of ground can be reached on the right, but the rest is blocked by a large fence. On the left, a longer path with trees can be reached, with the path stretching out and curving to the right. A teleporter returns to the ship, and a parked cargo truck forming part of a convoy can be boarded.

Cargo truck convoy

The cargo truck convoy.

The cargo truck convoy passes through a long path through the snow in the mountains, which frequently bends left and right. Trees are found all along the sides of the route, and larger mountains can be seen from the sky. With the exception of a couple satellites found on the cliffs either side of the path, no buildings are seen along this route.

The cargo truck convoy crashing.

Each of the four cargo trucks is a long, immense vehicle with eight thick wheels (four sets of two wheels) used for transport. The trucks themselves are dark green, with two exhaust pipes either side. Many of the trucks have large hatches front and back that can be used to enter or exit, while others have flat, square blocks on top, and large boxes carrying cargo. Versa-targets floating above the back of each truck allows them to be reached with the Swingshot. The first, third, and fifth trucks are the model with large hatches, while the second has a flat top. The fourth has very large boxes, with some that are open containing pieces of rocketry, while the others are concealed.

Second area

The second area arena.

The second area is a round, flat platform with a larger circular platform surrounding it, held aloft by metal beams. The inner circle is empty, and the outer provides structural support. Ratchet arrived here after the cargo truck crashed, and the path backwards was blocked by large cargo boxes, with many having fallen into the water. During this time, Angela had set up a large rocket on the outer circle which would destroy the Protopet.

The area begins with a large metal bridge across from the snowy path (where the cargo truck crashed), at the end of which is a ladder. The ladder can be taken up to reach a small platform on the side, at the end of which is a step up to a slightly higher platform, with a bridge to the inner circular platform.

Behind the scenes

Siberius was programmed by Peter Hastings, and designed by Lesley Matthieson.[4] The big challenge with programming the level was the section with a moving train. The section was actually implemented as a train moving across the world rather than including a scrolling background (which they originally thought would be more difficult until they were proven wrong). This led to an issue where everything on the train, including weapon projectiles, inherited momentum and had to move an additional 70 meters per second on top of their original speed. Lots of particle effects also dragged behind or looked strange, and had to be retrofitted.[5] In early builds of the game, many weapons behaved incorrectly, and their effects often looked distorted as a result.[6] The difficulty behind this became a running gag whenever designers were asking programmers for something unreasonable.[7]

Siberius was likely named after the region Siberia in Eastern Russia, with which it shares an icy climate.

The frozen base is mistakenly referred to as the "frozen lab" when acquiring the coordinates.[3]